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By Any Other Name



"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
….by any other word would smell as sweet."

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

As a rose by any other name is a rose, so too is God by any other name, God. God is all that is, and if we attempt to define God beyond 'all that is' we have placed artificial limits on God which do not exist.


Individual Perceptions



God, Jehovah, Allah, Goddess, The Creator, All That Is, I Am, Science, Nothing. The list goes on and on with seemingly limitless labels and definitions applied to God.

Beyond the labels which are applied to God, we have the individual perception of who or what God is. Our individual perception of God cuts across all labels and definitions, making the labels and definitions irrelevant.

There are as many individual perceptions of God as there are Individuals, and no religious decree, or state legislation can or will alter an individual's perception of God.



Removing God



There are those, often using misappropriated taxpayer money, who are attempting, usually successfully to have all reference to God removed from public places, and from the words of public statements such as the Pledge Of Allegiance.

The reality is that the Generic term of God does not mean what those who would have the Generic term God removed, think that the Generic term God means.

Nor does the Generic term God mean what those who originally included the Generic term God, think or intended the Generic term God to mean.



God Is….


  God is not the petty perception of God which those who would attempt to remove God would perceive. God is unlimited in any way shape or form. God is infinite.

Those who would swear allegiance 'under God', a generic God do not swear allegiance to any God other than their own, individual perception of God.

If a Catholic swears under God, the Trinity God is perceived. If a Muslim swears under God, Allah is perceived. If an atheist swears under God, God 'who does not really exist' is perceived. If a native American swears under God, the Creator is perceived, and so on.


Futility and Illusion


Those who feel that they have succeeded in removing God from anything, because they believe that the God which they were removing was their, or someone else's perception of God, have completed a futile exercise to remove an illusion.

God is everywhere, and God is a part of all that is. We all exist 'under God' and everything that we do is under God. Whether we choose to recognise the reality of God or not, is irrelevant and does not alter the truth.

Because God is everywhere, God is within every word ever written, God is within every monument ever made, God is within all that is. God has not and God cannot be removed from anywhere or anything regardless of what we attempt to tell ourselves.

In an attempt to remove God from anything, all that we can do is experience wasting our time and our, or often other peoples money, to delude ourselves that we have achieved, that which we have not, and can never achieve.


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