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The Illusion Of Control


We have a strong desire to control other souls and to exercise power over other souls.

The experience of control appears in religion, government, business and many other aspects of life.

The experience of control is an important experience. We need to experience that who we are, is not having control over others.

We need to experience having control over others, so that we will become aware that having control over others, is who we are not.

Imagine if a soul became aware of their God self, without knowing that having control over others was not a part of God.


  Control By Choice

It is ironic that as we become aware, we also understand that we have never had control over others, regardless if we have experienced the illusion of having control over others lifetime after lifetime.

We can only have control over those who have chosen to experience being controlled.

If a soul is controlled by choice they are not really controlled.

The experience of having control is in itself an illusion.



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