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The only reason that we take reality altering drugs, is because we are not satisfied with the reality which we exist within. However, we can alter our own reality and we can become more aware of reality without the need for drugs to alter the chemical balance within our brain.

As we allow ourselves to become aware the chemical balance within our brain does alter in a natural, balanced and slow process which is permanent an allows us increase our perception of the reality of our existence.

Using drugs allows us to immediately alter our perception of reality, by adjusting the chemical balance in our brain in an unnatural, unbalanced and artificial process which is temporary.

The unnatural adjustment of the chemical balance within our brain leads to many problems, including mental disorders because we do have an opportunity to adjust and tune in to the altered chemical balance within our brain, and because of the side effects produced by the drugs and any substance which is mixed with the drug during manufacture.


Some Realities.


Despite the efforts of society, government and law enforcement, illegal drugs will always be available.

Despite education and awareness programs, there will always be people who choose to use drugs.

Whilst there are large amounts of easy money to be made manufacturing, supplying and distributing drugs, there will always be those who choose to make money in this way.

The war against drugs cannot be won, because the war against drugs is not a war fought against faceless foreigners. The war against drugs is war against our own sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, and extended families.

Society, government and law enforcement cannot regulate or control any activity that is illegal.


A Solution.


The only solution to the drug problem is to remove the problem, because we know that we cannot remove the drugs.

The only way to win the war against drugs is to stop fighting the war against drugs.

The only way to remove the criminal activity associated with drug use at all levels, is to stop drug use being a criminal activity.

The only way to control drug use is to make drug use a legal and regulated activity.

The only way to stop the needless death caused by irregular dosage and the substances mixed with drugs is to regulate the dosage and to remove or control which substances are included in drug manufacture.




Drugs to be manufactured by ‘reputable’ drug companies and made available in controlled ‘dosages’ with full disclosure or all substances contained within the manufacturing process.

Regulatory controls can be imposed on the distribution of drugs with ‘softer’ drugs being available ‘over the counter’, and ‘harder’ drugs or increased dosages requiring prescription after a counselling process.

The use of drugs can be regulated to within the privacy of the home, and ‘drug bars’ regulated to provide a clean, and safe environment.

Public safety laws such as the public use of drugs, or driving whilst under the influence of drugs could mirror current alcohol laws.

The programs and underlying health issues, both of which are currently unfunded by drug users to be funded by taxes similar to alcohol and tobacco.

Programs to be funded to assist those who want to overcome their addiction through planned reduction in dosages and alternate drugs to ween addicts off the harder drugs.

For many, the career criminal cycle would be broken before the career criminal cycle began, because drug related crime is often the beginning of a crime based existence.


What About The Children?


Whilst drugs are available from the ‘cool’ kids in schools, and ‘cool’ guys in flash cars outside of schools, children will always be exposed to drugs before they are mature enough to make their own choice whether to use drugs or not.

A minimum age for consentual drug use can be established. This in itself would not stop children from experimenting with drugs, just as a minimum age of consent does not stop children from experimenting with sex.

If our children are going to experiment with drugs it is preferable that the drugs which they are exposed to are manufactured in a controlled and regulated environment.

Those who supply drugs to minors, would be guilty of ‘statutory child abuse’, a similar offence to ‘statutory rape’.




The truth is that some people will always choose to alter their reality by using drugs.

We cannot protect people from themselves, by attempting to prevent people from having a choice.

If we accept the reality of drug use, we can assist to make the consequences of the choice to use drugs less severe.

There will be those who will use every ounce of their power to maintain the status quo in respect of the drug issue.

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