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Corporatisation of the World

I have been asked with increasing frequency if we are heading into a time of war. I have attempted to avoid the specter of war, but I find that I am unable to do so.

I do not see bad ahead. I see much, very much good ahead. However, I do not know if there will be a war.

The reason that I cannot see if there will be a war, is because we are standing on the edge of the chasm, we will cross to the other side of the chasm, and we will become a love based society.

  Heaven on earth

The chasm is created by a gap in our awareness, and the gap in our awareness is an awareness of how to move from the fear based environment, to the love based environment.

The answer is to allow ourselves to move to a love based environment through accepting love, and acting as though fear does not exist.

Fear does not exist, until and unless, we give fear life.

  Fear does not exist

We have two choices…. We can use love to bridge the gap and cross the chasm which separates our fear based environment, from our love based future, or we can retain our fear, and fall into the chasm, in all probability with a war.

Nevertheless, even if we fall into the chasm, and even if we spend years wondering in the wilderness of the chasm, we will eventually climb out of the chasm, and we will reach the other side to exist within a love based environment.

Having experienced the hard route myself, I can confirm that the next phase of our existence, will be much more pleasant and enjoyable, if we choose the love bridge.

We will exist in a love based environment.


Our choice is whether we move to a love based environment the hard way or we move to a love based environment the easy way.

The reason why no entity can see, or will reveal the result of our choice is that The Universe, or God will not interfere with our choice, beyond telling us what we already know. We have a choice, an important choice, a choice of which path we will follow.

We have made the important choice to exist within a love based environment. We are now faced with the choice of which path to walk as we move to our love based future.

Regardless of which choice we make, the Great Spirit will always walk by our side.

  Wakan Tanka nici un
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