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People kill in the name of God as an excuse, people do not kill for God. What people do in the name of God, usually bears little resemblance to the nature of God.

The truth is that God is not the centre of misfortune. The hatred attributed to religious differences, is not caused by God and has nothing to do with God. The hatred attributed to religious differences is most likely to be on personal level, dressed up and hidden behind religion.

How can any who claim to believe in the existence of an all powerful, all knowing, and all loving God, truly believe that God could be the petty vindictive creature that they will portray as God as?

The acts which we see around us, portrayed as acts of God are without doubt acts of man, and cowardly man who hides behind God as the reason for their actions. The actions of man, are not the acts of God.

We should consider the Bible. We should consider the battles recorded throughout the Bible in God's name. Were these battles the work of God?

Consider the Second World War, even the Third Reich 'had God on their side'. Two sides go into battle, with God on their side, and so it is recorded in history that the victors had God on their side.

Refer again to the Bible, God was 'punishing' when a battle was lost. Win or lose, the death and destruction which was caused was recorded as the will of God.

Two sides believe that there will be an end of the world with God destroying their enemy, could they both be right?

Wars which are attributed to God are in truth no more than 'Cola Wars', fought to determine the positioning of various brands called religions. However, God is universal. God has no brand.

Why would a God of love, a God whose very essence is the love which binds all things together destroy the world in judgement?

The day of reckoning, the day of judgement is a personal issue. This is not a day on which God will judge the world. In fact, the day of judgement is not one day.

The day of judgement is a day when each of us will look within for the truth. Each of us will choose our own day to look within for the truth, but each of us will choose a day to look within for the truth.

Can we not see that the Old Testament is full of justification of wars and slaughter in the name of God? Effectively they say that 'we slaughtered everyone because God told us to?'

Who is this God? Has this God said, 'thou shalt not kill, unless I tell you to go and slaughter all before you'? Is this so different to what is occurring now? Terrorists kill the innocent in the name of their God, the same God.

We must ask ourselves 'Is this God?'

'Is this the father?' What father would have his children slaughtered?

'Is this the creator?' What creator would have his creation destroyed?

Is it not said that God is perfect? What perfection is there in slaughtering those who are different?

Would Jesus have said 'love thy neighbour', and that 'thy neighbour who does not accept God will be destroyed'? Where is the love in destroying others?

Which is right? We should all ask these questions not of religious leaders, but of ourselves.

We should ask who is God?

We should ask what is God?

Is it not apparent that the will of man has been hidden under the disguise of the will of God for too long?

What is God's will?

Do we think that God's will is love or destruction?

We must ask ourselves these questions, because we have the answers to these questions, and to all questions within us.



Holy Wars Have Been Fought Over Labels.


Religion is the creation of man, and the image of God which has been created within the religions, is for justification of man's actions, and control of the masses.

The conflict between protestant and catholic are related to issues of politics firstly within the catholic church, and secondly when the English monarchy broke away from the catholic church, and thirdly as a result of power, dominance and racism.

These conflicts are nothing to do with God, who is effectively the same interpretation of God. In effect the argument is about the religion or brand which they have applied to God.

There are very few acts that are claimed to be acts of God which are truly acts of God. Mostly as soon as act by man is claimed to be an act of God, the reality is that the act is very far removed from God.

Those who hijacked planes on September 11, claimed that they were martyrs acting for God. Those involved in the conflicts within the Holy land claim that God is on their side.

The Jewish, Christian (catholic or protestant) and Islamic faiths all share one interpretation of God, the 'God Of Abraham'. However, the followers of these religions or brands have all committed acts in the name of God which cannot possibly bear any resemblance to God.

Consider the Irish situation where much has been done in the name of God, each side openly follows the same God, and the same interpretation of God. The Irish conflict has nothing to do with God, but religious conflicts never do have anything to do with God. Religious conflicts are really conflicts of man's ego.

Man has used God as an excuse to commit murder, but this does not make God a mass murderer.


Cowards-Hiding Behind God.


The bible is not a reason for killing regardless of how seriously or literally the bible is taken, or how the bible is misinterpreted. The bible is an excuse for killing. However, the bible is not the only excuse for killing, most religions and beliefs are also used as excuses for killing.

Jesus' disciples did not persecute others, but their successors certainly did. The crusades, the inquisitions, the genocide of native peoples. It was those responsible for these atrocities who were also responsible for maintaining the words in the Bible.

Committing genocide of another race to take their land and possessions is an act of man, and contrary to the principles taught within religious belief systems. The only motivation God could have for issuing such an instruction, would be to confuse God's message intentionally, which is not logical.

If God really wanted to destroy a race, or a building full of people, God would cause an earthquake or a disease and perhaps then say to the chosen, 'that bit is not being used, you can have it'.

If we look at the history of the world we can see much that has been done in the name of God is very far from Godlike, and the fact that some of these events are mentioned in the bible seems to be an accident of timing and race, more so than divine inspiration. At best such events could be described as divine justification.

Why would God need to bother to send man to kill other men? God only has to wait until they die and then God could damn them to hell for eternity. Perhaps God is impatient, as well as perfect?

That individuals, groups and governments have used God as an excuse for their own actions does not have any relevance to God.

Where is God in all of the wars allegedly fuelled by religious doctrine in the name of god?

All that we see is two groups of people acting like two groups of people, who cannot act any other way, but why blame God for their actions?

If we are to teach someone, by extreme measures we would destroy those who did not obey, and then we would say 'see what happens if you do not obey', we would not say 'go and destroy those who did not obey'.

We would not learn to obey, we would learn to destroy races. However, neither are acts of God by any stretch of the imagination, and using God to justify such acts is the cowardice of one who does not have the courage of their convictions.

Man has continually committed evil actions throughout history, both in God's name, and without God's name. Either way, the evil actions are the actions of man.

Governments attempting to convince all to do as they are told, by threats of divine retribution, are not acting for God.

Often, cowards who hide behind God, regardless of the brand, will convince or brain wash others as to the nature of God, and the inspiration of God.

These people are usually the ultimate cowards who, rather than have the courage of their convictions, rather than allow themselves to enter heaven as religious martyrs as they would convince others to do, and save countless lives, and indeed their own alleged beliefs in the process, would run and hide in a cave.

Such cowards are not restricted recent events. Such cowards are apparent throughout history. Such cowards have become cult leaders, religious leaders, and political leaders.

What these religious cowards have in common is an ability to convince others of a blatant lie as the inspiration of God, an inability to act in accordance with their stated beliefs as they would have others act, and that they would shield themselves by hiding behind God and blaming God for their own desires and actions.

The actions of these cowards would be akin to Jesus hiding in a cave, whilst the disciples were crucified in Jesus' name. That Jesus and other true teachers demonstrated through their actions, a courage of their convictions, demonstrates the difference between those who are inspired by God, and those who are cowards hiding behind God.



God Is Within.


The truth is that God is within us all. The truth is that we know within ourselves the true nature of God. The truth is that we know which acts and opinions are truly inspired by God and which acts are the acts of cowards hiding behind God.

Ancient texts have been altered and misinterpreted many times. The truth and God can be found within.

We do not have to believe to find God, because the reality of God is not altered by belief. We know the truth of God's existence. We must look into our own soul, we are usually seeking to confirm what we know.

For thousands of years we have been taught that God is external to our being, but God is internal. We must understand that God is internal, if we are to truly seek the truth.

The existence of God within is the hardest truth for us to understand, because we have been taught, through a lack of understanding, that God is external. All knowledge and all understanding are contained within.

When we know the truth, we will know God, because God is the truth.

God is present within all. God has forsaken none. We ask why God has forsaken us, but God has not forsaken us, we have forsaken God. We have forgotten that God is within us, and that we will find God only by looking within.

The way to God is individual and we must all follow our own path. The way to God can be found in any religion or in no religion. Neither religion nor any specific religion is the only way to God.

The only way to God is within, but the way to God is within the individual so there are as many ways to God as there are individuals.

The homosexual prostitute may choose to find God within, as may the church minister. Finding God within is open to all souls. Finding God within is not an exclusive club. Finding God within is not exclusive to any, nor does finding God within preclude any.


Guidance Without Interference.


Much has been done and said in God's name, which is not in God's name. God cannot interfere, we must learn all, or our knowledge not real.

God listens to our soul, not our conscious mind. If our soul has planned for some tragedy to occur and our conscious mind begs God to remove that tragedy, which should God listen to? Is it not kinder for God to listen to our soul, and provide us with the opportunity to learn? The opportunity to experience tragedy and still love.

God will guide us when necessary, but God will not interfere

Everything is always as everything is meant to be for everybody. It can be no other way.

Existence on the earth plane is created only for experience. There is no other reason for existence on the earth plane.

All choices are known because all choices are foreseen, not because choices are directed, so all choices are still very much choices. If all things are foreseen and if God will not, cannot, interfere with the process of experience, then all must always be as it is meant to be.

God does not allow religions to create divisions in God's name. We have free will. It is not up to God to allow us, or prevent us from doing anything. If God was willing to interfere, we would not have free will.

Why would, or why should God interfere, perhaps God knows that we must experience and learn for ourselves?

We all make choices. We all create the environment around us to make our choices.

God knows all that is to be faced and God knows all choices that will be experienced, so God brings us together with others whose choices and experiences will provide benefit for all, and each of us. God does not interfere with experiences or choices of individuals, but God brings us together so that maximum benefit is achieved from our experiences.

If two, or whatever number of us, need to experience something that interrelates, it is in the best interest of all that we experience together. Sometimes it is necessary to slow one of us down, or speed one of us up so that our timing is synchronised.

God does not effect our choices. Choices must be made by us, but sometimes it is opportune to allow us to experience together. If God adjusts timing by a fraction, the adjustment has no bearing on our choice, or the outcome of our choices. If an adjustment in the timing did effect our choices, another way would be found to provide our chosen experience.

If we love someone we will allow them to experience what they have chosen to experience, because through experiencing all is the only way that a soul can return to the higher plane. Allowing others to experience is the kindest thing which we can do, and this is why what is perceived as God, allows what is perceived as tragedy to occur.

Some, or many will say that not interfering and allowing another to suffer is not responding with pure love. God is pure love. God allows suffering to occur and does not interfere. God knows that allowing us to experience what we have chosen to experience is responding with pure love. God always assists. God always provides guidance, but God cannot interfere with our chosen experience.

The simple reality is that unless we experience, we cannot return to the higher plane and if God interfered with our experiences we would not be able to experience.

If we do not feel our experiences, regardless of how horrific our experiences seem from an earth plane perspective, we cannot eliminate the aspects of who we are not, to become who we are and return to the higher plane.

Unless we experience we cannot return to become a part of the love which is the very fabric of our existence.


Blaming God.


If we truly are created in the image of God, then we truly are love. Is not death and destruction attributed to God an attempt to make God in the image of man? We must remember the mirror at all times, and we must look at all as though we look in the mirror.

We should Consider the words of God, and we should consider our own experiences, our own lives. Is it not love which binds all, and fear which destroys all? Can we not see this within our own world?

How then could God, the love which binds things together, threaten annihilation and in so doing say 'come to me in fear of the end of the world'? If there is a devil, is not that devil the fear which paralyses all? Is not love the one power which can overcome fear? Is not God therefore the one power that can overcome the devil.

When we despair at our difficulties, we must look at ourselves, and see what we have failed to learn. We must not curse God.

God does not create suffering, we create suffering. God allows suffering to occur. We create our own environment with the sole purpose of learning pure love, regardless of our circumstances.

The path to God is not a path of suffering. If we have to suffer to find God, who would choose to find God?

That we suffer is experience. That our suffering feels real is necessary for the experience. What experience would be gained from suffering, if we knew that our suffering was not real? We can choose to know that our suffering is not real, but we do not make this choice until we have experienced all of the suffering, that we need to experience. However, because suffering is experience, and experience must be gained to apply to knowledge and create awareness, it could be said, if we did not fully understand, that suffering is the way to God.

God understands when we blame God for our misfortune. God does not punish us, because God is above our insults.

Thou shalt not use the Lord God's name in vain. Saying 'God', or 'oh God' in response to anything is not using God's name in vain. It is by blaming God for our circumstances that we use God's name in vain. However, God does not become offended if we blame God.

How can God become offended when God knows that blame is an illusion? We will not blame God when we know that blame is illusion, and that all things are created by ourselves for experience. That is God's promise.

Many have questioned God's inability to their help loved ones, or those in need or any who are 'suffering'. A philosophy that all events are 'the will of God' and that one cannot interfere with the will of God has developed across nearly all known religions.

This is a product of the mirror effect of the earth plane. In fact it is probably the most significant example of the mirror effect of the earth plane. God does not interfere because it is the will of the individual.

What has been termed 'the will of God' is in fact 'the will of the individual'. When it is said that 'the individual cannot interfere with the will of God', the truth is that 'God cannot interfere with the will of the individual'.

The true will of God is very simple. God's will is that all souls return to the higher plane, and this is God's only will.

We are never forsaken, regardless of what we experience. God is within us, a part of us, our higher-self or our God-self. How then can we ever be forsaken regardless of what we experience?


Giving Control To God.


One of the problems that we have with the concept of talking with God is that there have been so many people who in an attempt to make themselves important have done all manner of things because God 'told' them to.

God cannot take control. God has to be given control. We give God control as a last resort because everything else has been experienced. We must experienced all, and if control is given to God, the experience is lost. Giving control to God is the final experience and if control is given to God, without us having first experiencing all, then all cannot be experienced.

We need to be aware that giving control to God is the only way. Even when we know that giving control to God is the only way, and our experience tells us that there is no other way, we have to experience that giving control to God is the only way.

God does not ordain what will occur, God foresees what will occur.

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