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The reality that 'God is love', has been used and misused so many times that the reality that 'God is love' has become little more than a throw away line, and a slogan often used without thought or consideration of the meaning of the reality that 'God is love'.

Firstly, we have to remember that 'love' is only a label which we give to a wide range of emotions. The label itself means nothing and the label confuses us because we apply our concept, our interpretation, and our prejudices to the meaning of the word 'love'.

True love, to use a distinction, is something which we feel, and something which we cannot adequately explain. Whether we feel love for a parent, a sibling, a friend or a lover, there are some common components to what we feel.

We feel above all else a connection with the person we love, we feel a link with that person regardless of the relationship. This link feels to varying degrees like a oneness, like there is less separating us for the one we love, than that which separates us from others.

We feel a sense of belonging. When we are in that person's presence, regardless of where we are, we feel that we belong.

This connection, this love provides with a sense of wellbeing. When we are experiencing this love, we feel good about ourselves, and we feel good about the world.

We feel this love first and foremost, and everything else that we experience at the same time, is secondary to the love which we feel.

We can feel this connection, this link, this oneness, this belonging and the sense of wellbeing despite a whole range of insecurities and negative emotions which surround us and those we love, and which in effect dilute the feeling of love that we experience.

Try to imagine this love without the impurities which dilute the feeling of love. Imagine if we felt that love, that connection, that link, that oneness and that sense of belonging, without any impurities which dilute what we feel.

Imagine the sense of wellbeing that would be produced within us. This is the love of God. Undiluted, and without impurities, pure love.


The Love Which Is God.


The connection which is love, is God.

The link which is love, is the link which binds all souls together is God.

The oneness is the oneness of God, a oneness with all that exists.

The sense of belonging, is a belonging to all that is. When we belong, we a part of what we belong to, and we are a part of all that is.

All that is, is God and we are a part of God.The result of what we feel when we accept the love which is God, is a sense of wellbeing which is infinite.God does not feel pure love, God is pure love.

God is pure love. God cannot be seen. God must be felt.

God is God and God is the sum of all that is, whether all that is, is a singularity or a universe.


Pure Love Is The Only Reality.


We must look within ourselves for answers. We must feel pure love. What harm could this possibly do? Pure love is not something which we learn. Pure love is what we are.

Pure love is the only thing that matters, because pure love is all that is real. Pure love is the most powerful energy in the universe because pure love is the only reality and once set in motion, pure love cannot be stopped. Pure love is the very fabric of existence.

We all try to be somebody or something that we are not. This does not make any sense at all. Why are we afraid to be ourselves, when what we are is pure love? The reality is that if we were true to ourselves, we would have no reason to fear. Our essence is the same, pure love. Pure love is who we are. Pure love is what we must allow ourselves to become.

God has explained many times how we should treat others, and how we should approach life. We have either ignored God's advice or we have allowed God's message to become distorted. Despite this the truth is within us. We know how to treat others. We know the truth of pure love. We must look within and find this knowledge.

Each of us must accept our own truth, and each of us must find the pure love within ourselves, regardless of what means we use to look for the pure love within. Pure love is within us all, and pure love must be found within us all. What we believe does not matter and regardless of our beliefs, we must look within. Looking within is the only way to find the truth. Looking within is the only way to find pure love.

When we have experienced pure love, even for a fleeting moment we will know pure love to be true, for there is nothing greater than pure love. Pure love is contained within us, if only we would allow pure love to flow from within ourselves.

We must respond to every situation with love, compassion and understanding. The only way we can respond to every situation with love is to understand the truth. The truth is love, pure love.

We must allow the pure love within us to grow. We must allow the pure love to overpower all other things within us. Pure love is of the soul, not of the body. We must remember this, and we must allow pure love to flow from within.

We must feel pure love for all regardless of their views or beliefs. Pure love understands that we are all entitled to our beliefs and our views, even if our beliefs criticize the concept of pure love, and all that pure love implies.

Even when our own life's experiences seem to demonstrate that pure love is not possible, we must never stop believing that pure love is possible. The purpose of experience is to understand who we are not, so we can ultimately understand who we are, which is pure love.

The perspective which we must adopt all of the time, is pure love. We must view the world with pure love, and the compassion and understanding which come with pure love. If we respond to all that happens by way of pure love, then we will quickly become pure love, which is who we are. It is responding with pure love, and therefore responding with God, that will make our path easier.

Becoming pure love is simple. However becoming pure love is made difficult by our reluctance to let go of that which is not pure love. There cannot be an existence of any kind which is more beautiful or satisfying, than that of pure love.

The positive nature of pure love creates joy and happiness, and pure love is the only reality. To discover who we really are whilst on the earth plane, we must experience joy. We are pure love, which is joy.

When we become pure love all else fades into nothing, as everything that is not pure love is overpowered by pure love. Pure love is all that matters. Pure love is something which we live in. Pure love is not something that we need to take out and display for others to see.

What is 'heaven on earth' if it is not love? Heaven and the higher plane are only terms for love. When we seek 'heaven on earth', we seek 'love on earth' or more accurately 'pure love on earth'. What is pure love? Love without fear. Love without insecurities. Love without ego. What is the 'kingdom of God' if it is not pure love?


Our Separation From God.


Many have attempted to create a mystery around God. Many have tried to explain God in many different ways through lack of understanding, but God is no mystery. All know God. God is within all. God is love, pure love. God is that simple and God is that complicated.

We must look for what has been called the 'kingdom of God' within us. We can see the goodness which is pure love within our soul. The only way to become one with God is to become pure love. God exists within us all, and God is pure love. We all have pure love within us.

We do not need to gain God or anything else. We do need to let go of all things so that only pure love is left. We are not separate from God, we separate ourselves from God.

Who we are is one with God, one with the universe and one with all that is. When we are who we are not, or when we act who we are not, we separate ourselves from God. It is who we are not, which is separate from God. Who we are, is not separate from God.


If we choose God's path through fear of consequence, we have not chosen God's path. Fear does not, and cannot lead to the higher plane, only love can lead to the higher plane. Those who purport to represent God, and use fear as a tool to convince us to accept God, have not really accepted God themselves. God cannot be found in fear, God can only be found in love.

It is not possible to become one with God by acting in any specific way regardless of the motivation for that act. It is not possible to become one with God through misguided acts of martyrdom, nor is it possible to become one with God through selfless acts of charity. All acts are based on illusion, and all acts are experience. There are no rules which need to be followed to become one with God. The only way to become one with God, is to release, and not be all that is not God.

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