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Who is to Blame

We have reached a point in our existence, where we incorrectly believe that somebody must be to blame for all that we experience.


This is not true. Nobody is to blame for our experiences. We falsely believe that if nobody else is to blame for our experiences, then we must be to blame for our experiences. No one is to blame for our experiences, not ourselves, not God and not anybody else. There is no blame. There is no judgement. There is only experience.


Politicians, the media and religious fundamentalists across all religions, and all cultures use and perpetuate our need to blame for their own ends. Politicians tell us who to blame so that they will get elected. The media tell us who to blame to sell advertising. Religious fundamentalists tell us who to blame to convert followers.


However, neither politicians, the media or religious fundamentalists are to blame, they are only providing us with what we seek. The reality is that if we did not want to blame others for our experiences, nobody could sell blame to us.


There is no way to make the world understand what is occurring in respect of our need to blame, or any of the tools of fear. There is no way to stop parts of the world, blaming other parts of the world for their experiences.

  The key to not looking to blame someone for our experiences, whether that someone be ourselves, others, or God, is individual. We must each stop looking to assign blame to our experiences.

We must not believe the lie, which is perpetuated both individually and culturally, that we are experiencing difficulties because of the actions of others, or that we would be happy and content, but for the actions of others.

  Blame, like the other tools employed by the artificial reality of the earth plane in its battle for survival, has managed to perpetuate itself to the extent where there are a number of industries which have been built on the illusion of blame.

Blame based industries, like all fear based industries, will cease to exist when the illusion which sustains all fear based industries, is shattered by the volume of individuals who accept the truth.


Why We Experience.


The truth is, that we are on the earth plane to experience. Experience is the sole purpose of the earth plane, and we choose our experience. No, we do not wake up one morning and say; I want my life to turn to shit, or I want to be raped, or I want my wife to die in a car accident. This is not how we choose our experiences.

  We choose our experiences, based on what we need to learn. That we need to learn is a product of who we are not. We need to experience who we are not, to understand that the experience is who we are not, and in so doing become closer to being who we are.

At any given point in time, we are the sum of who we are, plus what we are yet to experience we are not. By reversing the equation we are left with the same answer, who we are.

  By way of illustration, we are really 10, but if we have not had much experience, we will see ourselves as 100. As we experience lifetime after lifetime, we start to discover who we are not. For example if we have killed someone, and we have experienced that even so we are not a killer, we know that a killer is not who we are, and so on.

If we were to review after a dozen lifetimes, we might see ourselves as 98, not 100. We are unaware that we are really 10 plus 88.

  This principle has been described in many ways, for example Adam and Eve were perfect until they ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, and were cast out of The Garden Of Eden. In effect, Adam and Eve were 10, and when they ate from the tree of knowledge they became 100, so they had to leave The Garden Of Eden to discover which 10 of the 100 was truly who they are.

The process of elimination is not necessary, if we embrace pure love. Pure love is what we are. If we truly accept that we are pure love, we have nothing to discard. Accepting pure love is not easy. Accepting pure love without understanding the truth is rare. So we come to pure love through a process of elimination.

  It is through experience that we eliminate who we are not, to become who we are. This is why we need to experience. Each time that we do not learn from an experience, the experience is repeated, and each time the experience is repeated, the experience is more intense.

Understanding Experience.

  We need to accept our experiences, but this does not mean that we need to retain our experiences, or accept that our experiences are who we are. Mostly we have to accept that our experiences are who we are not. We must accept that our experiences are either who we are, or who we are not, and we must release the experiences which are who we are not.

However, we cannot release an experience, or anything unless we first grasp that experience. We cannot release what we do not hold in our grasp. When we blame our experiences on anyone, including ourselves, we are abdicating our experiences.

  Let's say we have been unable to experience a balanced relationship. We find that we move from one relationship to another, and in each relationship we find ourselves the less than equal partner. We may need to understand that we are equal, so we experience being less than equal until we understand that 'less than equal' is not who we are.

We may identify the pattern in our relationships, and we may resolve that we will not accept a relationship where we are less than equal, but whilst we need to experience who we are not, we will continually be drawn into relationships where we are less than equal.

  We may choose to avoid the experience altogether, and not enter into a relationship at all, but avoiding experience only delays the experience, and we will have to live the experience if not in this lifetime, then in the next lifetime.

We may blame ourselves for always choosing the wrong partner, but this will not allow us to understand, and accept, that 'less than equal' is not who we are.

  We may seek counselling, and we may learn that our mother always favoured a sibling, so it is our mother's fault that we are always drawn into a relationship where we are less than equal. Assigning blame will not assist us to experience what we need to experience, and the reality is that the soul who was our mother, may have been assisting us to prepare for the experience which we needed.

None of these options will assist us to do anything, other than to continue to repeat the experience, over and over again, and often lifetime after lifetime.

  We must accept the experience, and we must feel the experience. We must then understand that the experience of being 'less than equal' is not who we are, because we are equal.

Even after we are aware that we equal, truly aware that we are equal, we will need to experience a relationship where we are less than equal, so that we can experience that 'less than equal' is not who we are, from a position of awareness.

  Having reached this point, we can release the experience, and move on to our next experience, either during this lifetime, or in the next lifetime.
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