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Our Chosen Politicians


There is an aspect of our current existence which many of us are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with. The issue of government use of our money is cause for concern.


Governments take money from those of us who work hard, and often waste our money on fear based endeavours, whilst ignoring to a large extent what could be described as love based endeavours.

  It is for me to judge which activities are fear based and which activities are love based, but we should all look around us and see where governments are spending our money.

We can easily ignore what is called defence spending, because defence spending will in time reduce to a fraction, as the world becomes one.


Look Closely


We need to look closely at what politicians do with our money and we need to seek politicians who are more focused on the love based environment, than the fear based environment.

  For example; How much money belonging to the American people was spent by the special investigators, the American government, and elected politicians to effectively establish that the president of the United States of America was given oral sex and subsequently lied about this fact?

How many Americans living in sub-standard conditions could have been re-housed with this money? Government money, is our money.

  Should the priority be to house homeless people, or to ensure that the homeless are happy in the knowledge that the moral judges are keeping their president in line?


Balanced Priorities

  If we look around us, we will see that the priorities of our governments are often out of balance, and defy logical explanation.

When we balance our priorities, we will take the first steps towards creating a love based existence, both individually and collectively.

  Regardless of the difficulties within our society, there is certainly no necessity to increase the amount of funds that politicians take form those who work, but there is very definitely a great need for the redistribution of our money to be totally reconsidered and refocussed.

It is time to pay attention to how our money is being spent. We need to select those politicians who will spend our money on love based endeavours.


Selecting Politicians


Selecting politicians who are themselves moving towards a love based environment, as opposed to politicians firmly entrenched in a fear based environment will assist us to move our society from fear based to love based.

  We need to replace our fear based politicians with those who do not use a campaign of fear based issues to get elected.

Often we are given a choice which appears to be nothing more than clones wearing different badges.

  To move away from fear based politicians, we may need to move outside of the political industry, and elect independent politicians, until the political industry refocuses itself.


Immoral Regimes

  Another area in which we need to diligent is that we need to be watchful of the conduct of what can only be described as immoral tax regimes.

Taxes do needed to be collected and redistributed, but the conduct of our taxation offices, sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

  Tax regimes have become a law unto themselves, and like our banks and financial institutions which were once trusted guardians of our money, our tax regimes are often morally bankrupt.

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