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Nothing is by chance, all is by choice.

Without free will, there could be no choice, and with no choice our opportunities to experience would be limited. We cannot become aware without experience.

All that we do throughout our existence is based on choice, but we are unaware that we have the ability to choose our experiences.

There is no order in which our experiences must occur. Our experiences occur in the order in which we choose our experiences.


All is choice. There is no correct choice, but all choices are correct. Choice is the only reason that we do anything.

There are no rules, but to categorically state that there are no rules would effectively make the fact that there are no rules, a rule. If we choose to have rules to live by, be our rules spiritual, physical, philosophical or otherwise, that is our choice. Rules like everything else are individual.

When we have difficult experiences we look for someone else to blame so that we do not have to accept responsibility for our own choices. We are not responsible for anybody's choices, other than our own.

We need to understand is that there can be no wrong choice. Given our experience and awareness, whatever that may be from time to time, every choice that we make is the correct choice for us. That every choice which we make is correct, is true irrespective of the result of our choice, or the motivation for our choice.

There is no right or wrong. There is nothing which we must abstain from doing. There is much that we choose not to do, which is a choice created by experience, but there are no rules. There are however, consequences which are the experiences created by our choices.

We must allow ourselves to do what we feel, because what we feel, is what we desire to experience.

Our need for approval can lead us to try almost anything, first this and then that, whatever anybody asks. However, we need freedom of choice more than we need approval.


Choosing Our Path.


There are many roads leading to our destination. We are given the choice of which road to take. Some of our choices are deceptive, what starts as a three lane highway, will often become a steep and winding dirt track. The scenic route may appear a little longer, however the scenic route is the most pleasant journey.

When we are presented with a crossroads, we often have difficulty making a decision. If we ignore the opportunity to change our path, we usually drift until we are given another opportunity to change our path.

Sometimes, we are given one opportunity to change our path in a lifetime, but sometimes we experience a recurring pattern, until we make the choice to change our path.

We cannot ignore our path, and we cannot not abandon our journey.

Often, if we refuse to follow our correct path, we are forcibly placed on our correct path, which is in itself a choice. We may choose to ignore our correct path, because we have chosen to experience being forced onto our correct path.

  Sometimes, fate will step in to force an abrupt change in our path. At the time, we will believe that the change of direction has been forced upon us against our will. However, every change of direction is also choice, our choice, although we may not understand that we have exercised our choice, at the time.

Our journey is not difficult in itself, but we often choose to make our journey difficult. Our path is about experience and choice. We choose a hard road, we choose to experience endurance. A difficult path is not asked of us.

We must each travel our own path, at our own speed. If we choose to follow our path home to the higher plane, we must travel each step of our journey.

Every step on our path is for a reason. If for example we are now at point A and we need to be at point C at a certain time, to be presented with a choice or to act on a choice which we have already made, then the reason for B is to take us from A to C. The reason for step B may not be a major reason, but the reason for step B is a reason nevertheless.

  Our path is difficult because we become stuck on an experience, which is who we are not. However, we can break our circle and move on despite the difficulties, if we choose. To break a circle it is necessary for us to change direction, which requires a conscious choice.. Often, it seems far easier for us to remain on our existing path of repeating an experience over and over again, because remaining on our existing path requires no choice.

The easy path is to allow ourselves to follow our instinct. However, there are no rules, we do not have to allow ourselves to follow our instinct. Each path will eventually lead us to where we want to go. Our choice of which path dictates the degree of difficulty which we will face, and we choose our degree of difficulty when we choose our path.

We follow the path which we have chosen to follow, and following our chosen path is our destiny. Our challenge is that we do not know which path we have chosen.

How we follow our path is our choice. Whether we pursue a direct easy route, or a longer more difficult route is our choice. What matters to our soul is that we follow the path which we have chosen.

Our soul protects us, and our soul would prefer that we made the choice when following our path is easy, but if we do not choose to follow our path, our soul will ensure that we follow our path, regardless.

Our real choice is to move forward the easy way by maintaining our trust in God, or to move forward the hard way by losing our trust in God.

An experience which leads us to commit suicide, is a conflict within our soul, created when we stubbornly attempt to pursue the incorrect path, contrary to the choice of our higher self.


Learning through Choice.

  Nothing is by chance, all is by choice. Learning is choice. If we do not learn, we have chosen not to learn, but we are unaware of our choice. It is not learning because we know at our higher self level, but it is learning at our conscious self level.

We choose whether to become aware of any given experience or not. If we become aware of the experience and understand the experience, we choose a new experience.

Carrying unlearned lessons is not necessary. We can learn by looking at our life now, and viewing everything with pure love. Pure love is all that we need to know, and pure love is all we need to learn.

We need to learn that all fears and insecurities are illusions, and that love alone is real, because God is love. We can learn pure love and pay no attention to the detail of existence if we choose, because learning pure love is enough.

If we can achieve pure love without the need for further lessons and explanations, then our path is very easy and very direct.

If we cannot follow this direct route, we must look within ourselves for the explanations, lessons and knowledge which will lead us to the higher plane by the long route. It is our choice.

We are given our conscious mind to allow freedom of choice, which is the only way that we can learn. Our conscious mind creates an illusion that we are superior because we have a conscious mind, but our ultimate lesson is that our conscious mind stops our advancement, and our ultimate choice is to discard our conscious mind.

We have our conscious mind to allow freedom of choice. Without freedom of choice we cannot learn from our experiences, which is the only true learning. One of life's ironies is that we must learn that we do not need our conscious mind.

We are only able to learn that we do not need our conscious mind when we stop making conscious decisions, and find the bridge to our soul. The bridge to our soul is a bridge over our conscious mind.

There is not one experience which cannot provide us with a lesson in the importance of love, and the importance of looking at the positive nature of reality. Often we are placed in difficult situations through no conscious choice of our own, because difficult situations are our classrooms, our learning environment.

We make the choice which will provide us with the experience that we need. Without choice, our experiences cannot be complete.

We are given freedom of choice. We can choose the easy option, or we can choose the right option. Without freedom of choice, we could not be tested. Without being tested, we could not learn. If we do not learn, we cannot grow.

Sometimes, we are given a test with no clear answer. We are unsure of which option is correct, so we try both options. Both options is not an answer. However, we may have to try both options, so that we will know which answer is correct, by the result of each choice.

Sometimes we will make the right choice, using the wrong method. When we use incorrect motivation, the end result will seldom be as we desire. We are then forced to make the decision again and again, until we make the correct choice, using the correct method, or motivation.

We have created all things so that we will learn. We have created our problems, and we will continue to create our problems, until we learn from our problems. It is our choice. We can endure our problems, or we can learn from our problems.

We create our own learning environment. We must use our learning environment to learn, or we will continue to create and maintain the same learning environment. The maintenance of our learning environment is our choice, we can make the choice to change our environment, or we can continue to learn.

How we respond to each experience is our choice. We will experience the effect of our choice, whatever our choice may be. There is no right choice. We will make whatever choice which will provide us with the experience which we need at the time. What we each choose is simply that, choice. However, much of what we choose is unnecessary.

All knowledge, and all awareness means nothing unless it is applied. The key to our final peace is the application of all that we have learned. If we apply all that we have learned, peace will be ours, and we will have earned our peace.

We do all things so that we will learn. We need to accept that we do all things so that we will learn, instead of wasting time chastising ourselves for what we do, which achieves nothing. Chastising ourselves does not prevent us from repeating what we are chastising ourselves for doing.

We need to understand why we have done whatever we have done, no matter how minor or major what we have done is. We need to use our time to understand our choices, because it is only through patience, and understanding our choices that we will learn.

The earth plane seems real because we have chosen to make the earth plane real. We have chosen to exist on the earth plane, and for us to exist on the earth plane, we must allow ourselves to see that illusions are real. However, we can also see that the illusion is illusion, by choosing to see the illusion.

There is no creditably, there is no teaching, there is no belief, and there is no proof. There is only choice, we can use the environment which we have created to learn, or we can not use the environment which we have created to learn.

We must not choose to be blind. We must open our eyes to what is happening around us. We are given warnings, we know what will happen in our lives, if we only choose to see.

So much difficulty can be avoided, if we would only choose to see, and by seeing learn. How can we learn, if we make the choice not to see?


Avoiding Choice.


Living in a free society means that we are free to make our choices, and to experience the consequences of our choices.

We often know what we need to experience, and our instinct will tell us what we need to experience. However, we will sometimes attempt to avoid experiences, and we will for a time, successfully avoid experiences, until we are left without choice but to realise the experience.

If we attempt to avoid a chosen experience, we are pushed gently towards the experience at first. If we continue to avoid the experience, we are pushed firmer towards the experience, until finally we are thrown into the experience.

If we choose not to see what is around us now, how will we choose to see what is within the universe. We must first open our eyes to what is happening around us. We are all given warnings. We all know what will happen if we only choose to see, but we choose to be blind. When we make choices, we will experience the consequences of our choices. We choose a difficult experience, by not choosing to apply our awareness.

We may attempt to avoid facing a situation to avoid hurt, but we will have to face the situation when the situation can no longer be avoided. Each time that we delay facing the situation will increase our pain when we do face the situation. Only when we do face the situation can we move on to the next, and necessary phase of our life. Our choice is to face whatever we need to face ourselves, which is the easy way, or to let fate face the situation for us, which is the hard way.

Not all of our choices are as we believe that our choices are. We may believe that we have chosen to an experience, but we may have really chosen to experience attempting that experience.

Whenever we retain an experience which is 'who we are not', we cannot become 'who we are'. There are only two options in respect of retained aspects of 'who we are not' that can apply. We can either choose to release 'who we are not', or we can realise 'who we are not'.

In respect of those aspects of 'who we are not', which we do not completely release, we have given ourselves no choice, or more accurately we have made the choice, to realise 'who we are not'. It is far more enjoyable to release aspects of 'who we are not', than it is to realise aspects of who 'who we are not'.

God answers our every prayer, but whether God's answer is received or not received is our choice. Not only do we need to ask a question, but we must make the choice to receive the answer.

We ask a question and choose not to receive an answer, because we are unaware that we can receive an answer. Our questions are answered in many different ways, until we receive our answer.

When people are drawn into our lives as guides, it is our choice to receive the message which they deliver, or to accept the guidance which they offer.

If we receive a warning about what we will experience, we must make the choice to heed that warning, or not heed that warning. By heeding the warning, circumstances have changed, but our chosen experience does not change, because we have experienced what we had chosen, which is to heed the warning.

That we seek guidance is our choice, whether we listen to the guidance that we receive, is our choice. If we experience difficulties through not listening to guidance, it is our choice.

When we have achieved all that we are meant to achieve, our life ends, regardless of our age, or the method of our death.

We cannot avoid an experience by committing suicide. If we end our life prematurely, we repeat the lifetime. We repeat the lifetime from a spirit plane perspective, because our experience is incomplete.

If we choose not to listen to our instinct, we are meant to choose not to listen to our instinct. If our path had been different, we would have listened to our instinct, but our path, our chosen path is, as our path is, and there are no 'ifs', and there are no 'buts'. We will do what we are destined to do, which is what we have chosen to do. There is no other way, because that is the path which we have chosen.


Different Choices.

  There is no point wondering how different our life would have been if we had made different choices. Every choice which we have made has been necessary to provide us with the experience which we needed to bring us to this point in our existence.

Despite what we have experienced, we should have no regrets. Everything has occurred as everything was meant to occur, as a result of the choices which we have made.

We make our choices through necessity even if we are not consciously aware of the choices which we have made. Sometimes, if we had been consciously aware of our choices, we would have made another choice, and therefore it is sometimes important that we are not consciously aware of our choices.

We seldom need to question the wisdom of our choices. Our choices, are the correct choices for us at the time of making our choices. In fact, our choices were the only choices which we could have made given our awareness at the time of making the choices.

All is choice. Our choices are foreseen and yet if we had made different choices, a different result would have occurred, which is why we have made the choices which we have made.

We always have a choice. That our choices are foreseen means that everything is always as it is meant to be. However, because everything is always as it is meant to be, does not alter choice. It is because choices are made that everything is as it is meant to be.

Our imagination is a product of the spirit plane. Our imagination can be used by the spirit plane to provide understanding of what would have occurred, if we had made alternative choices. What we imagine is chosen by our subconscious mind, and therefore what we imagine is not a conscious choice.

Our subconscious imagination allows us to experience what would have occurred, if we had made alternate choices. If we take our subconscious imagination a step further, we can experience alternate choices, by visiting alternate realities.

Sometimes our path, is our path and there is no other way, but a single choice, is still our choice. We are always given ample opportunity to accept an easier path, and we are warned of the consequences of not accepting the opportunities which we are given. However, even when we acknowledge the warnings which are given, we may maintain our choice of a difficult path.

We have created an environment to allow us to experience, but we utilise most of our time worrying about what we are going to experience. However, worrying about experience, is in itself experience, and as such worrying about experience is not wrong. Worrying about experience is choice. We have a choice. Do we choose to worry about experience, or do we choose to experience?

The interesting aspect of our choice to either release or realise an aspect of 'who I am not' is that eventually we can only become 'who I am', if we release 'who I am not'. The real choice is whether we release 'who I am not', before we realise 'who I am not' or after we realise 'who I am not'.

We can allow ourselves to see the alternative outcomes of each choice, and make a conscious choice if we choose.


Conscious Choice.


True experience can only be obtained whilst we exist in an incarnation which has a conscious mind. If we do not have a conscious mind, our experience is incomplete, because we lack the ability for conscious choice.

Conscious choice can only be made by our conscious self. Before our conscious self can make a choice, our conscious self must be aware that a choice must be made.

We must consciously choose to move on. We must consciously decide to make a different choice. We may draw on our experience which we see as our subconscious, we may draw on our knowledge which may manifest itself as our instinct, regardless of whether we are aware of our knowledge and experience or not. However, we must make a conscious decision to move on, or we will not move on. It is our conscious decision which is our choice.

The truth of the reality of existence is within us, and surrounds us. The truth of the reality of existence is everywhere, except within our conscious mind. Our conscious mind effectively blocks and filters the truth of our existence, which is by design. It is this filtering process which allows us to exist, and experience within the illusion of the earth plane. Our conscious mind is so effective in its role that we can only see reality, by consciously choosing to see reality. It is our conscious choice to see reality, which is also our conscious choice to remove our conscious mind from the equation.

What we must effectively tell our conscious mind, is that we no longer require the services of our conscious mind The very nature of our conscious mind ensures that our conscious mind fights this process. By consciously accepting reality, we are asking our conscious mind to discontinue doing the very thing, which our conscious mind is designed to do. We are asking our conscious mind to stop fulfilling its purpose.

We may 'remove' our conscious mind by choosing to live with our soul, but we still need to use our conscious mind to make our choices. The 'correct' choice is always the same, to allow our soul to dictate our actions.

All choices are made at a lower-self level. Our conscious mind is a product of the physical planes, and the sole purpose of our conscious mind is to allow us to make our own choices.

To want is to be led to experience and by definition, this means that wanting is dynamic. It is far better to choose than to want, because a choice can be realised. However, without wanting there can be no choice, because what would we choose if we did not first know what we want? Our specific choices at any given moment are unimportant. Whatever we choose, we would not choose without want. How could we choose if we did not want? We want, we choose, we allow, we create.

Even when we have chosen to experience 'who we are', we cannot realise our choice to experience 'who we are', until we first discard every aspect of 'who we are not'. By choosing to experience 'who we are', we first have to experience 'who we are not'. By choosing to experience 'who we are', we have also chosen to experience 'who we are not'.

All is chosen, even difficult experiences are choice. All paths lead to awareness, but which path we follow is our choice. Sometimes, we choose to experience shit. However, we do not know why we would make the choice to experience shit.

We are free to choose not to see a reality beyond the earth plane. If the experience that we have chosen, is not to see a reality beyond the earth plane, the experience is correct in respect of our own path. Choosing not to accept reality beyond the earth plane, does not mean that we are not on a path to discovering the reality of our existence, in fact such a choice is often a necessary part of our journey.

Our true saviour is ourself, through our choices. Our soul is eternal and cannot be destroyed. All that we experience is choice, not because we deserve the experience, mostly our experiences are for us to learn that we do not deserve the experience.

When we do not see an experience coming, it is because to see the experience coming, would be to alter the nature of our chosen experience. A conscious choice can be made without awareness. We can be aware of the need for a choice, and yet not be aware that we are aware.

We have total control of our life. We live the life that we have chosen to live. The physical control of our life is an illusion. If we have chosen to experience taking physical control of our life, we will take physical control of our life. If we have chosen not to take physical control of our life, we will not take physical control of our life. It is the ability to choose what we are to experience in our life which gives us control of our life, not the result of our ability to choose, and not our choice.

When we are unaware we live the effect, but after we become aware we live the cause. When we are unaware, our actions are motivated solely by the experience, or the effect of the choices which we are unaware that we have made. When we become aware, we experience firstly the choice, or the cause, and then the effect. Our motivation becomes the choice, not the experience. When we become aware, we live the choice or the cause. We still experience the effect, but we live the cause.

Our awareness of a choice does not necessarily make our choice, a conscious choice. Ignorance is a choice, not an accident of birth. All belief is choice, even non belief is choice. Even when we have experienced loss, we do have a choice. We can either hold on to our loss, or we can hold on to the joy which our loved one shared with us.

Whether we like our environment or not, is our choice. We are meant to experience our environment, because experience is why we have created our environment, what we do with the experience, and how we experience is our conscious choice.

We have to discontinue making our choices, and decisions based on what we have been taught in this lifetime, and what we are able to rationalise. We can rationalise both sides of the argument.

If we review our lifetime decisions, we will often see that decisions which we had believed that we made based on fear, were in reality based on our instinct protecting us. We can increase our awareness to a point where we can see the reality of our choices.

We often act in a certain way, and we genuinely do not know why we have acted in that way. However, we do know why we have acted in that way, even if we are not aware that we know why we have chosen to act in that way. Often our actions are an experience, or the effect resulting from a choice, or cause from a previous lifetime.

Our higher self knows what we need to experience, and therefore our higher self creates the environment to provide the experience which we both need and desire. The choices which we make within our environment are conscious choices. Our higher self knows what choices we will make, which assists our higher self to create the environment which we need, but it is still our conscious self which makes our choices. Allowing our higher self to take control must be our conscious choice.

Our journey to awareness is personal, and is also a result of our conscious choice. We have the ability to make a conscious choice to become aware.

If any spiritual being told us precisely what to do, they would be interfering with our ability to choose our own path. We cannot experience if we are given clear and concise instructions. We must experience, because without experience there can be no awareness, and no spiritual being will prevent us from gaining awareness.

There is no correct choice or incorrect choice, there is only experience. The experience of 'what' alone does not create awareness, both 'what' and 'why' need to be experienced to create awareness. Experiencing 'what' and being told 'why' does not create awareness.

There are times when we make a conscious choice, and we force ourselves to act on our choice which creates a temporary result that lasts only as long as we are able to maintain, or force ourselves to maintain our actions. On some occasions we can allow what we have forced to be, to discontinue being forced and become natural and permanent. The permanence is created by our alteration from making whatever it is happen, to allowing whatever it is to happen.

That we would make the choices which we have made, is foreseen. Nevertheless, our choices are our choices. Conscious choice is personal. Our personal journey may overlap another's personal journey for a time, but our journeys are both personal journeys.

When our journey overlaps another's journey, we may be the catalyst for their difficult experiences. Mostly, we will not like being a catalyst for another's difficult experiences, nor will we want to be a catalyst for another's difficult experiences.


The Choices Of Others.


We have all made our choices, albeit that some choices are unwise. We are all living, and experiencing our choices, which is the principle of cause and effect. If we are doing something, that something is what we are meant to be doing. Even if whilst doing something, we are wondering if we should be doing something else, we are meant to be so wondering. We are experiencing, because we need to experience. We all do exactly what we should be doing, based on cause and effect.

How we treat our body is unimportant in that all is experience. If we choose to smoke, and choose to end our lifetime suffering from cancer, that is our choice. If we choose to become an alcoholic and destroy our lifetime that is our choice. It is all experience. There is no right or wrong, only experience, for ourselves, for those around us, and for all.

We do not need to smoke or drink. We would experience a better quality of life by living a healthy lifestyle and not putting things into our body which will harm our body. However, we can smoke, drink, not have a balanced diet, and still find God.

Everything that we do is to gain experience, and all experience is the product of choice. There is no right and wrong. When we become enlightened, we understand that there is no right and wrong.

If we, for example, make the choice not to smoke, we should not concern ourself with those who chose to experience smoking. There is no judgement Those who are attempting to remove choice through laws and legislation will not, and cannot succeed. Through choosing to attempt to remove choice from all, they have made a choice themselves, and in so doing have already failed in their attempt.

The same principle of attempting to remove choice from all applies to what has been termed 'politically correct'. Frankly, unless we choose to be a politician, why would we want to be politically correct? Political correctness is a means to reduce all to a lowest common denominator, and to remove choice.

Mostly, we are hypocritical, and we follow public opinion, instead of making our own choice. However, to follow public opinion is choice.

We all choose the circumstances of our birth. If we do not choose to be persecuted, we choose to be born in a culture where we are not persecuted. We may choose to experience compassion for those who are experiencing a hopeless existence, in what has been termed a third world country. Existing in a third world country is the choice of those individual souls. We may choose to create an environment for many of the souls experiencing a hopeless existence, in what has been termed a third world country, to help themselves. True compassion, is allowing souls to help themselves, if they so choose.

We cannot alter what is destined to occur in respect of the choices and experience of others. We cannot alter the chosen experience of others. All that we can possibly achieve, whenever we attempt to alter the chosen experiences of others, whether we know what the chosen experiences of others are or not, is to delay the chosen experiences of others.

The reasons why we attempt to alter experiences of others, range from unselfish concern, to selfish reasons, often in an attempt to prevent guilt, guilt which we have no reason to feel in the first place, but guilt which we have chosen to experience.

We often attempt to take responsibility for the experience of all those who touch our life. We may, for example, want all to experience a joyful existence, but whenever we face the reality that we cannot control another's experience so that they would experience joy, we feel guilty. We often feel guilty, because we cannot do, what it is not possible for us to do.

We cannot alter another's choices if we try forever. We may at times think that we have altered another's choices, but we would only be drawn to another, if they chose to listen to us, and they chose to alter their choices.

Some people choose not to question what is told to them, but to accept what is told to them, blind acceptance is choice. Other people, question everything, which is also choice.

We effectively use excuses to remove choice from our actions. If we choose to experience a difficult childhood, that is our choice. If we choose to follow a path of crime that is our choice. If we choose to rise above a difficult start, that is our choice. All is choice, the choice of what to experience.

The place and time of birth is not a random lottery. The place and time of birth is selected to provide the environment and experiences which we have chosen. God knows the choices which each of us will make. This is how we are brought together, without impacting individual choices or destinies.

God does not judge. God does not hold us accountable. If we do not experience what we have chosen to experience, the opportunity is repeated, but we are not accountable. Who are we accountable to? Our only accountability is to ourselves. Our past actions may be the cause, and the effect is a consequence of our past actions. The consequences of our actions may be life in prison for murder, but to murder and spend life in prison is a choice in itself. It is an experience which has been chosen.

If we hurt someone's feelings, which we cannot do, only they can do. We have hurt someone's feelings, because they have chosen to experience having their feelings hurt, and we have chosen to experience hurting someone's feelings. Both parties to the transaction, are willing participants.

The experience of having control is in itself an illusion. We experience having control over others so that we will become aware that having control over others, is 'who we are not'. Imagine if we became aware of our God self without knowing that having control over others was not a part of God. As we become aware, we understand that we have never had control over others, regardless of whether we have experienced the illusion of having control over others, lifetime after lifetime. We can only have control over those who have chosen to experience being controlled. If a soul is controlled by choice, the soul is not really controlled.

The choice of others is not our concern. We each have our own path, we each must follow our own path. We cannot alter another's path. Only they can alter their own path. We have created the environment which we need, so that we can fully experience what we now experience.

We must each choose for ourselves. There is no other way, and there is really no way to assist another to choose, other than to make the availability of the choice known. All that we can do to assist others, is to allow others to see that they have a choice, and allow them to make a choice, if they choose.

We cannot interfere with the experiences of others. We may offer guidance or assistance for those who have chosen to be offered guidance or assistance. However, it will be their choice whether they accept our guidance or assistance, or not accept our guidance or assistance, and they will experience the result.

We must feel love for all, but we must know that if another's path is leading them to sorrow, or hardship, such is their choice. They are creating for themselves an environment in which to learn. We must allow others their illusions, because it is the illusion which creates the learning environment, until they eventually learn that the illusion is an illusion. If we attempt to alter the path of another, they will find a way around our attempt, because their path is necessary for them to learn, whatever they need to learn.

Consider an example. Those who choose to smoke and die of lung cancer have died of lung cancer by choice. They have chosen parents to give them the genetic characteristics to make them susceptible to lung cancer, and yet they also choose to smoke. This enables them to learn that they can intentionally cause themselves harm. Others choose to smoke so that they will cease smoking, and learn how to overcome a habit. Still others choose to smoke purely for the experience of chemical pleasure and select bodies that are not susceptible to the toxins within cigarettes. Many have chosen one tool for different reasons.

We make whatever choices we are destined to make. We cannot change the choices of others, nor should we try. We must be open to other's choosing to ask us for help, and we may choose to provide that help if we are asked. However, whether others choose to accept our guidance or help, is their destined choice, which we cannot change.

We cannot influence anybody's choice even if we are aware of the experience which they are seeking. It is not our place to attempt to alter what others have chosen to experience, even if we also know what result others have chosen to experience. We must not attempt to alter the choices of others. We must allow others to experience what they have chosen to experience.

That somebody cannot give us unconditional love and approval, is not necessarily through fault or choice on their part. It may very well be their nature either through their physical genes, their nurturing environment, or the result of their experiences. Whatever the underlying reason, that somebody is either unwilling or incapable of giving us unconditional love and approval, is a reflection on them, and in no way a reflection on ourselves, despite what we may believe. The truth is that we are all, without exception worthy of unconditional love and approval.


Choice Through Fear.

  There is a dark path, but following the dark path is choice. It is our own fears and insecurities which lead to the dark path, not the devil as a separate entity but the devil which we create within us. Only those who allow their insecurities to become great are led into the darkness. However, no matter how far into the darkness we choose to go, there is still light within us. We can find the light within ourselves if we look, but the task becomes more difficult as layer upon layer of darkness hides the light.

We worry because we fear the worst. Much unpleasant experience has been brought about by worry. No difficulty, and no punishment can be as effective as self imposed worry. Worry can almost rip us in two. Worry is unnecessary, but worry is a powerful tool of experience. Worry allows experience to be felt, as do emotions. Worry is not a bad thing, and worrying is not wrong. Worrying is however unnecessary. Experience is experience. Experience does not have to be felt deeply. Worry is one of the tools used when we make a choice to feel an experience deeply.

If we do not release our fears, we have no choice but to realise our fears. We do not want to realise our fears, we want to avoid our fears, or continue to avoid our fears. When we can no longer avoid our retained fears, we must realise our fears, and pass through our fears which means that we no longer carry our fears. Whether we release our fears, or realise and move beyond our fears, we must leave my fears in the past.

All of our experiences are the result of our choices. However, we cannot exercise some choices whilst we choose to hold onto our fears. We need to first realise our fears so that we can pass through our fears. By realising our fears and experiencing our fears, we become aware that our fears are illusions. If we can allow ourselves to release our fears, knowing that our fears are illusions, we would not need to realise and experience our fears.

Our choice to experience our fears is the result of our choice not to release our fears. Our choice to experience our fears, to realise our fears, which is exactly what it says, realise, or make our fears real by creating our fears from within our earth plane environment, is the choice which we make when we do not release our fears. When we choose fear, we do not understood that we have chosen fear, until we have realised our choice of fear.

The dictators of the world have been the catalysts for our collective choice to exist within a fear based environment. Mostly dictators have come to power because society has not been happy with their environment. Society then chooses to allow others to change their environment for them. However, it is not possible for others to change our environment. We can only change our environment for ourselves. When a sufficient number of souls make the choice to change our environment, our collective environment will change.

Freedom of choice, or free will cannot be legislated out of being even under the guise of protecting us against ourselves. What is there to protect? Protect us from experiencing what we must experience? Even the attempt to legislate free will out of being, is experience for those who are attempting to remove freedom of choice, and for those who have chosen to endure the attempt. The attempt to legislate free will out of being, has immediately defeated what the attempt to legislate free will out of being, is trying to achieve, and achieved what the attempt to legislate free will out of being is trying to defeat.

That the world is fear based is choice. A choice to experience a fear based world. That the world will change is also choice. A choice to experience a love based world. Either choice is neither right nor wrong, either choice is experience. That living within love is far more rewarding than living in fear is fact, and both need to be experienced for us to become aware of this fact.

The dark forces are the result of the energy created by the fear based existence of artificial fulfilment. The dark forces are fighting for survival. The dark forces cannot physically interfere with our choices. The dark forces need to influence our choices, and in so doing cause us to interfere with our own choices.

The fear based environment and the vibration of fear, or what has been termed the 'dark forces', can no more act for us, than God can act for us. We are the only ones who can act for ourselves, and our actions reflect our choices. We may be motivated by the dark forces or fear. We may be motivated by God or love. However, fear or love cannot act on our behalf. We must act for ourselves, and whilst love or fear can motivate or perhaps inspire our actions, neither love or fear can act independently of us.

There will be no Armageddon beyond what we choose to bring upon ourselves. Our logical choice, our only choice is not to bring Armageddon on to ourselves.


The Three Doorways.

  Our circumstances are chosen prior to our birth, as are our challenges and our ability to overcome our challenges, through our astrological profile and our choice of parents. It is our response to our circumstances which is our choice.

With each repeated circumstances in our lives, there are three doors. It does not matter how long it takes us to experience sufficiently to move on, our circumstances are repeated again and again, over many lifetimes until we move on. When we travel the circular path, we are given the same circumstances so that we will experience, until we move on.

As we reach the point where we are preparing to increase our awareness, we reach the three doors. At these points, we can enter a door which will lead us to the next level of awareness, a door which will lead us in a circle on our same level of awareness, which is the most common choice, or a door which will send us backwards to a previous level of awareness.

The most important aspect of the three doors, is that we always enter the door which is correct for us, which is not always the door which we desire to enter. We will sometimes the know the choices behind each of the doors, but we will not always know which door leads where, because the choices which we have are not always what they seem, and because it is difficult to take into account the reversing effect of the earth plane. We cannot apply logic to our decision of which door to enter, only instinct.

Initially, we become able to see that each of the three doors exist, and later we become able to see what travelling one path or the other will bring. Lastly, we become able to see what each of the paths will bring, because we become fully aware of the necessity for choice.

We must accept that if a person leaves our life, regardless of the circumstances, it is because that person has fulfilled their purpose in our life. If a person dies regardless of their age, it is because they have experienced all that they needed to experience, in this lifetime.

If we experience the loss of a loved one, we are supposed to feel our loss, feeling is experiencing. However, after experiencing, we need to release the experience and then move on to our next experience. How we respond to our experiences, determines which door we enter.

When our loved one is killed, we have chosen to experience a lifetime where our loved one is killed. When our loved one is killed, we have experienced our choice, or the cause. We are then faced with a variety of effects or results, which we may choose to experience.

We may decide to retain bitterness and self pity. If we choose to retain bitterness and self pity, we are the ones who suffer, because we have chosen to embrace and experience our artificial loss. We may choose to mourn our loved one, and understand that it is our own loss which we are mourning, not the passing of our loved one. We may accept that the passing our loved one is the experience which we have chosen, and that death is not a death of the soul, but a ceasing of the body.

Which door we enter is our choice. We choose the door which we are destined to choose, because our choices are foreseen.

If we choose to see the three doors each time that we are faced with an experience, we can allow ourselves to become aware of exactly what is occurring. We can see each choice clearly. We can give up, or accept the experience which will choose the door that leads backwards. We can rationalize and justify our experience which will choose the door which leads in a circle. Or we can trust our instinct, which will choose the door that leads to the next level.

At any given point we are able to see the outcome of each of the possible choices that we are faced with. Even when we understand that we have made the choice as to which door to enter, we do not always understand why we made the choices, that we have made. We will always make the choices which we are destined to make, but understanding why we have made our choices will assist our awareness in making the 'correct' choices in the future.

The doors, our three options are a part of the process of understanding 'who we are not'. When we understand 'who we are', and when we experience 'who we are', the three doors are not necessary. The three doors, the alternate pathways are part of the experience of 'who we are not'.

Our path narrows to the extent where we are faced with one door, and only one door. We reach a point were we can either travel on our correct path, or we cannot move at all.


Choice is Destiny.


Many believe that we choose our own destiny, and many believe that our life is a product of our choices. Our choices affect our destiny. Our choices can take us to an alternate destiny, and our choices can lead us to a dead end. We choose our destiny by the choices which we have made since our creation.

We have been fulfilling our destiny since the moment of our creation. All of the choices which we will make, and all of the choices which we will have are known. From the moment that we make our first choice, we have begun to fulfil our destiny.

That we have chosen our path from our creation does not mean that choice has been removed. If we were to say; 'There is no point, my path has been chosen and nothing I do will alter that', we have not understood. However, such an attitude is an experience in itself, and if this attitude is a adopted, it is a part of our experience. That we do not know what our chosen path is, means that we retain our choice.

We choose to experience, we choose to become aware, or not become aware. Our higher self may know what our choices will be, and therefore what our chosen path is, but this does not alter the fact that our choices are still our choices. Our higher self may know what we will choose, but our lower self must still choose.

Choice exists, but because time does not exist within the circular reality of the higher plane, all choices are known. All is choice, and that choice is foreseen does not make choice any less choice.

Everything which occurs is meant to occur not because we have a lack of choice, but because we do have choice, and our choices are foreseen.

Everything is as it is meant to be, because our choices are foreseen. A choice is provided, and whatever choice is made, the experience created by our choice is felt. We have to make our choices, but we were always going to make the choices that we have made, and will make. Our choices are still choices, regardless of whether we are consciously aware of our choices.

Some may say that if all things are known, what is the point. If our choices are known, why give us choices. Our choices are not known to our conscious self, only to our higher self. Our conscious self makes the choices which our higher self knows that our conscious self will make, but this does not interfere with the process of choice and experience, or cause and effect. Our higher self would not interfere with our experiences. Our higher self may influence where and when as a matter of convenience to facilitate or choices, but our choices are real.

Everything is always as it is meant to be for everybody. It can be no other way. Existence on the earth plane is created only for experience. There is no other reason. All choices are known, because all choices are foreseen, not because any choices are directed. All choices are still very much choices. What we experience, is a result of the choices which we have made throughout our existence, and the choices which we will make, and which have been foreseen.

We all know the choices which we will make, although our choices are still choices. We are unconsciously aware of what is to be experienced, which is how 'fortune telling' works. However, we can consciously know our choices, and we can become consciously aware of making our choices, and consciously aware of the result of our choices.

Everything that we do has been foreseen, and the outcome of our choices has been foreseen, so we cannot make an incorrect choice. That guidance will be sought is foreseen, that advice will be heeded or not heeded is also foreseen. That our choices are known, and that the experience which we seek is known does not change the fact, that choice is still choice.

All of our choices are known, and the end result is known. What is going to happen, is going to happen, but our choices have not all been made, our choices have been foreseen. Our choices are therefore destined.

If we knew exactly what our choices would be, our choices would not be choices. Our choices will be right for us, as everybody's choices are right for them. Everything which occurs is in our best interest. Everything gains us the experience which we need.

All choices are known, which does not make choices any less choices. That choices are known allows God the ocean to bring souls together, regardless of their current form to enable all choices to be realised. Everything that occurs is by design, to allow the choices of all to be realised. What appears to be random is by design, but the design is not usually apparent or accepted from our physical perspective. The purpose of our physical perspective is to experience, and if we knew the design, we could not fully experience. Experience is necessary for knowledge to become awareness. All knowledge is theory, until knowledge is put into practice.


Choice and God.

  We can make a choice to put our instinct, to put God, in control of our life. By making the choice to put God, in control of our life we have effectively excluded all other choices. We do have a choice, and we can exercise our choice. God does not control our life, we do. What we experience is and always has been our choice, even when our choice is to give control of our life to God.

We have to make our choices, but God knows what choices we will make. If all things are foreseen, and if God will not, and cannot interfere with the process of experience, then all must always be, as it is meant to be. If God told us how all was to happen, we would attempt to influence events. We will only become aware of that which we will not, or cannot influence.

God is pure love, God is all that we know as good and kind. God does not cause suffering. If we cause suffering, we bring suffering to ourselves. If we cause suffering in one lifetime, we will suffer ourselves in the next lifetime. When we suffer we often beg God to take our suffering away, but God cannot take our suffering away, because without our suffering, we would not learn. Often we do not learn through our suffering. How would we learn without suffering? If we suffer, we will again be given the choice to cause suffering, or not to cause suffering in our next lifetime, and if we choose to cause suffering again, so we will again suffer. We will reap what we sow. If we suffer, we only have to look within to find the cause of our suffering. Only by finding the cause of our suffering can we end our suffering.

We all have choices. God knows what choices are to be made, but God does not control our choices. It is the choices which we are destined to make that allows God to bring us together, to fulfil our respective choices through shared experiences.

Putting ourselves in God's hands, is a choice which we are destined to make, when we have made all other choices, and experienced all other things. When we have exhausted all other options, when we have made all other choices and experienced the result. We are left with one choice, to put ourselves in God's hands.

God knows the choices which we will make, the decisions which we will face and experiences that we will have in any given lifetime. Our choices are not the choices or design of God. Our choices are the choices and the design of the ourselves. It is because God knows what the choices are that we will make that God can advise, where it is best for us to create the opportunity, to gain the experience which we seek.

God advises and guides us in many ways, which we can see from our own experience. How many times have we been drawn to a book, and after reading just enough of that book to answer our question, we lost interest in that book? How many times have we suddenly chosen to watch a movie that we had previously shown no interest in watching, and within that movie there is a line, which is often out of context with the movie, that answers our question? How many times have we had a conversation, and something is said out of context with the conversation that answers our question? God provides answers in the way they are most likely to be received, but God cannot force us to receive the answers which God provides.

God does not predetermine what we will experience, we predetermine our lifetime experiences through our choices, but God who knows all, knows what choices we will make. Listening to God is choice, and listening to God is also experience.

God has foreseen where our choices will lead us. God's promise is not a promise of what God will give us, God's promise is a promise of what God has foreseen. If we accept that God knows all, past present and future, then God knows what our choices will be.

The concepts of free will and predestination are not mutually exclusive as they seem. Free will because we have choice, and predestination because the choices which we will make are known.

It is easy to understand why God has been described by many as a God of wrath. God is all things, including storms and severe weather conditions. In a time when neither the physical nature, nor the spirit plane nature, of storms was understood, it was logical to determine that devastating storms must have been the wrath of God, what other explanation was there? However, even if a person dies in a storm, it is only the body which dies. The spirit experiences death as a result of a storm, and then moves on to their next experience. The reality is that the storm has not killed, and the wrath of God has not killed. The choice to experience death via a storm is what killed. Choice.

Storms are necessary to return energy to the earth. massive storms unleash massive amounts of energy and return this energy to the earth. That some souls are in the path of the storm, that some souls experience being in the path of the storm, is choice. Choice to experience. Those souls who do not choose to experience the storm, simply depart the area before the storm arrives. We may ask why a soul would choose to experience death in a storm. Death in a severe storm such as a hurricane is a magnificent experience for the spirit.

Our current environment is an environment that we chose. God did not choose our environment. God has simply assisted us to create the environment which we chose. God does not seek obedience. God cannot give choice and then demand obedience, to do so would make no sense. God will encourage us to make the choice that we need to make, by giving us the incentive to make that choice.

Because we are a part of God, and therefore we are God, we have the right to choose to do with our power as we wish. There is only one choice, and that is pure love. That there is only one choice, can only be learned by eliminating all other choices. If this process of elimination occurred at the level of the higher plane, there would be chaos.

Imagine if each soul went about becoming aware that pure love was the only choice, by exercising all other choices, whilst using the power of creation at the highest level. This chaos is avoided, and must be avoided by allowing experimentation, experience, a process of elimination in the controlled environment of the physical planes.


The Choice Of Love.

  The choice that we have is to accept a God of wrath, and a prediction of wrath or to accept a God of love and the prediction of love. There are many who will focus on wrath and judgement, but we are better served to focus on joy and salvation.

We are given an opportunity to experience the true nature of pure love. How we respond to that opportunity is our choice. To love no matter what is done has proven too hard for most, so the only way for us to learn love, is to first see the truth. There will always be those who do not choose either truth or love, this is the nature of choice.

The key to living in a love based society is for each of us to choose to live a love based existence. It is that simple. As more of us choose to live a love based existence, we will become the majority, and then love will become the basis of society. No one person will or can change society. This has been demonstrated. Each of us must make our own choice to live in the love, and through our individual choices, society will alter from fear based to love based. A love based existence will occur because many are seeking a love based existence. However, the choice of a loved based existence is individual.

The environment which we exist within can be changed from fear to love. We need to look within, and change our environment from within. Changing our environment through physical means is not possible. Our environment can only be changed by choice, and the physical means which are employed to exercise our choice are incidental. Changing our environment by physical means is not possible, unless the inner choice to change our environment is first made.

How many times have cultures fought for a change of environment only to succeed in creating a change of oppressors? This fact can be observed throughout history. A change of oppressors is not a change of environment, and a change of oppressors is the result of attempting to change our environment without making the inner choice is change our environment.

The principle that the individual choice to change our environment must be made first, does not only apply to cultures, the principle that the inner choice to change our environment must be made first, applies to individuals. If we choose to look within our own lifetime, we can see that in attempting to change our life we have only replaced one difficulty, with another difficulty. When we replace one difficulty, with another difficulty, we will see that we have been attempting to change our life, without choosing to change our life.

If we choose to look beyond the surface, if we choose to see The Truth Of Reality, we will see love everywhere that we look. Our collective choice is to exist within a love based environment, our collective choice is to release the fear based environment from our grasp. Fear is struggling to retain control, but fear will fail. The choice has been made, and our path to love is irreversible.

There are a growing number of individuals who are calling for a response to fear based on love, and not an escalation of fear by way of retribution. The individual choice for love is the only way that the earth plane will move from a fear based environment to a love based environment. It is the choice for love by an ever increasing number of individuals that will change the basis of our existence.

The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will be brought about by the choice of us on the earth plane. The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will not, and cannot be brought about by any other way. Unless the change from a fear based environment to a love based environment is by choice, the change from a fear based environment to a love based environment is not real.

From the perspective of the world, the choice to change from a fear based environment, to a love based environment has been made, and the transition from a fear based existence, to a love based existence has begun. The destination is known. Heaven on earth will become the reality of the majority. The choice which remains is for us to determine the nature of heaven, and all that will be experienced during the journey of the earth from fear to love. It is for us to insert our own degree of difficulty on the journey of the earth from fear to love.

Our choice is now to move from a fear based existence, to a love based existence. We may chose to follow the difficult path, or we may follow the easy path and allow. The change of our environment is the choice of the individual. The change of our environment from a fear based environment, to a love based environment will reflect the number of souls who have made this choice.

How many homeless have starved to death because publicly funded budgets cannot afford to provide sufficient shelter because the funds, our funds have been diverted to ensure that government terminology is politically correct? When will we choose to elect politicians and appoint civil servants based on love instead of fears and insecurities? Our elected leaders are our choice, and we get what we choose.

Wherever we look we can see that it is easy to change the world from a fear based world to a love based world. We need only to choose to change the world from a fear based world to a love based world. We need only make our choices in all things, including those who represent and serve our communities, based on love instead of fears and insecurities.

If we have a love based environment imposed on us in any way, even by God we cannot experience a loved based environment, because the love based environment would be artificial. If God sent a master, or a group of masters to appear in a 'magical' way so that their identity could not be doubted, wherever there was war and hatred to suggest that we had experienced enough fear and that it was time to move to a loved based environment, such appearances may prove to be successful. However, the result would not be a choice, the result would be a response to coercion, and therefore what would be experienced would be coercion not love.

If God, motivated by love, created a love based environment by any means other than our choice, a choice made freely and without any undue influence, God would not have created a love based environment. The only way that God can assist us to create a love based environment is to allow us to choose to create a love based environment, by letting it be known that we have this choice, and then not interfering with whatever we choice we make.

A loved base environment cannot be maintained by any means other than choice. A love based environment maintained by fear, is a fear based environment, not a love based environment. If a loved based environment were to be maintained by threats of judgment, wrath and hell, such an environment would be a fear based environment which is why God has no judgement and no wrath, and why there is no hell beyond what we choose to experience on the earth plane. Judgement, wrath and hell are not words of God, but inventions of man, often created as a result of a lack of understanding.

A love based environment must be created only by choice, if a love based environment is created any other way, it is not a loved based environment.



  It is all right for us to feel guilt. Guilt comes with accepting responsibility for our actions and choices. We cannot change that. However, we must use the guilt that we feel to learn from our mistakes, and then we must let the guilt go. Guilt is a very heavy burden. If we carry guilt around we will not have the capacity to accept the positive experiences which life has to offer.

Every time that we chastise ourselves, we are judging ourselves. Chastising ourselves will not prevent us from repeating a mistake. We have to understand why we have done whatever we have done, no matter how minor or major whatever we have done is. We have to use our time to understand our choices. It is only through patience and understanding, that we will learn.


Collective Choice.


A collective choice occurs when two or more souls have chosen compatible experiences at the same time.

We all make choices, we all create the environment around us to make our choices. God knows all that is to be experienced, and God knows all choices that will be made. God brings together those of us whose choices and experiences will provide benefit for whoever shares the experience. God does not interfere with experiences or choices of individuals, but God brings individuals together so that maximum collective benefit is achieved from each experience.

Our choices are known. The results of our choices are known. This is how we can be brought together when we seek a complimentary experience. God, knowing our choices, conveniently brings us together to share our experience.

That our lives are intertwined to whatever degree at any moment is convenient, and a result of the choices made by us and all those who are affected in whatever way by our choices.

Consider an example. Those who choose to take drugs have chosen to experience drug use. Those souls whose bodies cease to exist as a result of drugs, have chosen an environment, where those who love them have chosen to learn about loss.

If two, or whatever number of us, need to experience something that interrelates, it is in the best interest of all that we experience together. Sometimes it is necessary to slow one of us down, or to speed one of us up so that the timing is synchronised. God does not affect choices. Choices must be made by us as individuals, but sometimes it is opportune to allow us to experience together. To adjust timing by a fraction has no bearing on our choice, or the outcome of our choices. If it did, another way would be found to provide our chosen experience.

All relationships are concentrated environments, designed for experience. For anything to be experienced, it must be felt. All experience is choice. For example, resentment and bitterness are choices. If we choose to experience resentment and bitterness, it is our choice. We experience resentment and bitterness, and we feel resentment and bitterness more so than the person our resentment and bitterness is directed at, who often does not feel our resentment and bitterness at all.

Being hurt within a relationship is our choice. Effectively we use our partner to hurt us, or we believe that we were hurt by our partner. In fact, we have chosen to hurt ourselves, which is our choice. One soul cannot hurt another if the other soul, the one being hurt, has not chosen to be hurt.

We choose our characteristics for our lifetime. We need to accept that we all choose the characteristics which we need for our chosen experiences, and we should not condemn others for their chosen characteristics. However, this does not mean that we have to seek the company of those who have chosen characteristics that are negative or harmful.

If someone chooses to respond to our friendship or kindness in a way that we believe is not how they should respond, we may choose to disassociate with them, or not acknowledge them. However, how we believe that they should, or we think that we believe that they should respond is irrelevant. They respond however they need to respond in view of the experiences which they have chosen. So if, to take our example one step further, we are there when another is in need, and they are not there for us, we may decide to disassociate with them. Looking purely from the other person's perspective, they have chosen not to return our support and they experience the consequences of not returning our support. However, if we leave somebody's life for whatever reason, we are not meant to be in each other's lives.

If a soul is destined to push us away, there is nothing that we can do to stop that soul from was pushing us away, regardless of how many times we attempt to change the situation. If for example, a soul has chosen to experience anger in this lifetime, a soul may push us away, and then use emotional blackmail to allow us to feel guilty, (assuming we have chosen to experience guilt), about being pushed away. Our interaction has created our respective chosen experiences, anger for the other soul, and guilt for ourselves.

Often, we seem to be placed in what can only be described as a 'no win' situation where whatever we chose is wrong, as far as another soul is concerned. A 'no win' experience is not an uncommon experience. To maintain our example, we may be pushed away, and then we may have bitterness and anger directed at us when we go. Why? Those who push us away may choose to create an environment to experience bitterness and anger, and we are a willing accomplice in the experience. The chosen experience will also aid our own chosen experience.

We will assist someone to create an environment to experience the emotions which they choose, remembering that it is their choice, not our choice. We will then use what was effectively their environment, for our own chosen experience, such as to feel guilty.

The earth plane as it exists at this point in time reflects the choices of us who now exist on the earth plane. There are many of us who have chosen multiple experience in a single lifetime, as a form of catch up of our experiences, but there are also many of us who choose a lifetime which will, in effect provide a single experience. During the previous century, the balance between those choosing single experiences lifetimes, and those choosing multiple experience lifetimes has reversed.

The number of us choosing multiple experience lifetimes has increased, and continues to increase. The trend will continue to increase with a growing number of us choosing multiple experience lifetimes. However, this will in itself change and we will once more begin to choose single experience lifetimes.

From time to time, a collective choice is made which requires an answer. God answers our collective choice by bringing those who have collectively chosen together.

If the experiences which a soul chooses, and the choices which a soul is destined to make, happen to coincide with our choices it is convenient to bring us together, lifetime after lifetime. Regardless of what we each experience, the result of our respective choices could have been no different, because the choices of both were foreseen, and bringing us together is convenient, without any concern that anything would, or could be other than it was meant to be.

The choices we will make are foreseen, as are the choices which others will make. That is why we are drawn together. Our choices and the choices of others, made the connection convenient for both, and for all.

Collectively, society has chosen to embrace the concept of religion from the perspective of society, not the truth of individual spirituality. We cannot alter society's collective choice. We cannot change the course of the world. The course of the world can only be changed as a result of collective choice.

For example, it was foreseen that Moses would free his people from slavery, in response to their collective choice to create a new environment. However, Moses was required to wait many years in exile, until it was time for the events which had been foreseen to occur. It was those events that allowed Moses to lead his people to freedom, and not to their death. There are many examples of this throughout history. We only have to study history to see them. An individual's destiny was often foretold, because it was and is known what would occur. However, nothing occurred until the timing was right, not because God made the event happen, or an individual's faith made the event happen, but because the events were foreseen and convenient.

We have all chosen the circumstances in which we are born. If we choose to be born into an environment where choice has been taken from us, then this is our choice. We are essentially the same, and we want the same from life regardless of where we live in the world, or our cultural background. Many people genuinely believe the propaganda that they are fed by the government and the media. This is not because they are told something once and accept what they are told, this is because they are fed the propaganda every day of their lives until they have no choice, but believe that the propaganda is the truth. A community only falls prey to an individual if that is the choice of the community. A choice usually made through fear, but nevertheless a choice.

We can all can change our environment if we choose, but for some of us, changing our environment is almost impossible. For example, those of us who currently choose to exist in slums, will soon understand that we do have a choice, a choice that we are free to exercise, and move away from an environment created not through social or economic conditions, but through the choice of those of us who exist within those slums.

Sometimes an environment must be changed collectively. As a collective group, we are now beginning to choose to live in a fair, equitable society. Thus the earth plane is moving to the position of a fair, equitable society. The choice of the individual changes the circumstances of that individual, and the choices of most individuals, changes the circumstances of most.


The Choice Of the Majority.


The transition of the earth plane will reflect the choice of many. The new world order is the choice of individuals to exist in a love based environment, and that we become aware that we have such a choice will be a revelation to us in itself.

We not interfering with choice by reminding souls that we can choose to break the circle of our fear based existence. Many of us have chosen to be reminded that we can choose to break the circle of our fear based existence. Those who have not made the choice to be reminded that we can choose to break the circle of our fear based existence will not hear this message.

We cannot blame governments for our fear based existence, because our governments reflect our choice to exist in a fear based environment. As each of us chooses not to live in a fear based environment, our governments will continue to reflect our chosen environment. The only way for us to change our environment, is to change our individual environment.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the earth plane. The earth plane is exactly where the earth plane is meant to be, because of the choices of us who exist on the earth plane. That it is now time for the earth plane to move from a fear based environment, to a love based environment is not because such a change has been universally decreed, but because an increasing number of us have chosen to move from a fear based environment to a love based environment, and we have asked for assistance and guidance to exercise our collective choice.

When a specific society, or a way of life no longer needs to be experienced, its purpose for existence is complete. All societies are created by the collective choice of those within the society. When the collective choice ceases, there is no means to maintain the society and the society therefore ceases. It is by this principle that the fear based society will end, and the love based society will be chosen to replace it.

We need have no concern for the earth plane, the collective souls on the earth plane, have made our choice. A choice which will not be reversed despite occasional appearance to the contrary, a choice which was foreseen, a choice which was destined to be made, and the result of our choice is a destiny which has been foreseen and will be fulfilled, a love based environment.

The choice of the majority is always and will be the basis for our existence. The lives of the majority will be more joyful, and less fearful.

Each time that we move a little closer to a love based environment, fear fights back and the world seems to move back into fear. However, this is an illusion and a necessary part of the process. The world will move to a loved based environment, because the choice had been made not by an all powerful deity, or by governments, but us.

This truly is the end of the world, but it also is the beginning of the world. The choice has been made for us to create a love based environment, instead of the current fear based environment. That a united earth will be initially brought about by accountants, economists and political strategists is a physical necessary, a catalyst needs to be created. As the concept of a true Untied Nations of Earth takes hold, the Untied Nations of Earth will become the domain of dreamers.

With each incarnation of the physical planes, the truth becomes lost, and through experience the truth must again be discovered. This truth is discovered not by accident, but through experience. As each incarnation of the physical plane shatters so does the truth, and each time that the physical planes start a new, those souls who carry the truth with them from the previous incarnation cannot put the truth back together, until a conscious choice for the truth is made. In this incarnation of the physical plane, the truth has been chosen, the vibrational rate of our choice can now be felt.

All that buries the truth is illusion. We must look beyond the illusion and look at the truth. The choice to see the truth, is open to us all. We may all make the choice to see the truth regardless of our circumstances. We have made the choice of experience, a choice which will, in time, lead to the truth.


Final Choice.


All choices are experience. When we have experienced all things, we are left with one simple conclusion, the path to God is within. We become aware that God is within, when we have completed our process of elimination.

When we have experienced all other options, the option which we are left with, is to allow. We become a master when we make a choice and allow ourselves to become a master.

We must experience all, and eliminate all other choices by experiencing all other choices. We are left with the choice to become one with ourself, which is one with God.

We can simply choose to believe that we are God, and we can be God. However, being God is the last thing that we, whilst in physical form would choose. In fact, being God is the last thing that we, whilst in physical form do choose.

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