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The Problem.


The city of Jerusalem is a city of spiritual significance to Jews, Moslems and Christians.

Despite talk of sharing the city of Jerusalem, the reality is:


The hardline, extreme Israelis will not accept Palestinian stewardship of Jerusalem in any form.


The hardline, extreme Palestinians will not accept Israeli stewardship of Jerusalem in any form.


It is time, it is passed time, to place our faith in God, Allah, Jesus Christ, The Universe or just simple Common Sense.


A Message For Jerusalem.


“I am because I am. I am one God. I am God with many names. Those who seek peace in this Holy City of Jerusalem should accept that I am, and not concern themselves with what I am called.

“The city of Jerusalem is a Holy city. Jerusalem is a city of the one God. Jerusalem is a city of the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of Jesus, the God of Mohammed, the only God. There is but one God regardless of how God is labelled throughout many cultures. The followers of the teachers, the named masters should take note.

“Jerusalem is a free city. Jerusalem is a city of God. Jerusalem is a city of religion. There are many who desire peace in the Holy City of Jerusalem and all those who look to the message of the teachers they follow, should look to message within the teachings and understand the truth.

“Those who seek peace, and all who truly within their hearts accept God, must also accept peace. Peace through freedom of a city controlled by neither Muslim, Jew of Christian. Peace of a city of God, not a city of man. Peace of a city governed independently of the nations and religions of man, but by the principles of God, and those selected from within the borders of the city.

“Those who seek peace must release themselves from the hell of past, and embrace the heaven of the future. This is how Jerusalem will be reborn, through releasing hatred and intolerance and accepting love, tolerance and freedom for all regardless of belief or nationality.

“The rebirth of Jerusalem cannot be bought about by God, because the hell of the past was created by man, not by God. The rebirth of Jerusalem will be created by the rebirth of the hearts of man. It is for those who reside within Jerusalem to decide if they desire to reside in heaven or in hell. This is the choice of man.

“Violence, hatred and war will be the death of Jerusalem. Peace acceptance and tolerance will be the rebirth of Jerusalem. Man is the midwife of Jerusalem, and only man can decide whether the new free Jerusalem is born with life, or is born still. As man chooses, so be it.”


Map of Jerusalem.

Courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

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