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Corporatisation of the World

When we lie, we are not being ourselves. This is the first step towards living a lie.


It is a sad fact that it is easier to lie to some people, than it is to tell them the truth. These people have no place in our life.


Fear Of Judgement.


The reason that we lie is because we fear the judgement of others. Such judgement may be legal in nature, or moral in nature, but either way our motivation for lying remains a fear of judgement.

  There is another fear born motivation for lying which is related to the judgement issue, and that is acceptance. We feel that we need to justify our actions or we will not be accepted by others, and often our justification of our actions is a lie. The justification of our actions can be a lie not only to others, but also to ourselves.

The Ultimate Lie.

  The belief that we are not good enough is a product of the fear based society and seems to have become built into our physical existence.

The belief that we are not good enough is a lie in itself, perpetuated by many of our religions, by government, by education, and by the media. The truth is that we are good enough, we are souls gaining experience, and we are all a part of God. We are all drops within the universal ocean which is God.

  The lie that we are not good enough often causes us to attempt to justify ourselves so that we will be good enough to be accepted within the artificial standards of the earth plane, standards which are in themselves lies perpetuated by the fear based existence.

The truth is that we are not only good enough for artificial earth plane standards and the related judgement, but we are beyond the artificial temporary existence of the earth plane. We are a part of all that is, a part of God. Our existence is infinite, because we are part of God and God is infinite.

  The earth plane is an illusion, and the current fear based earth plane existence is built upon a lie. That God allows the earth plane to exist and has allowed the earth plane to effectively become a lie, it could be argued that God is perpetuating the lie.

However, the earth plane is necessary for experience, and the truth is available for all to see. The truth has always been available for all to see, if we choose.


The Prison Of Illusion.


The lie that we are not good enough to be accepted within the standards of the earth plane, which are in themselves based on a lie causes us to justify ourselves often with another lie, until we find ourselves existing within an illusion built by layer upon layer of lies which are fuelled by fear of judgement.

  This is how fear has built upon itself. Fear is ever increasing as more and more layers which are no more than illusion are added. We have found ourselves existing within a prison of illusion, and shackled within this prison, by the very lies which are the foundation of the prison.

The Cost of A Lie.

  Such imprisonment is the very nature of lies, and the fear based illusion.

If we look at our own lives, we can see the times when we have lied though fear of the judgement of others in respect of the truth. We then find ourselves trapped by our own lie, which seems to have taken on a life of its own until we no longer have control of the lie, and we have lost sight of where the truth ended and where the lie began.

  We reach a point where we genuinely believe that it is impossible to release ourselves from the lie, which does not need to be a big lie or even an important lie. It could be a very small and unimportant lie which has imprisoned us.

Often the lie will start out small and unimportant and then the lie will take on a life of its own, and grow as we continue, albeit often unknowingly to nurture the lie.

  This is what has occurred on the earth plane, a small and unimportant lie has been nurtured and has grown upon itself and become the illusion of the earth plane.

Release The Shackles.

  It is difficult to free ourselves of the lie of our own creation, but it is not impossible. They key which will release the shackle which binds us to the lie is readily available to us all. That key is the truth.

Once we release ourselves from the lie, the lie no longer has substance because the lie draws its substance from us, and without substance the lie will collapse like a house of cards.

  It does not matter how many layers have been built on the original lie, or whether the original lie relates to our lifetime, or to our very earth plane existence, the truth remains available and within reach.

The truth is within and every morning when we look into the mirror, we have an opportunity to look into our own eyes, to look beyond the surface, and to see the truth which is within.

  The deeper that we look within, the more of the truth we are able to see. The deepest truth, the ultimate truth which will free us from the ultimate lie, is the truth of who we are.
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