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Live A Modest Life


The more that we have, the more that we worry.

Nothing we have or can have is worth the price of worrying.


Live a modest life.

Have modest financial resources which provide what you need.

Find employment that you enjoy regardless of the salary.

Do what you enjoy doing, even if what you enjoy doing does not pay you well.

Going to work each day is not an enjoyable experience, but doing what we enjoy doing is an enjoyable experience.

Earn your money doing what you enjoy doing, and you will have a joy filled life.

Do what you enjoy, not what is expected from you.

  How can we possibly have a joy filled existence unless we do what we enjoy?

Each of us enjoy different things.

Enjoyment from work does not have to be anything special.

Many thoroughly enjoy their job at the local factory which may be because of the sense of 'family' in the workplace.

It really does not matter, what we enjoy doing, or why we enjoy doing it.

  We can only enjoy an experience, if that experience is a part of who we are, and we can only be who we are, if we enjoy our experience.

The key that can tell us if we are experiencing who we are is…

If we enjoy the experience, the experience is who we are.



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