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The Bible




There are many opinions as to the validity of the Bible, which can in itself be used to support nearly every argument including the arguments which claim to prove that the Bible is not valid.

There are verses within the Bible which directly oppose one another, which many use to support a view that the Bible itself has no basis as a valid text, spiritual or otherwise.




Many believe that the Bible is book, but the Bible is a not a book in itself. The Bible is a collection of history books, spiritual texts, and other works, written over the course of a millennium or more and artificially placed together, to become the basis for a number of religions.

At other times in History the texts within the Bible have been standardised and adjusted to reflect political agendas, and/or also the personal view points of individuals in power.




In addition to the intentional changes to the original texts which were bought about by agreement, political agendas, and personal bias, further alternations have been made during translation and ‘modernisation’ of the Bible.

In addition to the specific contradictions and errors of translation, there are many contradictions between the principles contained within the Bible, and the rules contained within the Bible.




When viewed with an open mind, it is apparent that the principles within the Bible are from spirit, but the rules within the Bible are very definitely the product of man.

When the rules, which are the contribution of man, within the Bible are used to support an argument or a position, it is usually with the purpose of bending others to will of the a few, or an individual.




All things considered, it would seem that the Bible cannot be trusted to guide to our spiritual path, but this perception is incorrect.

When we are drawn to read the Bible, we need to allow ourselves to not think about the words that we are reading, but to feel the meaning of what we have read when we have finished reading.




There are those who will argue which interpretation of the Bible, or passages within the Bible, are correct, but in truth no interpretation of the Bible is correct for any, other than the individual who has interpreted the passage of the Bible.

The interpretation of an individual soul who reads the Bible for the first time, is no less valid than the interpretation of the experienced Bible scholar. In fact, some misguided or unbalanced cult leaders have been very knowledgeable Biblical scholars.




The next time that we read the Bible, we need to read the Bible with our heart, and not with our mind.




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