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Devil and the Darkness

The devil is not real. The devil is a concept which has been invented by man as a way to abdicate responsibility for our fears and insecurities. Any battle which we have with the devil, is a battle with ourselves and no more than a battle with ourselves. The devil 'exists' only in our conscious minds.


When we fight our demons, we fight the devil. The concept of the devil has been used by various religions to induce fear in people. Whether we choose to call our fears and insecurities 'the devil', in an attempt to absolve ourselves from our own actions, or not, the only way to defeat our fears and insecurities or to defeat 'the devil', is to defeat our own demons.


The devil or satan is a convenient cause of all things that are in fact created on the earth plane. Blaming the devil is often used to explain what cannot be explained.


It is the disease of artificial fulfilment which is in fact, what has been termed 'the devil'. It is through pursuing artificial fulfilment that we follow the dark path, and it is through placing importance on artificial things, that we are prevented from ascending, and will remain on the earth plane. The devil is not an entity. The devil is a belief, a belief that fulfilment can be obtained in the artificial world.

  What has been termed 'the devil', is in fact the disease of artificial fulfilment. Artificial fulfilment exists only in the artificial world. Artificial fulfilment is not real, and therefore the devil is not real.

Belief in the devil can be as strong as belief in God, but when belief is surpassed, and becomes knowledge, the nature of both God and the devil is also known. God is real, and the devil is an illusion.

  We have created both God, and the devil as entities which we can understand. Much of what we must unlearn has been created by our interpretation, of events that we did not understand. An interpretation that has become a false truth in time, but a truth nevertheless to those of us who believe it to be so.

The devil that has resided on the earth is fear, which has created a fear based existence. The devil is also the deceiver in that fear, and therefore the devil do not really exist.

  The devil does not exist. God will lead us to the experience that we need, and when we put ourselves in God's hands, no harm will come to us.

The devil does not exist. The devil is only a label for fears which are self imposed, and unnecessary. Nevertheless, such fears are real to us who impose fear upon ourselves. The devil is no more than fear.

  The Holy Land is where God exists, and God exists within us all. By definition then, we must be the Holy Land. If the devil or fear encircled the Holy Land, or each soul, then each soul is within fear. If we exist within a fear based existence, has not the devil indeed encircled the Holy Land?

We should Consider the words of God, and we should consider our own experiences, and our own lives. Is it not love which binds all, and fear which destroys all? Can we not see this within our own world? How then could God, the love which binds things together, threaten annihilation and in so doing say 'come to me in fear of the end of the world'? If there is a devil, is not that devil the fear which paralyses all? Is not love the one power which can overcome fear? Is not God therefore the one power that can overcome the devil.

  If we believe that anything is the work of the devil, then that which is the work of the devil is fear. However, fear itself is an illusion, and the devil is an illusion, not real. Only love is real.

The devil as an entity does not exist, and from our earth or physical perspective the devil is fear. If love is Christ, then fear is the anti-Christ. They say that the devil can disguise himself, and this is correct because much fear is hidden in the guise of love. The earth plane is a mirror of reality, and often what we see as an honourable 'correct' motivation is really, a fear motivation in disguise.

  The devil is an entity which was been created to give fear an identity, and it is often said that the devil can disguise himself. We all experience fear in disguise, and we need to allow ourselves to see through the disguise, before we can ignore fear. Fear will often disguise itself as love.

The attempts to distort and confuse our true experience, is a part of the struggle of the artificial nature of the earth plane to remain in control. To mislead and distort, is the nature of what has been termed the devil, or fear.

  God is a God of love, not a God of wrath. It is through accepting that God, is a God of wrath, that the devil is given life. If we accept that God, is a God of love, and that the devil is illusion, then all life is taken from the devil.

The Dark Path.

  There are three basic paths which we can take. There is the light path, the dark path and the middle path. If we follow the light path, we will gain enlightenment, and move onto the higher plane where we live in the light which reveals all the beauty of the universe.

If we follow the dark path, we will live in complete darkness on the lower plane. Just as everything becomes brighter the further that we travel down the light path, so everything becomes darker the further that we travel down the dark path.

  The middle path leads to purgatory, where we live neither in the light, nor in the darkness, but somewhere in between, going in circles.

There is a dark path, but following the dark path is choice. It is our own fears and insecurities which lead to the dark path, not the devil as a separate entity, but the devil which we create within us.

  When we allow our insecurities to become great, we allow ourselves to be led into the darkness. Regardless of how far into the darkness we choose to go, there is still light within us. We can find the light within ourselves if we look, but finding the light within ourselves, becomes more difficult, as layer upon layer of darkness, hide the light within.

Some of us choose to travel the dark path. The dark path is the easiest of all paths. There are many artificial rewards along the way. The further that we travel along the dark path, the darker that everything becomes, until eventually we live in complete darkness. It is never too late to turn around, but the journey back to the light can be nearly impossible to complete.

  Each time that we commit an act with harm as our motivation, we have taken a step down the dark path. When we chose to travel the dark path, we are simply stuck on a point of experience, which we have not understood. On the dark path, we can access the spirit plane, and those who exist on the spirit plane, who are also stuck on the dark path. However, we cannot access the higher plane, because only what is motivated by pure love, can access the higher plane.

We all experience the dark path during our existence. Like all experiences, sometimes we choose to become stuck on a point, and experience that point over and over again. When we choose to experience the dark path, we experience being further away from the light each time that we experience the dark path. In time, we will seek to experience the light again. The more that the dark path has been experienced, the further the dark path has been travelled, and the longer it will take us, to travel back to the light.

  The dark path is not wrong, the dark path is simply an experience of moving away from who we are. The path to who we are is found within. To become who we are, we must look within, so our true path is within. The path that leads away from who we are leads without. It is the path which leads us to look for fulfilment externally. It is this path which causes us to look to fulfil the expectations of others, instead of being true to ourselves. Living up to other's expectations, or being concerned about what others think about us, lead us away from who we are.

The dark path is only dark because the dark path leads away from the light within. We follow the dark path if we seek to fulfil our needs by artificial fulfilment, or by earth plane standards, sometimes by utilising the power of the spirit plane.

  We are given the opportunity to leave the dark path, but it is our choice whether we take the opportunity to leave the dark path, or remain on the dark path.

If we follow the dark path, we will live in complete darkness, on the lower plane.


The Darkness Within.


Each of us have darkness and light within us. Most of us travel the middle road leaning only slightly one way or the other. Some of us have allowed one side or the other to dominate. These people will influence us. These people will draw us away from the middle road. We can sense which path these people are travelling. When we meet people who are not on the middle path, we can feel, what is described as good or evil radiating from them. We must avoid people who travel the dark path.

  As we become enlightened, all darkness disappears from within us, and we see only the light. When we have removed all of our fears and insecurities, we have removed all of the darkness within.

Our fears, doubts and insecurities form a dark veil, which becomes wrapped around our souls, and dims our view of the world. We cannot really see the true light and beauty of the world, while we are looking through the dark veil. We have to remove the dark veil before we can see clearly.

  We are surrounded by a dark veil, which is made up of our fears, doubts, insecurities, and negative emotions. The dark veil must be lifted. Only when the dark veil is lifted can we allow our inner light to shine out. Only when the dark veil is lifted can we see the beauty which is all around us.

The dark veil which surrounds us must be removed. However, removing the dark veil is not enough because the dark veil lives. The dark veil thrives on our fears, doubts and insecurities. We must remove our fears, doubts and insecurities from our lives, and starve the dark veil. If we do not starve the dark veil, the dark veil will gain strength and reattach itself to us. Only by removing the dark veil permanently, can we permanently see the light and the beauty which is our world.

  We need to cleanse our souls. Mostly we cleanse our souls over a number of lifetimes. Re-awakening in the next lifetime, or another lifetime where we left off. We need to understand that our fears, and our insecurities are illusions which effectively prevent us from seeing the light. We also need to understand that fears and insecurities are both the products, and the tools of experience.

The removal of fears and insecurities can be a difficult task if we so choose, but the removal of fears and insecurities can also be an easy task. The degree of difficulty experienced is our choice. Fears and insecurities must be removed, because the dark veil which is formed around our soul, not only blocks the light from within, but the dark veil also blocks the view within. This prevents us from seeing who we truly are.

  Like our insecurities, the darkness is an illusion. The darkness is real when we live in the darkness, but the darkness no longer exists when our insecurities are removed. When we remove our insecurities, we remove the dark veil which is blocking the light within us. All illusions seem real until we understand that they are an illusion, only when we understand that they are an illusion, can we see illusions for what they are.

Darkness, all darkness only occurs when the light is blocked. The light always exists. Even when the light is blocked by darkness, the light exists. To find the light, we need only remove the darkness which is blocking the light.

  If we do not accept that God is within, we will not find God within ourselves. To accept that God is within, we must first remove all insecurities, all fear, and all darkness to reveal the light, and therefore God.

God is the light. God is the love within us, and love is the very fabric of God. God is the love which exists within all. God is the fabric which binds all together, and the fabric which binds all of existence together is love.

  God is omnipresent. God is everywhere. God is part of all things. God is within those who do evil, even if they have chosen to live in the darkness, and block out God's light. Because God's light cannot be seen within those that do evil, does not mean that God's light does not exist.

It is possible for a soul experiencing a physical incarnation to be sent to the light. We can effectively walk from the darkness to the light on our journey.




Hell does not exist as hell is conceived by man. Hell is continually being reincarnated lifetime after lifetime, and suffering lifetime after lifetime, without ever seeking the light. This is the darkness. This is hell. Never being able to see the light within, and never being able to live within the light.

  Has not all that has occurred in the twentieth century alone, been enough hell for us? Have not many of the events of the twentieth century been caused by fear, a fear that is also the devil? Is it not time for the beginning of the love based existence, which will prevail until the end of the incarnation of the earth plane?

There are souls who have not become aware, who have not learned for 50,000 earth plane years or more, ever going from one lifetime to the next, ever experiencing, never learning. This must surely be what is termed as hell, ever suffering without knowing why they have chosen to suffer.

  All roads lead to but one place, the truth. All that varies is the route which we take. Even a path which leads us through hell, eventually leads to the truth which is within.

Hounds from hell follow all of us on our journey, and yet the hounds from hell are not negative. These hounds from hell manifest themselves as our recurring difficulties, and represent the fears and insecurities, which are attached to our souls the deepest. Without the hounds from hell, our journey would be much easier, and all that we need to do, is stand and face the hounds from hell.

  Sometimes, we have to travel through hell, to reach heaven. It is our inability to break any given circle of experience, which will lead us through hell.

Hell exists in the same place as heaven exists, within. The difference is that hell is an illusion, whereas heaven is reality.

  Hell does not exist, hell is fear, and fear is an illusion, fear does not exist. Fear does feel real, because if fear or hell did not feel real, fear could not be experienced, and all must be experienced.

The hell of the past was created by man, not by God. If we seek peace, we must release ourselves from the hell of past, and we must embrace the heaven of the future.

  A loved base environment cannot be maintained by any means, other than choice. A love based environment maintained by fear, is a fear based environment, not a love based environment. If a loved based environment were to be maintained by threats of judgment, wrath and hell, such an environment would be a fear based environment which is why God has no judgement and no wrath, and why there is no hell beyond what we choose to experience on the earth plane. Judgement, wrath and hell are not words of God, but inventions of man, often created as a result of a lack of understanding.

The apparently never ending circles, and difficulties which have been hell at times, have dominated the last thousand years of the earth plane. There has been an increase in intensity of our hell on earth during the last century of the earth plane. The expectation of 'heaven on earth' has produced an intense period of hell on earth, designed to be the catalyst for the death of the old hell on earth, and the rebirth of the new 'heaven on earth'. The earth plane is on threshold of entering 'heaven on earth'.


Dark Spirits.


There are dark spirits, there are some who have been so consumed by the darkness within them, that they remain in darkness even on the spirit plane.

  If we follow the dark path, we become dark spirits on the spirit plane, and we have all of the abilities associated with the spirit plane. We can guide others along the dark path, from the spirit plane. The darkness can consume us so completely, that the light cannot be seen even from the spirit plane, where it is easier to see the light than on the earth plane.

When we die, we leave our body, and are caught in the oncoming light. At first we are startled, and we do not know what has happened. Fear consumes some souls, and they run from the light, only to become lost in the darkness. These souls become lost spirits.

  Those who are consumed by darkness have been termed evil angels, and they do exist. Some souls have been so consumed by artificial fulfilment, that they live in the darkness. It is said that these souls who live in darkness, represent the entity called the devil, but there is no such entity. Souls who live in darkness are simply consumed by the disease of artificial fulfilment. Souls who live in darkness are not trapped, in that souls who live in darkness can free themselves from the darkness, but it is a long, hard road which they must follow. There is much darkness to be removed, before the light can be seen.

A soul on the spirit plane, who is following the dark path of artificial fulfilment can influence us. This is simply experience which we both have chosen, and is often referred to as being possessed by spirits or entities. We cannot be possessed by the devil, because the devil does not exist.

  We can all send our thoughts to others, and we can all receive thoughts from others. Thought transference occurs even though we are unaware that thought transference occurs. Those who travel the dark path often develop their abilities to transfer thought.

Even those who have chosen a dark path, see the basic truth of the trinity, but souls who live in darkness, have chosen to use this truth in dark ways.


When we have found God, we see all souls as they are, a soul in the process of gaining experience. We will not bear false witness, and say that a soul is evil, or that a soul has evil intent. We know that some souls are experiencing a dark path, but that is all they are doing, experiencing.


When we are approached by a dark spirit, we must surround ourselves with white light.


There are places where there is a concentration of dark spirits. Places which feel evil. Sometimes we have to pass through places which feel evil, and sometimes we choose to avoid places which feel evil. Even though we can sense the dark spirits in places which feel evil, no harm can come to us, and as such places which feel evil should hold no real fear for us.

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