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Sally Bowen Taylor has always had a very strong connection with the spirit world, but Sally thought that she needed to rely on others to give her the messages from the Spirit World. Sally first attended a Spiritualist Church when she was 18. Sally who is now 38 considers herself to be one of the lucky ones….

"I have had a great life, and I now have a wonderful family of my own. I have been blessed with 2 daughters 5 & 8 and a very supportive husband."


Sally has lived in many different places around Australia, because her husband is in the Air Force. Numerous postings have given Sally the opportunity to meet many people, some of whom are still very much a part of her life.

Although Sally often moved on, her many friends have remained special to her and will always be a part of her life, because people are sent to us for many different reasons.

"A friend might be for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime but each friend is very special."

In 2001 Sally found herself apart from her existing friends, and unable to make new friends. Sally became unhappy, and she turned towards the world of spirit. After around 9 months contemplation, Sally was given the link which led her to Automatic writing.


Sally sat for many hours writing different things, until one day Sally was told that as part of her quest in this lifetime, she would write books. Sally did not take the suggestion seriously because she had no writing experience, but Sally put her faith in the spirit world.

Sally has written 6 books since March 2002. In February 2003, Sally self published her first book, 'Do You Believe?', and plans to publish her remaining books as soon as she has the resources.

  Do You Believe?

Do You Believe? is about the spirit world and life here on earth, and how the two work together when we open our minds.

Do You Believe? was written by the spirit world in the form of automatic or esoteric writing. The content of Do You Believe? is from 'the other side' without any earthly input.

Do You Believe? has given people comfort in their time of grieving, and has helped many others to move forward in this life, and learn from what they have experienced during their life.

Sally explains, "I have received great feedback from those who have read Do You Believe?, which has been more than encouraging for me, because I had never imagined that I would write a book. I feel very proud to see my name on the cover of Do You Believe?.

"The greatest reward which I have been given from the publication of Do You Believe?, is the opportunity to share the love that I have for life and the world that I call heaven.

"I hope that those who read Do You Believe? feel the love and strength that is sent from the spirit world to help us understand what the our life is about."


Sally is also blessed to have spirits around her who are fantastic drawers and Sally have been able to draw 100 or more drawings. The cover for Do You Believe? was drawn by the spirits around Sally, who is unable to draw by herself.

  Do you believe drawings
Some examples of Sally's drawings.
Do You Believe? Cover
Sally Bowen Taylor
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