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Resurrecting Hope



The Un-winnable War


There is an imbalance within developed countries. Billions of dollars are being spent to battle drugs in war which is not winnable. Billions of dollars are being spent to fight drug related crime, but the crime will remain, whilst the drugs remain criminal.

The most severe drug problems exist in the welfare districts throughout developed countries. Billions of more dollars are being spent to support the welfare societies.

Welfare, whilst well-intended, does not allow those who exist within the system, to create a new reality for themselves. Welfare allows those within the system, to accept their poverty.

Welfare, in itself, has become an industry which has created career paths for many providers and recipients, notably young women.

  Negative Environments
  Some young women choose, as a career path, to have children, often a number of children with a variety of fathers, because having children increases their welfare income.

The reality is that those children have chosen to be born into a negative environment, often with no way out. Many experience short, violent lives because they have chosen to experience short, violent lives.

For many, drugs are the only way to change their reality. Souls will continue to change their reality with drugs, whilst the drug funded, or the drug induced reality, is better than the reality in which some people have chosen to exist.

Many souls are now reincarnating into the same reality, with no opportunity to understand who they are.

  Change The Environment
  In other parts of developed countries, we find dead and dying towns with closed factories, and little chance of the towns supporting themselves, or the factories being re-opened, because re-opening the factories would be uneconomical.

However, the welfare industry and the drug industry are also uneconomical. Money will continue to be poured into the drug and welfare industries, which have no boundaries, and no way of stopping, or reversing the flow of money.

If we pour water into a flat surface with no boundaries, the water will continue to disperse. Regardless of how much water we pour, we will never fill the flat surface.

If we desire to fill the flat surface, and minimise the amount of water which we need to pour, we must first alter the reality of the flat surface.

We must alter the reality of those who exist within the welfare districts of the world to stem the wastage of money which is being poured into the drug and welfare industries.

The history of the welfare and drug industries, and the history of the earth plane, clearly demonstrate that we cannot force a soul to alter their chosen experiences.

We can provide an environment which enables a soul to become aware that the environment which they are experiencing, is not who they are, and choose to change their environment, as a result of their awareness.


Overcome Fear


If the money wasted on the war against drugs, which is not winnable, was used to reopen factories and create life in dead and dying towns, those who exist within that hopeless environment would be provided with a choice, and an opportunity to experience a more enjoyable reality, where drugs would not create a better environment, than they exist within.

Over time as the factories became productive, a reality of opportunity would become, the reality for some who currently exist within a welfare environment, and the new reality would in time become self-funding.

The barrier to providing such opportunities is the fear based environment. Fear within small towns of bringing people of different cultures into their towns, and fear of change for those who currently exist within a welfare environment.

However, this change is very possible if souls choose to live in a love based environment.

  New Hope
  The key is to give those who will benefit from the change of reality, be it a change from an existence within the welfare industry, or an existence within a dead or dying town, the choice of their environment.

The collective choice may be to use the resurrected resources, as a means of creating a new environment through ownership, or co-operative of the business.

If we allow souls to reopen the business or whatever, they will create their new environment. What they will create, can be a reality of prosperity and well being if they so choose.

The collective choices of those in the resurrected town will both create and multiply prosperity.

New residents will need new housing and many services which had closed when the town died, will need to be reopened as the town comes back to life, creating more opportunities and more life within the dying town.

Souls will become aware that the fear based existence, which they once existed within, is no longer their only reality, and not who they are. Souls given the opportunity to create and exist within a love based society, will create and exist within a love based society.


The Intellectual Barrier


Another barrier to moving from a fear based existence, to a love based existence is that of intellectualising, which has become a part of our existence.

The motive for intellectualising is mostly that of control. The difficulty that gaining control through intellectualising creates, is that a barrier is placed in the way of change and growth.

Consider an example. If a politician chose to accept an ideal of resurrecting hope by inviting people from underprivileged welfare districts to breathe new life into a dead or dying town, could the ideal become reality?

The simple answer is yes, especially if we assume that a benevolent billionaire was prepared to fund the project, and reopen factories.

The real question is would this happen? The answer is probably no. We would have numerous intellectuals raise their hands and demand a feasibility study.

We would be told that we would need an environmental impact study. After this there would need to be an assessment of psychological impact on those involved. We would also find that the infrastructure would need to be studied. The list would go on and on.

By the time that all the studies were completed, in likelihood a newly elected group of politicians would need to be briefed, and they will have their own group of intellectual experts who will examine the reports and determine that the studies are incomplete. New studies would then be commissioned.


Take Down The Barriers


At this point the town is dead. The hope that the town had when the scheme was announced is also dead.

The increasing vibrational rate created by the resurrected hope has swung the other way, and the vibrational rate of the region is now lower than the vibrational rate was prior to the scheme being announced. The funds have been spent on the studies that were commissioned.

Maybe I am exaggerating, maybe not. We all need to look around us and take down the barriers to a love based existence.

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