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Christ is love, so the anti-christ must be fear. There are many who await the arrival of the anti-christ, and some who look for the anti-christ. However, the anti-christ is here, and the anti-christ has been here for a very long time. The anti-christ, or fear has dominated, and held dominion over the earth without our knowledge or awareness, often disguising itself as love. Much fear is disguised as love. Fear also disguises itself as concern and good intentions, whatever is necessary for fear to take control, and in so doing remove free will.

Many of our love based values, are really fear based values disguised as love. Fear has overtaken our politics and our religion, but this is changing and will continue to change. If we look around us, we will see fear, and we will see through the disguise of fear. When we look around us, we will also see love, and we will see that the time of love has arrived. A time of acceptance without judgement.

On the surface, which is in reality the only realm in which fear does exist, fear can at times appear to be much stronger than love, but this an illusion. When the surface of our existence is removed, fear itself is removed, and all that remains is love. Fear is like an iceberg floating on the ocean of existence, and it is only that part of the iceberg which is on the surface, or visible, that contains fear. The bulk of the iceberg, which exists below the surface of the ocean, which exists within the body of the ocean, is love.

The end of the world is upon us, but it is the end of the fear based existence, and the beginning of a love based existence. The artificial nature of the fear based existence which thrives upon and compounds artificial fulfilment, is fighting for its very existence. Whenever the vibration of love has increased within the earth plane, the fear vibration has fought a rear guard action and escalated fear in one part of the world or another, through war, tension, health issues, economic down turns, drug use, or crime and violence. Fear is all around us wherever we look, and whenever we look upon the surface of our existence.

However, if we choose to look beyond the surface, if we choose to see The Truth Of Reality, we will see love everywhere that we look. Our collective choice is to exist within a love based environment, our collective choice is to release the fear based environment from our grasp. Fear is struggling to retain control, but fear will fail. The choice has been made, and our path to love is irreversible.


Fear Destroys Lives.


Fear at all levels does destroy lives. Whenever we allow fear to govern our actions, fear will remove our ability to live in a love based existence. Fear is self perpetuating, and if we respond to fear with more fear, we have perpetuated fear, and allowed fear to take control. We must respond to fear with love, because there is no other way to defeat fear. In fact we cannot defeat fear, but we can remove power from fear by not feeding fear, by not accepting fear. Unless fear is sustained, fear cannot survive, and this is how we will transform the earth plane to a love based environment, by removing fear and responding with love.

We will soon reach the point where we have experienced more than enough fear. We will decide that enough is enough, and we will simply refuse to accept fear. It is in this way that fear will consume itself.

There are an ever growing number of people who are saying ‘enough’ to fear. The earth plane will become a love based environment, it is only a matter of time.

The fear of the earth plane has diminished, but in general fear remains. Whilst ever fear remains, there will be those who manipulate fear and use fear as a means to control, or more accurately maintain control.


Love Is Rising From The Ashes Of Fear.


Fear is nearing the end of its time, and when this occurs the anti-christ will be cast aside. The time of love has arrived and exists together with fear in our environment. As fear begins to wither and die, so love will take hold and grow, to in time wrest dominion of the earth away from fear. The anti-christ is beginning to die and Christ is rising from the ashes. Love has begun to consume fear, and love will continue to consume fear, until the last remnants of fear have been consumed. The earth plane which has been a fear based environment, will become a love based environment.

As we look around us, on occasions it will seem that fear has fought back, and that fear has regained ground, but this is an illusion. No opportunity to move a love based existence, even within our own individual environment is lost. If an opportunity to move from fear to love is missed, another opportunity will be provided.

The change from a fear based existence to a love based existence will occur individually, not all at once. One individual at a time, one step at a time. As each of us embrace love and discard fear, so love will increase. The journey from a fear based existence, to a love based existence will continue one step at a time, one individual at a time until the journey is complete.

Removing fears and insecurities is the only way to stop blocking the love and the light within us. The more fears and insecurities which we remove, the more love and light which we allow to shine through.

Wherever we look we can see that it is easy to change the world from a fear based world, to a love based world. We need only to choose to do so. We need only make our choices in all things, including those who represent and serve our communities based on love, instead of fears and insecurities.

The key to living in a love based society is for each of us to choose to live a love based existence. It is that simple. As more of us choose a love based existence, we will become the majority, and then the basis of society. It is that simple. No one person will, or can change society. This has been demonstrated. Each of us must make our own choice to live in the love and through this, society will alter from fear based to love based. A love based earth plane will occur because we are seeking a love based earth plane existence, however the choice for each of us is individual.

The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will be brought about by the choice of us on the earth plane. The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will not and cannot be brought about by any other way. Unless the change from a fear based environment to a love based environment is by choice, it is not real.

When the world moves from a fear based environment, to a love based environment, it will not do so at the expense of experience. The environment needed for experience will remain, because experience is the purpose of the earth plane.

When we accept fear, we live a fear based existence and the beauty drains out of our world. When our fear based environment becomes a love based environment the beauty of the earth plane will become more beautiful, the joy of the earth plane will become more joyful, and the love of the earth plane will encompass everything. This is how the earth plane was once experienced, and this is how the earth plane will be experienced again.

As we become increasingly aware that love is the true nature of everything, this love will feed upon itself, and grow as love consumes the fear of the earth plane.

The negativity of our fear based existence, has begun to lift. We are both the last generation of the fear based existence, and the first generation of the love based existence.


To Fight Fear.


It is very difficult to see love, when we are blinded by fear.

We should not underestimate fear, and what fear can do. Fear can twist itself in whatever way is necessary for fear to survive. Fear can quickly take hold without any real basis for it’s existence. If we accept fear, we give fear a basis for existence, we make fear real, and we give fear life.

Fear often manifests itself in this way. Fear strikes at us even though fear has no substance. If fear is ignored, fear goes away. However, if fear is accepted by either fighting the fear, or embracing the fear, fear is given substance, and fear will then feed on itself. Fear is an illusion, but once given life fear becomes real.

Fear is the common enemy of us all. Fear can manifest itself at a personal level, or fear can manifest itself at a cultural level. In fact, it is fear which causes and feeds upon cultural differences. If we all accept fear as the common barrier to a love based existence, we have taken a step towards creating that love based existence.

Fear is an illusion and we can only defeat fear if we treat fear as an illusion. The only way to treat fear as an illusion is to ignore the illusion, and to act as if the illusion does not exist.

Fear cannot be fought because the very act of attempting to fight fear, breeds more fear, and allows fear to grow. Whilst ever we view the concept of good and evil as reality, and whilst ever we desire to see good triumph over evil, however honourable our intentions, we will fail. The only way to engage fear is on fear’s terms, because the act of engaging fear is in itself, fears terms. To survive, fear needs to either be embraced or engaged, and either way we are acknowledging the reality of fear’s existence. As soon as we acknowledge the reality of fear’s existence, we have given fear reality, and in so doing we allow ourselves to exist within fear.

We have to neither hide from our fears, nor confront our fears. The only way to move passed fear into love is to ignore the existence of fear. We need to accept that fear is an illusion, and when we accept that fear is an illusion, fear looses its reality. However, we cannot force ourselves to accept that fear is an illusion. If we force ourselves to accept that fear is an illusion, we are acknowledging the existence of fear, and this in itself is enough to give fear life.

The only way to remove fear from our existence, is to discontinue to give life to fear, though living as though fear did not exist. If we live as though fear did not exist, fear will cease to exist.

Seeing through and moving beyond the illusion of fear, is something which we must do for ourselves, there is no other way.

We decide not to accept fear, not by ignoring fear, but by living as though fear does not exist. Fear does not exist beyond the earth plane.

Fear does not exist, fear is an illusion. When we refuse to accept fear, the illusion which is fear is shattered.

Fear looks and feels real, and fear seems to be real. We cannot not prove that fear is not real. However, fear is artificial, and if we ignore fear, and go about our business as if fear does not exist, fear will simply disappear in time.


How Society Will Change.


Society will change from a fear based society to a love based society, the only way that society can change, through changing the fabric of society from fear based to love based. The fabric of society will not change through political means, or through a crusade by true believers. If this did occur it would not change the fabric of society, all that would effectively change is the agenda of the fear based society.

The change which will occur, will come from within, from within each soul. As more and more of us change the basis of our individual existence from fear based to love based, the fabric of society will change accordingly. The fabric of society is a product and a reflection, of those within the society. If our existence is fear based, then society is fear based.

The change from a fear based to a love based society will only occur through the change of environment within the majority, often referred to as the silent majority. The average, everyday person who does not have a political agenda, and does not attempt, often successfully, to impose the will of a minority on the majority.

It will not be the will of minorities, however well intentioned, which will change the fabric of society. It is the will of the majority choosing to replace a fear based environment, with a love based environment which will allow the change to occur.

It is not a change that will be imposed, it is a change which will occur. Many who thrive within a fear based environment will attempt to perpetuate the fear based environment, and for a time they will succeed.

However, the change will occur as we come Full Circle, and this process which has now begun cannot be reversed. The result will be a love based society. The change has begun and the change will continue as the majority seek the truth of existence, and allow the change from a fear based existence, to a love based existence to occur.

All societies are created by the collective choice of those within the society. When the collective choice ceases, there is no means to maintain the society. and the society therefore ceases. It is by this principle that the fear based society will end, and the love based society will be chosen to replace the fear based society.

The best way to release stress, or to prevent ourselves from accumulating unresolved experience, is through love. When we consider our own lifetimes, we see that whenever we exist within an environment of love, we do not feel the stress regardless of what occurs around us. When we are filled with love, there is no room to retain any other experience. If we look to our own lifetimes we can see within our lifetimes how this principle, if applied to all souls consistently will create a love based environment, for us to exist within. This is exactly how it will happen. This is exactly how the fear based society will become a love based society.

Those who accept that a love based society is possible, will exist within a love based society, and we will reach a point where all souls share a love based existence. The fear based existence will end.

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