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Closed Doors


As I sat staring into a candle's flame, I recalled walking through many cities of the world at night. I recalled seeing homeless people as I walked at night passed the locked doors of what were said to be houses of God.

Like most people, I did not pay any attention to either the homeless, or the locked doors of what were said to be houses of God, as walked the streets, but as I reflected, I had to ask myself; 'how can this be?'

How can those who desire to be in the service of God, close the doors to God's houses, and allow the homeless to die of cold in the streets?



The House Of God


I understand that many who are homeless suffer from alcohol and drug addictions. I understand that there are those who would damage and steal from churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques. However, I must ask how can those who serve God, can close the doors of God's house to the homeless?

Property which is stolen can be replaced, what is damaged can be repaired. I understand that it may be deemed necessary to protect the property of the church, synagogue, temple, or mosque, but is the property of the church, synagogue, temple, or mosque of greater value than the house of God?

How can those who serve God in good conscience, close the doors of the shelter of their churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques whilst the homeless freeze to death with only a cardboard box for protection?



What Would Jesus Do?


If Jesus were to return to earth, as is an integral part of the Christian belief system, what would be the reaction of Jesus, upon witnessing the house of God, perhaps a house assembled in the name of Jesus himself locked, bolted and empty, whilst the poor and homeless die in the streets?

Would the house of God, locked from the poor be empty? Some say not, because the Holy Spirit is within that house of God, but perhaps the Holy Spirit would be locked out in the cold, with the homeless?


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