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The Point Of Reference


The Truth Of Reality cannot be explained without a point of reference. The point of reference of each soul is individual to that soul.

The Truth Of Reality from the creation of man, to choice, to the existence of two halves of one soul, is contained within most belief systems. The Truth Of Reality became lost because the point of reference which applied when many beliefs were recorded, did not make it easy for The Truth Of Reality to be seen.

The Truth Of Reality which was once known by all, was altered as time passed and the point of reference was lost. Most belief systems have been altered from their original form, because of the inability to maintain a point of reference. The truth, however, is still contained within all belief systems, and our point of reference, if applied to all beliefs, is the key to revealing the truth contained within religions.


The only true way for any to apply a point of reference to any belief system is for each of us to apply our own point of reference. Most of the confusion that surrounds us, is caused by our attempts to apply another’s point of reference to ourselves, which is not possible.

Even when we attempt to apply another’s point of reference, we must adjust that point of reference, by adding some of our own point of reference to the equation.

The point of reference of each soul is directly linked to their awareness. A soul’s point of reference is individual to each soul, and a soul’s point of reference is adjusted by experience.


A point of reference must be applied to gain understanding, which means that understanding and therefore awareness is individual to each soul.

It is not possible to apply another’s awareness to our own understanding because quite simply, we would not understand. To be able to understand, we must first convert another’s awareness to our own awareness. It is far simpler and easier to apply our own awareness directly instead of converting another’s awareness first.

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