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The spread of the disease of artificial fulfilment has been particularly rapid during the last three hundred years. The most notable example of the spread of the disease of artificial fulfilment was when Europeans arrived in America.

The Europeans were supposed to learn from the natural wisdom of the Native Americans, but instead the Europeans did their best to destroy a culture which did live with their souls.

The reason why so many Native Americans are now spirit guides, is because the Native Americans had been living with their souls from the beginning, and had not been corrupted by the disease of artificial fulfilment, until the Europeans arrived.

The Native Americans had stayed on the correct path, until forcibly removed from the correct path by the Europeans, although many Native Americans have never deviated from the correct path.



The Property Of The Universe


There are some among Native American communities who believe that the spirituality of Native Americans is the property of Native Americans born in this lifetime.

Spirituality is not owned by any, spirituality regardless of the original source is available to all.

Is the Creator's message limited to but one tribe, one nation, or one heritage?

Did the Creator have a purpose for the Europeans who were consumed with artificial fulfilment, and who came to America?

Was the Creator's purpose to have Native Americans downtrodden and demoralised, if they were not transformed into Europeans?

Was the Creator's purpose to open the hearts of those consumed by artificial fulfilment, to The Truth Of Reality which has been maintained by Native American tribes?


The Creator's Purpose


If the Creator's purpose was to open hearts of all to the principles of the truth contained within Native American spirituality, is that not now occurring?

Are there not an increasingly number of non-native Americans seeking truth, within the wisdom of Native Americans?

Could it be that opening hearts of all to the principles of the truth contained within Native American spirituality, was the purpose of all that has occurred?

If sharing the wisdom of the Creator, is the Creator's purpose, why do some Native Americans guard the truth of their spirituality so tightly?

Why have so many souls remembered lifetimes when they existed, as what is now known as a Native American?

The group of souls who carried the truth between incarnations of the earth plane, reincarnated as Native Americans three hundred years ago.

If Native American peoples refuse to openly share their spirituality with all, then what was the Creator's purpose in all that has be experienced by Native American peoples?


Whilst it has appeared, and was intended that Europeans have forced their fear based existence onto Native Americans, in time the reverse has occurred.

The spirituality, and the consciousness within Native Americans has endured and ensured that the truth was re-introduced to the world.

What has seemed to be a near destruction of Native American culture has been an introduction of many of the principles, of Native American existence to the world.

Once the bitterness is stripped away form the experience, what we will be left with is that Native American cultures provided a re-introduction of the truth to the world.

The truth goes beyond pure spirituality, and extends to balance and the ability of many nations to exist in unison and harmony as one nation, which was the basis of the Iroquois, and the United States of America.


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