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Corporatisation of the World

For many years, there have been constant mergers, and takeovers creating fewer, ever increasing, corporations ensuring that control of the world's economy has been transferred to a relatively few people, with majority only able to participate via a few faceless investment institutions, which are often parts of massive corporate structures themselves.


Above all else, what these faceless corporations have taken from the world, is a sense of community, and a sense of belonging.


Through the corporatisation of the world, an enormous bubble is being created, which in time will burst. The illusionary paper wealth created by the corporatisation of the world will be destroyed in the process.


What is occurring, is the culmination of the illusion of reality, as the illusion of the earth plane continues to consume itself, and will continue to consume itself, until the illusion of the earth plane destroys itself.


The profits being generated by the corporatisation of the world, are mostly on paper, based on the market value of shares. When the market collapses, and the bubble bursts, the value of what is in effect an illusion within an illusion, will collapse with the bubble. Many of the pieces of paper which seemed so valuable, will become worthless.

  The illusion of control by a few is not restricted to the western world. The extremes of communism, and religious fanaticism, as well as corporatisation have taken both the backbone, and the heart from the world. The world cannot and will not continue without a backbone and a heart.

The Next Step.

  When the corporate bubble bursts, and the corporate bubble has begun to burst, the corporations will be shattered, and smaller businesses will grow from the remains.

We will see a return to community based business, generating new life into dying towns, and regions. Businesses not necessarily owned by communities, but owned within communities. There will still be those with wealth, and there will still be poverty, but there will be a narrowing of extremes.

  That some have wealth, and others live in abject poverty and everything in between is a necessary tool of experience. Experiments in socialism do not work, and have not worked. All that has been achieved is a transfer of as wealth, power and privilege from one small group of people to another small group of people. The basic range of circumstances remains the same, because experience is necessary.

We will return to a time of the wealthy owning, and running businesses within their own communities. The wealthy will still experience lives of power and privilege, but they will do so from within their own communities.

  We will return to these wealthy families holding positions of respect, as well as power and privilege, within their communities, and accepting a sense of responsibility for their communities.

There will still be inequity, and life will still seem unfair, this is part of the experience process, but we will return to a sense of community, and a sense of belonging.

  There will be those who take chances and succeed. There will be those who take chances and fail. There will be those who are lucky, and those who are unlucky. We will return to the basic principles which provide the back bone of experience, and which applied when the relatively younger nations, such as the United States of America grew from nothing.

We will leave much of the society based fears, such as prejudice, intolerance, and greed behind in the debris of the shattered illusion of the earth plane controlled by a few.

  What has occurred, has occurred throughout the world, but if we maintain the example of the United States of America, we see a society which has become soft, and artificiality selfish, seeking approval, and judgement through illusionary wealth, and artificial fame, driven by fear, because two important aspects which are needed for a balanced existence have been lost to the world. However the two important aspects which are needed for a balanced existence, backbone and heart, will be rediscovered.

The backbone of America, the many towns which are dying, and corroding away, will be again be made strong through re-establishing the new economy, and with the rebirth of these communities we will also witness the re-establishment of the heart of America.

  This is how the world will move away from fear, by re-establishing a backbone necessary to support the world as a living entity, just as our backbone supports us.

As we straighten ourselves with our regenerated backbone, we will expose our heart, for so long hidden beneath a soft, unsupported belly and through exposing our hearts, we will move towards the love based environment.

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