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We all want to be 'cool', especially when we are young. Being cool is our choice, and we are free to choose to be 'cool', but we should understand the cost of being 'cool', and make an informed choice.

We need to consider the true value of the money that we are spending to be 'cool'. Are we spending say $100, or are we spending six months food for a starving child?

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  What happens to the $100.00 that we spend to be 'cool' instead of feeding a starving child?

If we would like to find out more about the reality of life for millions of children, we can use this link….


Do We Have Courage, Or Are We 'Cool'?


It does not require courage for us to be 'cool'. In fact we only want to be 'cool' because we do not have the strength of character to be ourselves, to be who we are.

We need to consider why we do not have the courage to be who we are. We need to understand why we choose to hide ourselves behind a façade of 'cool'. We need to understand why we feel that we need to be the same as everybody before we feel that our self worth is validated.


The 'Cool' Con.


The concept of being 'cool' is a myth created by faceless con men of the advertising industry who are today's equivalent of 'Snake Oil Salesmen'.

When we fall for the con, when we wear the 'right' clothes, wear the 'right' shoes and have the 'right' accessories we are really saying 'I have been conned, and I am proud of my gullibility!'

We automatically and rightly reject the concept of being told what do by governments, but we very easily and willingly allow the 'Snake Oil Salesmen' to tell us what to do, which in itself is a part of the con.

We allow ourselves to be treated like sheep, nearly indiscernible from the next sheep. We allow ourselves to be shepherded into the herd, believing that we are one of the special few who are 'cool', but a sheep in a designer label is still a sheep.


The Freedom To Be Who We Are.

  We all have the freedom to be who we are, if we have the courage to be who we are.

We criticize and fight against dictatorships, regardless of how they are dressed up, that would remove our freedom to be who we are, and we use our freedom to choose to become shackled by the cool brands.

When we validate ourselves by conforming to the latest fashion, our validation only lasts as long as the fashion.


We willingly shackle ourselves to whatever branding the 'Snake Oil Salesmen' tell us to shackle ourselves to today, but it is only the unbranded horses that are free.

As soon as we decide at a young age to enslave ourselves to 'cool', we spend our lives as slaves to what the 'Snake Oil Salesman' dictate is 'right' for people in our demographic.

It is never too late to break free of the shackles of the latest brand. We need only choose to become individuals instead of a demographic.

What 'Snake Oil Salesmen' sell is an illusion and without substance. All illusion, including the illusion of 'cool', is fear based.


Being 'Cool' Is Based On Fear.

  All fear is an illusion, including the illusion of being 'cool'. We fear that if we are not 'cool', if we do not conform to the latest fashion, we are not good enough to be accepted. This is a lie.

If we do not have the courage to be ourselves, if we do not have the strength of character to break free of the shackles of cool, we will remain as sheep, blindly following the herd without a free thought.

Even if we think that we are at the front of the herd, leading the other sheep, we are not, we are being led.

Sheep are easily forgotten because individual sheep will seldom make an impression. It those who are different, those who think for themselves, those who have the courage not be sheep that make a difference in the world.

We have the freedom to choose to be 'cool', but to make an informed choice we need to understand the cost to ourselves, and to the world.


The Cost Of 'Cool'.

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