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A religious state has very little to do with religion and nothing to do with God. A religious state is like all other states purely about control. No master has said that people should go forth, and force others to follow this religion, by creating government laws, and punishment for non-compliance, regardless of how we have chosen to interpret religious texts. Many western cultures have separated religion from state, but so called political correctness has replaced religion as a means to control others.

Our civil servants, politicians, and special interest groups, or more accurately self interest groups, and the Media which have become another self interest group, have spent years expending time and effort to create a political correct environment. An environment which is only relevant to the civil servants, politicians and self interest groups who exist within the politically correct environment.

Our civil servants, politicians, and self interest groups have indulged their own inadequacies, and have created an environment to allow themselves to feel self important, and bask in the glory of some artificial victory which bears no relevance, importance or even interest to those in the real world, despite the efforts of many in the media.

Most of us are amazed that some people seemed to have concerns which relate to nothing more than alleged distress over petty issues of political correctness.

If these people really are offended by petty breaches of political correctness, they deserved to be offended. The advocates of political correctness seem to have lost sight of the fact that political correctness is really, only for their own benefit.

Whatever is achieved by legislation, and policing of bureaucratic rules, is not really achieved, but has created at best, an illusion of achievement.


Politicians, civil servants, special interest groups and the media have by definition chosen to spend their lives in service to the community as a whole, but in reality they spend their lives in pursuit of self serving ideals.

How much of our collective money, called taxes, and other recourses has been wasted to pander to the insecurities of a small group, instead of being used as our taxes were intended? How much more of our hard earned money will it take before we choose to insist that our resources are used correctly.

How many homeless have starved to death, because publicly funded budgets cannot afford to provide sufficient shelter when the funds, our funds have been diverted to ensure that government terminology is politically correct?

When will we choose to elect politicians and appoint civil servants based on love, instead of fear and insecurities? Our elected leaders are our choice, and we get what we choose.

Our Choice Of Politicians.

We have a tendency to label someone as evil, or maybe crazy, as a soft way of disagreeing with what another says, or what another stands for. This not dissimilar in principal to labelling someone who is not politically correct a racist, when it is often those who are politically correct who are the racists.

We are all souls gaining experience, to discard who we are not, and become who we are. The attempt to distort and confuse true experience, is a part of the struggle of the artificial nature of the earth plane to remain in control. To mislead and distort, is the nature of what has been termed the devil, or fear.

We are looking for someone to blame for the existence which we ourselves have chosen. Those who seek to have control us, such as politicians and the media prey on our desire to blame others for our chosen existence.

Industries which fund themselves by exploiting our desire to blame others for our chosen existence, and experiences are thriving. The political industry is based providing us with someone to blame for our chosen experiences, and seeking election on the basis that they will solve the problems created by those to whom they have allocated blame.

Politicians are no longer representatives of the people who elect them, politicians are products of the political industry which has been created to maintain control, and perpetuate fear.

Finding others to blame for our circumstances, will not change our circumstances. The only way to change our circumstances, is to choose to change our circumstances, and to act based on our choice to change our circumstances in all that we do, including the election of those who are to represent us.

Sister Cities.

Many cities and towns in the western world have a sister city or are 'twinned' with another city or cities, somewhere else in the western world. Much time, resources and money is consumed establishing and maintaining these arrangements, which in reality serve little purpose other than to provide an artificial self importance to those involved.

How much more could be achieved by western cities and towns becoming a sister city to a third world city or village? How much could be achieved with resources currently spent on these arrangements, if the resources were used to provided fresh water or health services, or food resources, or education to a third world village in abject poverty?

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