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Racial Prejudice

Racial prejudice does exist and racial prejudice is often more prevalent within non western cultures. However, it is racial prejudice within western culture which I want to address at this point. Racial prejudice is for the most part a legacy of the conqueror. Racial prejudice has existed throughout history. Racial prejudice as we know racial prejudice today within western society, is left over from the European colonisation of the world.

However, the reality is that much of the racial prejudice which exists today is conditioned upon as, and manufactured by the media in their efforts in increase circulation and revenue, and driven by the fear based environment.

For example, that four youths beat and another youth death is not as newsworthy, as four white youths beat a black youth to death, or four black youths beat a white youth to death.

The media dresses the story up in away that will sell fear, and so doing perpetuate racism, and racial hatred, which as with all hatred is bred by fear. We are educated through the media, that the respective colours of the skin is more important than the crime itself.

The Racial Industry.

There are examples of an artificial importance being placed on racial differences wherever we look. The artificial importance of racial differences is fed by groups who may have began as civil rights groups, but who have become industries within themselves.

Governments throw money at these groups, sometimes because they believe money will help alleviate whatever problems exist, but more often because they believe that they can 'buy' the votes of one group of people, by giving them money taken as taxes from other groups of people. This in itself assists fear to perpetuate itself, by fuelling racial tension.

The money itself, for the most part, does not reach those who need it, so money has very little hope of alleviating the problem, if money could alleviate the problem.

Instead the money is absorbed within the 'industry', allegedly or genuinely, established to assist with the problem, but an industry which in reality needs the problem to exist, because the problems whether the problems are real, perceived, or invented are the reason that the industry exists. If there was no problem, there would be no industry.

We then add to the mix the relatively new concept of political correctness, which has created a new category called 'hate crimes' which political correctness has allegedly been established to eliminate.

In reality, political correctness needs the hate crimes to exist, so that the new hate crime industry can continue to exist.

We Are The Same.

We are the same. Much is said about equality of all races of people. All are equal. Those of us who are born into an oppressed race have chosen to experience existing within an oppressed race. Many have already experienced being in the position of being in the dominant race. It is all experience.

From the viewpoint of society, the issue of discrimination has swung like a pendulum in the other direction. Society once discriminated against minorities, but society now discriminates in favour of minorities.

Two sides of the same coin. This is a demonstration of the basic principle of experience.

It is our desire to blame others for our chosen existence which leads to hate, racism and terrorism. Our attempts to artificially combat hate, racism and terrorism have created industries in themselves which focus on an attempt to control others, and our desire to blame others for our chosen existence.

Those people who are highlighting the inequality of reverse discrimination, are being called racist, but it is the push for true equality, and acceptance that we are all equal, which will shape the future of a more peaceful existence. Soon we will experience an existence of true equality.

If we label someone a racist, we conveniently excuse ourselves from listening to what they have to say.

Racial Differences Do Not Exist.

Racial prejudice, is a product of our fear based existence designed to perpetuate our fear based existence, and ensure that racial prejudice continues to exist. The reality is that racial prejudice, as with our fear based existence in itself, has needed to exist to enable us to experience fear, but as our need to experience fear is diminishing, and as we need to move towards our love based society, issues such as racial prejudice have all but run their course, and are now being maintained by artificial means.

Fear exists and will continue to exist whilst ever we continue to feed fear by focussing on fear based issues. Racial differences, like fear itself will disappear when we discontinue feeding fear.

We cannot discontinue feeding fear, by fighting fear because our efforts in fighting fear, feed fear as does allowing ourselves to be ruled by fear. The only way to defeat fear is to give fear no reason to exist, not by avoiding fear, but by ignoring fear, and acting as though fear does not exist, which is the reality of fear.

Because racial differences are based on fear, we can overcome racial differences by adopting this same philosophy. We need to act as though racial differences do not exist, and racial differences will cease being a part of our environment, because in reality, racial differences do not exist.

We are all the same on the inside, both physically and spiritually.

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