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Following mergers, collapses and the general lack of moral responsibility displayed by the ever increasing corporations, a great many people have found themselves discarded by employers whom they have loyally served for most of their lives, and have been left feeling abandoned, confused and often worthless.

Many have established small or home based businesses using a combination of their natural abilities and their experience, to create a niche and allow themselves to support their families, and regain their self respect and self worth.

Many small and home based businesses have established an internet presence. Through the ESM Global Links page, we will display links to the websites for small or home based businesses at no charge, and with no link exchange requirement.


These average everyday people need our support, because they often feel abandoned by the very communities of which they are the heart and soul. They do not seek, and most likely would not accept charity. However, we can support these honest people who are only looking to support themselves and their families, by whenever possible buying our goods and services from small or home based businesses, instead of large multi-national corporations.


The reality is that many large corporations have demonstrated by their actions that the business of one individual is of little importance to them, but the business of one individual can make the world of difference to a small of home based business.


If you would like ESM Global Links to display your link, please e-mail your url and your preferred banner to ESM Global Links using the e-mail button at the bottom of this page.

  Some of the sites that the banners on this page were linked to have 'disappeared'. If you are aware of an updated URL for any of the these links, please let as know.
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