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Every time that we are placed on high alert, we create more fear which is focussed and magnified by the media for their own purposes. The purpose of terrorism is to generate fear, and every time that we are placed on high alert, we have assisted the terrorists to achieve their goals.

Terrorism will continue to be a part of our world whilst ever terrorists are achieving their goals. The only way to stop terrorism, is to prevent terrorists from achieving their goals, by acting as though the fear generated by terrorism does not exist.

If we act as though the fear generated by terrorism does not exist, in time the fear generated by terrorism will cease to exist, because terrorists will cease to exist.


One would think that if stopping Saddam Hussein was the will of God….Saddam would suffer a heart attack.



If Islamic Fundamentalist Martyrdom is the direct route to heaven….. Why does the leadership of the Islamic Fundamentalists, hide in caves instead of taking the direct route to heaven.



If the media cares for humanity above ratings….Why does the media prey upon the victims of atrocity, draining the sadness from the victims, and survivors like vampires draining the last drop of blood.



If those who die for Christian beliefs are martyrs, and those who kill for Islamic beliefs are martyrs….. What must the heaven of the Martyrs be like.



If God wanted retribution, divine or otherwise, against Jews, Christians or Moslems, God would not need man…..

  • To fly planes into buildings full of office workers and tourists.
  • To drop bombs and troops on religious regimes.
  • To strap bombs to their chests to be detonated on buses and at parties.


If God wanted Jerusalem for either Jews, Christians, Moslems or Atheists, that is the group who would live in Jerusalem.If God wanted Jerusalem to be shared, all of these groups would live in Jerusalem.



Judging Islam on the actions of a Jihad group, is the equivalent of judging Christianity on the actions of the KKK.



Bombing tourists is no more, and no less than bombing tourists.



Murdering Volunteer Christian doctors working in Moslem hospitals, cannot benefit Islam at any level.


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What's New
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