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Radiating Energy


We radiate whatever energy is within our heart. The energy within our heart is created by our intent. If we have an intent that all experience love we radiate love, and we exist within love, because we exist at the centre of whatever is in our heart.

Whatever we send out into the universe is returned to us, multiplied by our intent. If we send love into the universe with a strong intent that others experience love, or if we wish others well, desire good fortune for others etc, we receive whatever we have sent back with interest, because our love energy has collected other love energy on the way before returning to us, because the nature of our existence is circular.


It is the circular nature of existence which ensures that what we send into the universe is returned to us. The strength and the breadth of our intent governs the size and the power of the circle which the energy that we radiate completes prior to returning to us.

If we have a very strong desire that all experience love we send powerful energy which creates a large circle and gathers much love energy, because of the size of the circle which our energy travels before returning to us.


When we receive the returned love energy, our own love energy increases and our intent and therefore the power of the love energy that we radiate increases as love feeds upon love, and grows infinitely.

We very quickly find ourselves existing within the centre of infinite love, or love which continues to increase infinitely. It is through existing within love that we create a love based existence for ourselves, and as more and more of us create a love based existence so our very collective existence becomes love based, and as love feeds upon itself the love increases, and increases and increases, infinitely.


Similarly, if we wish others harm in any way, we create and radiate a negative energy of hate, envy, anger and so on. If we send negative energy out into the universe, our negative energy returns to us because all of existence is circular. Like clings to like and our negative energy attracts other negative energy, which is returned to us when the negative energy which we radiate completes its circle.

We find ourselves existing within the centre of the negative energy which we ourselves have created, and we live a fear based existence, as our negative energy feeds upon itself, and grows. This is why we see angry people attract anger to themselves, or bitter people attract bitterness to themselves, and so on.


If we live a fear based existence, regardless of whether the basis of our fear is anger, guilt, hatred, jealousy or whatever, we allow all fear based energy to come to us and attach itself to us thus compounding the fear basis of our existence. Therefore, if another person sends us negative energy, we have provided a window or a crack to allow the negative energy to reach us.

If we live a love based existence, our love deflects all fear and fear based energy, even fear based energy directed towards us by other people. Other people may send us fear based energy, but we deflect the fear based energy which passes us by on its way to completing the circle, and returning to the sender.


When people wish us ill, or we wish others ill, negative fear based energy is created and sent out into the universe towards the targeted person. If the target has allowed an opening for fear based energy to reach them, they are effected by whatever fear based energy has been directed towards them and as a result, they may experience ill health, misfortune in business, difficulties within their relationships and so on.

However, after passing through the target, or after being deflected by the target if they have a shield of love energy, the negative energy returns to the sender, after completing the circle, and magnified by intent.


Regardless of whether we are protected by love energy or not, if we are aware that negative energy is being directed at us we may easily wish that the negative energy is 'returned to sender', but in so doing we create a crack in our shield through which the negative energy can reach us.

As with all fear, our only means to ensure that we do not give fear life, is to act as though fear does not exist. We need to act as though the negative energy being directed towards us does not exist, and in time the negative energy directed towards us will cease to exist.

All energy vibrates. Negative or dark energy vibrates at a slower rate that positive or light energy, and dark energy is therefore heavier than light energy. Fear is created by dark energy which is course and heavy, but love is created by light energy which is a fine and gentle energy.

Love energy creates a shield or a cocoon which is so fine and so strong that only light energy can enter. Dark energy is too heavy to penetrate love, and dark energy is therefore deflected by love.


Being heavy energy, dark energy will linger where dark energy is created, whereas light energy will dissipate and becomes a part of the universe to expand love and all that is. Dark or negative energy created my illness, emotional distress, physical distress or physical abuse and so on, will linger where it is created, providing a conduit for more dark energy to enter the area where the dark energy is lingering.

Lingering dark energy can cause buildings or rooms or places to become negative and also invite dark spirits to reside in the darkness. Prolonged concentration of dark energy in one place can create a vortex of dark energy which will consume all who enter the vortex. As with all darkness, dark energy ceases to exist by the application of light.

We may very well be experiencing a fear based existence in this moment, many of us are. However, we can begin to change our existence from a fear based existence now, and in this moment.

All that we need to do is wish or desire that the people around us, regardless of how they feel about us, regardless of what they are experiencing, regardless of what we perceive they have done to harm us, experience and enjoy love, and we have begun the process of creating a love based existence for ourselves.

Existing within the centre of a loved based environment, is that simple, and that difficult.


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