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Close the Circle of War


Historically, economic considerations have been the real cause of many wars. The circle of war begins because an opportunity to acquire undeveloped resources in another region, is perceived.

Those with the power and will acquire the resources that they desire through force. Other powers see the acquisition or control of the resources as a real or perceived threat, and war is declared based on some pretext or other, but in truth the war is to control resources.


The Circle Continues

  After the war 'between the powers' subsides, the circle continues to turn and wars for independence become the reality. Regardless of the honourable reasons given for the wars for independence, the reality is that what is really sought, is the control of resources.

Often independence is won, and the cause which had united the country, control of resources now divides the country, as civil war takes hold, in the ongoing struggle to control the world's resources.

Many independent countries do not develop their resources, because they find themselves gripped in political struggles for control of resources, often through dictatorships, which eliminate opposition, and focus more on seeking out and eliminating opposition, than on developing a positive environment.



  The world has been held hostage for a century by a fear based environment, which has been a battle for control of the world's resources.

The fear based environment is now coming to an end, but we are faced with the reality of depressed economies, and an inability to build prosperity through developing resources.

We are faced with two choices, both of which will be chosen at this point in time. We can either continue the choice of our fear based existence, in the endless and un-winnable battle for control of the world's resources, or we can work together, to share the world's resources.


Work Together

  It is through exercising the choice to work together, and to share the world's resources, motivated by the economic reality which is the result of a century of fear, that will be the catalyst to create a love based existence, which will become the true United Nations of Earth.

History has shown us that control of resources is a temporary. We need to learn from our experiences of a fear based existence, to return to the reality from which we came, a love based, shared existence.

We will exist in a love based environment. We will make the choice to exist in a love based environment. Our collective choice, the love based existence choice is foreseen, and therefore destined, but our choice is nonetheless a choice.


Balance To The Earth Plane

  A love based earth plane will replace the fear based earth plane, when we make the choice for a love based earth plane, to replace the fear based earth plane, which is a choice that we are destined to make.

A century of existing within a fear based society has thrown the earth plane out of balance. By choosing to exist within a love based society, we will return the balance to the earth plane.

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