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New World Order?


The truth is that ego will not allow many to release their existing belief system only to replace it with another belief system, and ego will ensure that the purity of any community led belief system will be corrupted. In short we will only recreate what we have now.

There are those who will embrace the new religions and the new belief systems as the new world order, because their ego wants them to be a part of the new world order and leave the 'primitive' religions behind so that they can feel special. This is not wrong, it is only experience, and it is not new experience.



Most of the many teachers who are present or available to us now are attempting to deliver the same basic message as all teachers delivered, although we sometimes will need to remove what has been added by the followers of religions to see this. However, despite the consistency and the simplicity of the message we for the most part just do not seem to be able to get the point, or points and even when we do, we find away to lose sight of the point.

Firstly all souls are equal. We will sometimes nearly understand this truth within the earth plane, but we quickly loose sight of the truth again. We all too easily meet someone who we perceive is more spiritually advanced than us and we make ourselves less than equal. However, the equality of souls goes beyond human form. All souls are equal whether that soul is experiencing a life as an ant or a human. We may live as a human and have trouble working with others, so we may then experience a lifetime as an ant so we can learn to work with others. That we want to believe that we must advance from ant, to dog, to human or whatever is another product of our linear existence.


That we apply a hierarchical standard to different types of existence is once again because we have a linear mind to enable our linear existence. The truth is that we may experience an existence as a light body before we experience a physical existence, after we experience a physical existence, or in between experiencing physical existences. There are no rules and no order in which we must experience.

It is true that there are those who are experiencing different forms of existence who communicate with us directly or through a channel, mostly to help and guide us, but these souls are not more advanced than us. Some souls who are experiencing another type of existence do believe that they are advanced forms of us but this not true, despite their genuine belief.



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