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Heaven on Earth

  To understand heaven on earth, we firstly need to understand heaven.

Heaven is the higher plane, which is pure love, and pure love is God. When we exist within heaven we exist within God, because God is pure love, and existing within pure love is existing within heaven.

Pure love exists within each of us, because God exists within each of us. When we have removed all that we are not, and we become who we are, we are pure love, and we exist within pure love which is God.


Why On Earth?

  When we become one with all that is, we become one with the higher plane, and one with God. We exist within heaven or pure love. However, whilst we exist within pure love, and we become pure love we cannot experience pure love.

The only way that we can experience is with our physical being, regardless of our form. The purpose of our physical being, our body, our mind, and the electronic pulses and chemical reactions which govern our emotions and enable us to feel, is to experience.

Unless we have experienced pure love, we cannot become pure love, and the only place that we can experience heaven or pure love is on earth.

In fact, our finite existence on the earth plane is not a secondary existence, because our finite existence makes our infinite existence as a part of all that is, of pure love, of God possible.


The Key To Heaven on Earth

  The key to heaven on earth is within our reach from the moment of our creation. The key to heaven on earth is to allow ourselves to be who we are, and no more.

If we allow ourselves to be who we are and no more, we will allow ourselves to enter heaven on earth. When we allow ourselves to exist as who we are, we exist within an environment of joy.

Heaven on earth exists for one moment at a time, and we can each allow ourselves to exist within heaven on earth, in each and every moment if we so chose.

We exist within heaven on earth for each moment in which we allow ourselves to exist within heaven on earth.

All that we can do is allow ourselves to exist within heaven on earth in each moment, and in so doing our every moment will become heaven on earth.


A Loved Based Existence

  When exist as who we are, we experience a loved based existence, because love is who we are.

Any who have experienced love understand that love consumes all else, and that circumstances which once had the power to cause frustration, anger or fear become barely noticeable and cease to exist.

When we allow ourselves to be who we are, which is love, love radiates from within us, and love becomes the centre of our being. We exist within what radiates from within us, and when we allow love to radiate from within us, we exist within love.

There are two types of heaven on earth which we can experience. We can experience heaven on earth from a position of awareness, or we can experience heaven on earth whilst we are unaware.

‘Heaven on earth’ is in itself multi-dimensional. ‘Heaven on earth’ spans each of the levels of awareness. We can reach ‘heaven on earth’ at each level of awareness, and what we experience within ‘heaven on earth’ will reflect our level of awareness. The principle of experiencing ‘heaven on earth’ is no different to any experience that we experience, at whatever level of awareness that we have reached.

The difference is that when we are aware, we understand what we are experiencing and why.

If we have increased our vibrational rate sufficiently, we will be able to see the colour of heaven on earth, which is beyond our perception if we have not increased our vibrational rate.

The colour of heaven on earth is a combination of gold, blue, white and silver. Gold is love. White is power and protection. Silver is the colour of the thread of the fabric of existence which binds existence together. Blue is peace and awareness. It is the combination of these colours which produce the colour of heaven on earth.

  Drive and Motivation

To experience pure love, and subsequently return to that from which we came, which is pure love, is what motivates our existence, what drives us to experience, and what is the reason for our being.

We will all experience pure love, because to experience pure love is the reason why we have been created.

As each of us choose to experience pure love, to become who we are, and to experience a love based existence, the basis of the earth plane itself will move form a fear based existence to a love based existence.

There will be no second coming heralding the end of the world. What has been determined to be the second coming is simply a completion of what was started.

The only way that the world will end is that the fear based existence will end, and a love based existence will begin.

We will choose to live within a love based environment during this next millennium, and the number of souls who chose to live within the love based environment will increase, until we reach a point were most souls live within a love based existence.

Effectively and collectively heaven on earth will be created, not for a chosen few, but for all who choose.

  Heaven In The Real World

"I saw it again today in the face of a little child
Looking through eyes of fear and uncertainty.
It echoed in a cry for freedom across the street and across the miles
Cries from the heart to find the missing part.
Where is the hope, where is the peace?
That will make the life complete
For every man, woman, boy and girl
Looking for heaven on the real world.
To stand in the pouring rain and believe that the sun will shine again
To know that the grave is not the end
To feel the embrace of grace and cross the line where real life begins
And know in your heart that you've found the missing path."

written by Steven Curtis Chapman

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