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The Experience of Hopelessness


An aspect of society which will and must change is the population distribution. Many countries are overpopulated and under-resourced while other countries are over-resourced and underpopulated.

In time the population of the world will be more evenly distributed, which will occur when the countries stop jealously guarding their borders and realise that people have the right to live wherever they please, subject to their chosen means.

Much of the world's problems would be resolved by an even distribution of population, and the discontinuation of the artificial and illusionary borders which are called countries.

How many people starve to death while in other parts of the world excess food is dumped?

The world can sustain the world's population, which is God's design. We simply need to choose to allow the world to sustain the world's population.

There will come a time when the sovereignty of borders will be seen for what it is, an illusion. All will reside where they choose with an even distribution of resources.

  Starvation And Poverty

There is much starvation and poverty in the world when it is apparent that starvation and poverty is unnecessary, because souls continue to need to experience that living in squalor, and poverty, that dying from starvation, that an existence which is a struggle each day to survive, is not who they are.

The inequalities of distribution of earth resources has been convenient to allow souls to experience suffering and hunger.

In terms of the earth plane much of the difficulties which were chosen to be experienced, have now been experienced, and there will come a time when souls no longer choose to experience starvation.

Souls will no longer choose to experience starvation, when souls have experienced starvation enough, and do not need to experience starvation again.

When we no longer need to experience starvation and poverty, starvation and poverty will no longer be experienced.

In principle a redundant experience is no different to the extinction of animals. Poverty will become extinct.

  A Contented Existence

An experience of hopelessness has not always existed. There was a time when we all lived a happy and contented existence.

That the world will once again take the form of a happy and contented existence is a reflection of the circular nature of existence.

When we are in animal form we do not have a conscious mind and therefore we do not become stuck on a point. Having experienced existence as an animal we can easily move on.

Often an experience in animal form will occur between lifetimes in human form to conveniently assist us in becoming aware of who we are not.

For example, we may experience a hopeless existence, without becoming aware that a hopeless existence is not who we are.

We may then experience a contented existence in one animal form or another, before we again experience a hopeless existence.

The animal experiences, if applied, allows us to understand that the hopeless existence is not who we are.

As a collective group, souls are now beginning to choose to live in a fair, equitable society. Thus the earth plane is moving to a fair and equitable position.

The choice of the individual changes the circumstances of that individual, and the choice of the majority changes the circumstances of the majority.


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