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  Never Give Up

When we feel like we are ready to give up, we need to reflect on all of the hard work that we have done to reach the point that we have reached. If we give up we need to accept that all of the hard work has been for nothing, a waste. It is usually far better for us to keep going, and allow what we have worked towards to come to fruition.

Time and time again we see examples of people who have worked towards their goal, and achieved their goal. Usually we work for a long period of time with little or no result until one day, the result of our hard work, the culmination of our action, the achievement of our goal occurs.

One of our problems is that we do not know when this day will be, and if we give up prior to reaching our goal, prior to achieving what we have worked for, we could very well have been one day away from the result which we have worked so hard to achieve, and because we gave up, we never know how close we were. All that we have done will have been for nothing.

We will seldom receive our reward, until the hard work is finished. When we become frustrated and impatient to receive our rewards, we are looking for our rewards prematurely. A lot of people give up at this point, so they never do receive their reward.

Fate will step in to lend a hand, when we least expect it. One by one the pieces will come together, and our life will fall into place, even though we did not see how our life could fall into place.


If our instinct tells us that something is right for us, and we know that it will be a hard fight to attain what our instinct has told us is right for us, we must trust that attaining what our instinct has told us is right for us will be worthwhile. We must not give up our goal. However, we must not pursue our goal desperately.

We must allow destiny to take a hand and we must allow our instinct to guide us. It may seem that our instinct is leading us away from our goal, but we must trust our instinct to guide us to what is right for us.

When we know that what we are doing in our life is right. Even if our life is not coming together, we must persist. We must not doubt. We must not question. We must keep doing what we know is right, and our life will come together.

Once we have made a decision, we must put all of our energy into the our decision. We must not become distracted. We must not waste energy questioning our decision.

We should prepare for the future, we should know our direction and plan our journey. However, our plans must not be set in concrete. Our plans must be flexible, our plans must be adjusted, as our journey requires us to adjust our plans.


Believe In Ourselves and The Future.


We have to overcome every obstacle that we encounter. We have to patiently find our way back onto our path whenever we stray from our path and become lost. We must never give up on our belief no matter how difficult achieving our goal becomes. The day that we give up, could be the day before we reach our goal. If we give up we will never know this, and all that we have done would have been for nothing.

We must accept what is today. We should prepare for the future, but we cannot live the future until the future is today. We may become frustrated because the future is not today, but there is no way to make the future today until the future is today. We must accept this, and we must not give up on the future. The future will and must become today, in time.

If we lose our belief in the future, we will live an unhappy and desperate existence for as long as it takes us to regain our belief in the future. We must maintain our belief in the future regardless of what happens, and against all odds.

Regardless of how difficult a course of action is. Regardless of how long a course of action takes. If we know that our course of action is right. We must follow our course of action through to its conclusion.

We have to keep living our course of action. We have to strengthen our resolve, and we have to keep going, with the sure knowledge, that the rewards, will come when our task is complete.


We all need a dream. We all need hope. We all need a goal. We all need a direction. We all need a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow. The form which our pot of gold takes, will change as we grow, but our pot of gold must exist, otherwise we have no reason to keep going.

We must never allow anybody, to take our pot of gold away from us. We can change our pot of gold if we must. We can change our pot of gold if our pot of gold is no longer what we desire. However, without a pot of gold, we have no reason to continue.

When we settle for second best, we are never satisfied. Second best is not what we really want, and therefore second best cannot fulfil us. When we settle for second best, we are compromising ourselves, and we cannot live happily, whilst we are compromising ourselves.

We must not let anyone tell us that there is no such thing as; 'Happily ever after.' There is. We are not being idealistic. All that we have to do is, not compromise ourself, and be patient.

Our belief in ourself feeds upon itself. The more that we believe in ourself, the more that we believe in ourself. As our belief in ourself grows, our belief in ourself replaces the insecurities which have consumed us. We must believe in ourself, and keep believing in ourself. It is the only way.

Our belief in ourself must be real. Our belief in ourself must be maintained, regardless of what our life presents us with. We are often presented with circumstances, to test our belief in ourself.

We must maintain our belief in ourself to pass the test. Only by passing each test, only by maintaining our belief in ourself, can we be fulfilled.

Every time that we doubt ourself, we must review our life. We must look for the pattern and find the similarity. We must understand the outcome and believe in ourself.

We must do this every time that we are in a situation which makes us doubt ourselves. We must use our own life's experiences as a source of confidence, gained through our own experience, and the lessons which we have learned.

Sometimes, we are given nothing to hang on to, except our belief in ourself. This is the truest and toughest test of our belief in ourself.

It is easy to maintain our belief in ourself, when our life is proceeding as we want. However, we must maintain our belief in ourself, when our life is not proceeding as we want. We must continue to live with our soul, and we must never give up.

They say seeing is believing. Seeing is not believing. Many people do not believe even after they have seen. Seeing is not relevant. Believing is believing.




We must stay on our path no matter how dim the light at the end of our tunnel seems, or even if we cannot see the light at the end of our tunnel, from our present position. We will eventually turn a corner, and the light at the end of our tunnel will become a beacon.

If we want to achieve anything worthwhile, we need three things courage, patience, persistence.


We are all on a journey. We must keep going, Until we reach our Journey's End. If we do not continue our journey, our journey will not be completed.

Unless a job is completed the job is not done. If we have done 95% of a job, we have not completed the job.


Never Give Up.

  When we reach a point where we struggle to put one foot in front of the other, and all we want to do is give up and sleep, we must not give up. We must continue putting one foot in front of the other, until we have completed our journey.

It is all right to fall down, as long as we get up again. Although sometimes we will need a helping hand to get up, again.

The best way to lift our spirit, is to lift our body. We must straighten up, square our shoulders, and look the world in the eye. When we are slumped and our eyes are down, so is our spirit.

If our spirit is down, it is an effort to lift our body, but it is worth the effort.

When something is not working for us, we must review what we are doing. We will be doing something wrong. We have to identify the problem and we have to rectify the problem. Once we have rectified the problem, that something will start working for us.

When we are going through a difficult period in our life, we must reflect on our past successes. We must reflect on the moments of happiness in our life, and we must know that happiness and success will return.

Often what we think is the worst thing that can happen to us, is in fact the best thing that can happen to us. We only need the clarity of hindsight to see this truth.

When the events in our life contradict themselves, it is easy for us to become confused, and it is easy for us to become frustrated. We need to be patient, and we need to flow with what is happening in our life.

When it is time, everything will fall into place, and we will then see clearly how everything fits together. We will understand that all of the events that occurred were a necessary piece of the overall picture.


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