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There are aspects of every religion which do not sit well with even the most ardent followers of the religion. This is because our soul recognises the truth.

The fact that many wars have been fought, allegedly over religions, is a nonsense, as is persecution of people if their beliefs are different than our own.

Accumulation of wealth by various religions is in direct contradiction to the very principles which religions are built upon.

The hatred between religions relates to politics and power dressed up as religion, and hidden behind an interpretation of God which cannot possibly be God, regardless of how we choose to see God.

Wars which are attributed to God are in truth no more than 'Cola Wars', fought to determine the positioning of various brands called religions. However, God is universal. God has no brand.

The problem with having one religion is that it is impossible for people to agree on which religion would be the one. Wars have been fought over this very question.

It is far better to have no organised religion, and for each of us to hold our own personal belief, whatever that may be.


Religious Brands.


The existence of God as a powerful entity controlling our lives, or the existence of God as the very fabric of existence is a matter of perception. As is the existence of God at all.

Many truly believe that their concept of God, is God, and not simply their perception of God.

All cultures have their own name and image of God. There is only one God. That different groups apply different brands and labels to God does not alter the fact that there is only one God.

There is only one God, the same God regardless of the labels applied by religion. Applying a label or denying God's existence does not alter the reality of God. When we ask the question of whose God, we are really asking whose religion?

Why is it so important that the 'brand' name that we have placed on God is the correct brand name? God is universal and has no brand.

Christians, Muslims and Jews openly have the same God, the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but have chosen to give God a different brand name.

If we strip the superstition, rules, and institutions away from all beliefs systems, regardless of whether the beliefs systems are in cities or jungles, the basic principles are exactly the same. One God.

We become easily confused by labels, and branding. Religions like all salesman will try to tell us that their brand of the same product is superior to the other products.

The principles of all belief systems are the same. It is the rules which are different, and the labels, but the labels are in themselves unimportant.

Each religion will tell us that they are the only way, and who are we to say which is right. God may say that 'this is the only way' in the Bible, but God also says that 'this is the only way' in the religious texts other belief systems.

Can they all be right? There is only one God.

If we look to the principals and to our own souls, they can all be right, but only if we remove what are, in effect, issues of branding.

If we were to remove all that man has added to the various religions, what is left could very well fit together to form one picture, and quite probably does.

Many of those who acknowledge that there is one God, will only accept that God in the image which they have created. That the same God could be created in different images by different people is a concept which escapes many people.


  God is not Religion.

There is only one God, but there is more than one religion.

It easy to confuse God with religion, or the message with the messenger. They are not the same. Regardless of our beliefs, we should not confuse the message with the messenger.

Most religions basically say that their way is the only way and that the alternatives will send us to hell. This sounds more like the work of man trying to bend others to their will, than something that God would say.

Satanic beliefs are a religion. Religions are a product of man, not a product of God.

It is a sad fact that many who have had a strict religious upbringing, whether it be catholic, or another brand, feel that they need to recover from their childhood religion.

It is understandable that many become confused when the actions of their religious teachers are directly opposite the words which they are teaching.

It is easy to confuse God with religion, which is a product of man not of God. God does not wish to be worshiped. Wanting to be worshipped, is something that a man would want, why would God seek our worship? The only purpose of worship is to feed the fragile ego of the one being worshiped, and it is inconceivable that God would have a fragile ego.

Religions are based on a principle of love and truth. The application, the practice of most religions has little to do with the truth. Religions are mostly used to bend many to the will of the few, and to provide power to a few who control the religions.

There are many who genuinely believe the religion which they follow, but what they are doing is experiencing such belief.

Religion has become an institution or more appropriately an industry. This has led to rules and a hieratical structure to allow those involved to experience a sense of achievement by rising in the hierarchy. Is there any difference in the principles of the structure of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church for example? Not in respect of their methods, although there have been times in history where the methods have not been dissimilar, only in respect of the structure.

Church organizations do much good for the community, because the structure provides an environment for those who choose the assist others to experience this choice. However, church organizations are not the only environment where providing assistance to others is possible.

There are individuals in every organization in every walk of life who chose to assist others. It is the individual who chooses to provide the assistance, not the church. Is a church minister who assists homeless children automatically a better person than a homosexual prostitute who assists homeless children?

To say that there is only one true religion and one way to God is extreme in itself. Most people choose their religion based on an accident of birth. Is the nature of God such that God would let us 'burn in hell' if we happened to have been born in a country and culture where Christianity is no more than an obscure western religion which we have barely heard of?

Fear based religion does not sound like God, more like man trying to bend people to his will. Serving God through fear is a product of religion, not God.

To want our fellow human beings broken to our will, sounds far more like the position man would take than the position God would take. Can we really see God saying 'here is free will, do what you want and come back to me when you are broken?' There is simply no logic to this.

If God wants us to love God, and God is perfect then God's love MUST be perfect. If God's love is perfect then God would not threaten us with judgement and being crushed. These type of threats are consistent with man trying to bend others to his will, but not consistent with God.

To say that 'I love you, and I will destroy you if you do not love me' are the words of an insecure jealous individual, not of God.

Would a God who is perfect love punish those God loves for not bending to God's will? If so, God's love is not perfect, but God is God so God's love must be perfect. A view that a perfect God who loves us as God's children would punish us in such a way is not possible.

This leaves us with two options, either God and God's love is not perfect and pure, or God will not punish us.

If we consider religions, it would seem that God is cruel, impatient, jealous, insecure, a poor teacher, and perfect.

It is the very religions that were established with good heart to bring us closer to God, which are now driving us away from God. Much persecution and much fanaticism has been done in God's name, regardless of the labels that have been placed on God, but persecution and fanaticism are not really done in God's name. God's name is an excuse to convince us to follow.

We are turning away from half truths. We are seeking to rediscover the whole truth, and guides have been placed amongst us to show us the way.

We have located different parts of the puzzle, and we see these different parts of the puzzle as alternate truths, because we are unaware that the different parts of the puzzle are only part of the whole truth. It is the whole truth that we must rediscover.

Many religions are becoming more flexible and are adjusting to reflect society. Those religions are saying that their followers should obey whatever the religion's particular set of rules are, and they will find their way to God. However, when their followers reject their rules and the number of followers begin to diminish, the religions become flexible and change the rules that must be followed to find God.

The more followers that a religion has, the stronger and more influential the religion becomes. Religions adjust to be able to accommodate all. However, if their rules are the way to God as they would have their followers believe, how can they then change their own rules when it suits them?

Would we be acting closer to God if we followed our own path, without the distraction of having religious doctrine to fight over?

Throughout history, politics and power under the guise of religion has caused more death and suffering than any other single justification. Does this not make us question the value and validity of any religion?

God is in hearts, not religion.

When we follow one religion or another, we have not found God, we have started looking and we are experiencing our search. God is within. All that we need to do to find God, is to look within.

There are no rules to find God. All we have to do is look around us and see how religions are changing their rules. The religions have changed their rules to attract followers since the religions have been formed, and religions will always change their rules when changing their rules suits there agenda..

The way to God is individual and we must all follow our own path. The way to God can be found in any religion or in no religion. Neither religion nor any specific religion is the only way to God.

  Inaccurate Reporting.

Religions, regardless of their form, are based initially on a series of writings. These may be the same writings or different writings. Most religions or beliefs are based on the report of events which occurred a long time ago from the perspective of the earth plane.

Mostly the reporting of these events occurred many years after the actual events occurred, sometimes centuries. In addition, the reports have subsequently been translated, and interpreted. They have also been changed by those in authority for their own reasons and then reinterpreted time and time again.

The finished product is now taken as 'gospel' as it were. The very nature of people has not changed. Consider an event which occurs today and is reported in tomorrow's newspaper. It is generally accepted that the report will not be entirely accurate.

If an event cannot be reported accurately after just one day, why would any presume that the reports written years after the event would be accurate? If we then give that same article to a translator in just one week's time, the translator would change the article yet again, albeit slightly. The changes would be based on cultural issues and also the character of the translator but the facts would have been altered again.

Consider then if that same article was translated and otherwise rewritten again and again. How closely would the article resemble the original report which was not accurate anyway?

If our article related to the fact that someone was murdered, the end product would still contain the basic truth, that someone was murdered. It is the detail surrounding the incident and the reasons why it would occur that would change. The article would contain the truth but it would not be the truth.


Confused By Beliefs.


Consider a soul who was a 'closet homosexual' living with his mother and attending church twenty five years ago. He was acceptable. After reincarnating he is again a homosexual who lives with his mother and has discarded his closet, so he is not acceptable to the church. His lifestyle is the same, he is the same.

The difference is that he no longer lies about his lifestyle, so the church which caused him much guilt in his previous incarnation by telling him not to lie now finds him unacceptable because he has followed their law not to lie.

Imagine how confused that soul has now become. He is a good man. Firstly he cannot go to heaven because he has lied and now he cannot go to heaven because he has told the truth. How would he ever get to heaven? By having his sins forgiven? Yet his sin is not forgiven because it is evil. Judged evil by those who follow the teachings of a man who expressly demonstrated with his first meeting with Mary that others should not be judged.

How can that soul be anything other than confused?


God is God.


God does not have a religion, God is.

No philosophy is empty just because it is not our philosophy, all that is important is what is in people's hearts, God is not so petty to worry about what labels are used.

Our beliefs, whatever they are do not alter the reality of God. God is love, and love is the very fabric of existence.

God is not a religion or an institution. God is love and love is available to anyone. It is not the concept of God and love that has driven many away from the churches. It is the application of love, or lack of the application of love, that is causing people to question.

God is the very fabric of all existence, and existence is circular. A circle has no beginning and no end, and yet every point on a circle is both a beginning and an end.

God is pure love. God is not an entity as in a separate person, God is pure love, which is the fabric of existence.

The perspective of the earth plane is judgemental, and as a result we have created the perspective of God as judgemental. God is love. Love is not judgemental. God forgives sins. God is not judgemental. That only those who have found the perspective of love, can become one with God, is a fact not a judgement. It is our judgemental perspective which we must change, not just the perspective of judging others, but also the perspective of being concerned about the judgement of others.

God is part of the fabric of our existence, God is love, the love within us all. God is part of us all. Our existence is built upon the fabric of God. Some say we are all God. This is not strictly correct as we understand God, but God is part of all things. God is the fabric which binds all together, God is the love within us all.

If we understand the nature of God, we will understand God. God is love, but love is not all that God is. God is so much more, God is part of everything, God is the fabric of existence itself.

God is omnipresent. God is everywhere. God is part of all things. God is within those who do evil, even if they have chosen to live in the darkness and block out God's light. Because God's light cannot be seen within those that do evil, does not mean that God's light does not exist within those that do evil.

Many have attempted to create a mystery around God. Many have tried to explain God in many different ways through lack of understanding, but God is no mystery. We all know God. God is within us all. God is love, pure love. God is that simple and that complicated.

There is only one God. God, the ocean of existence. We are drops within the ocean. One God that is all, and all exist within one God. All are part of one God, and one God is part of all.


Guidance From God.

  It does not matter what we choose to call God. God has been known by many names and as many concepts. If we are genuinely troubled and request help, God will help us regardless of the label that we have assigned to God. God has no religion. God has no denomination.

If we ask God for help, it does not matter to God, what we believe. God has no chosen ones. God does not choose. We choose God and we choose God's form. It does not matter to God what we call God, or how we see God. All genuine requests for help are answered by God, although not necessarily in the way that we think that we would prefer to receive God's help. God does not bargain. God does not make deals.

If a soul is dying and we pray for God to save the life of the dying soul, the soul which is 'dying' will either die, or not die, subject to what they have chosen to experience.

We will have our prayer answered based on what we have chosen to experience. Let us assume that we have chosen to experience the death of a loved one. Our loved one has chosen to experience death in the manner that they will experience death.

We share a life as a matter of convenience. God cannot alter chosen experiences, but God could, for example, lead us to, say this work so that we may understand that death is not real. In so doing God has not altered the experience which has been chosen, but God has made the experience easier to endure by providing us with the opportunity to understand the true nature of death.

We are never forsaken, regardless of what we experience. God is within us, a part of us, our higher-self or our God-self. How then can we ever be forsaken regardless of what we experience?

God does not ordain what will occur, God foresees what will occur.

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