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Every Event Is Linked


Every soul, every living thing is linked together through the thread of God which is the very fabric of existence. Similarly, every event that occurs, is ultimately linked.

One simple event can touch the lives and provide experience for a vast number of souls. However, the experience which each soul gains from a given event, is unique to each soul.

  All Things Occur By Design

Not one thing occurs by accident, all things occur by design.

Every event, every single event which occurs is connected with every other event.

An event may seem minor, an event may seem inconsequential, but each event does have an impact on the fabric of existence.

  A Simple Delay In Traffic

An event such as a simple delay in traffic may impact just ten people. The impact on each of these ten may vary greatly, and often may not be known to those involved.

If just one of those drivers who was delayed was not in another street at the usual time that they travelled that other street, and as a result of the delay they avoid colliding with a pedestrian who happens to be crossing the road at the time when the driver would normally travel down that street.

Neither the pedestrian nor the driver are aware that an event has occurred. However, because of the event which has occurred, the lives of both families, and both sets of friends have been affected.

If the driver had struck and killed the pedestrian, many souls would have been touched by the event which occurred, including those who may have witnessed the accident, and emergency services who would have attended the accident scene.

In turn, each soul that those directly connected with the accident interacted with, would also be affected through a vast range of experiences including cancelled meetings, chance encounters which did not occur, or did occur, as the result of the accident and so on.

In turn each soul touched by those other souls, and other events are affected and so on.

Even if the accident did occur, those who's lives were impacted by the accident, would not necessarily know that other's lives had been touched.

If a business meeting was cancelled because one of the participant's brother had been killed, a chance encounter by another participant, on the way to or from that meeting, would not occur.

All of the events that would be touched by the chance encounter would not occur, because the chance encounter did not occur, and so on.

If one of those involved in the chance encounter then caught an earlier bus, because they were not delayed by the chance encounter, another chance encounter in the later bus may not occur, and those who would have been affected by the second chance encounter, would not be affected, and because they were not affected, they would be affected.

However, the accident did not occur, and all those who were affected by the business meeting, chance encounters, and every other event, touching every other soul, regardless of how far removed they were, did occur.

A simple delay in traffic, apparently affecting the lives of a hand full of drivers in a minor way, did in fact affect the lives of an ever widening circle of people.


Chosen Experience


The woman who married a man she met on a bus which he caught because he had missed an earlier bus due to 'bumping' into a friend as he walked to the bus stop, had a child who grew and had children, one of whom committed a murder, has not the slightest idea that all of this occurred, because there was a slight delay in traffic one day.

Nor would the children who grew up fatherless, after their father was murdered, or their children, who did not know their grandfather, know that their experiences could be directly traced back to a minor delay in traffic, which no one took any notice of.

The delay in traffic did not occur by accident, the delay in traffic occurred by design, because all of the events which occurred, or did not occur, as a result of the accident, were meant to occur to allow the souls who were in some way touched by the events, to experience what they had chosen to experience.

The delay in traffic did not affect what was meant to be. The delay in traffic allowed what was meant to be to occur.

The delay in traffic was convenient, and the souls who chose their experiences, knew everything which would occur and the masters were able to bring souls together, so that all souls experienced what they needed to experience.


  A Multi Dimensional Maze

Our journey parallels the multi-dimensional maze, which illustrates the principles of awareness.

Each level of the maze parallels the level before, with subtle differences as we make our way though the maze. Sometimes we go in circles. Sometimes we reach a dead end and we have to double back. Sometimes we move on, believing that we have found the exit to the maze, when all that we have found is the next level.

Each level, each pathway, each dead end is linked together to form the multi-dimensional maze. Every part of the maze is connected.

It is not easy to see that every part of the maze is connected when we are standing at the bottom level, but that every part of the maze is connected does become very clear, as we near the top of the maze.

At the top of the maze we find heaven on earth, which is linked not only to the maze, but also to the higher plane.

Heaven on earth is the direct link from the maze to the higher plane, and the very structure of the maze is the fabric of existence, which links all things together.


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