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When the smoke cleared



When the smoke cleared


From the sky they came,
To fill unsuspecting hearts with fear,
And tear a city in two.

If they could see before they go
Wherever misguided martyrs go,
Would they believe that what they saw was true.

Cold hearted lawyers, selfish money men,
And desperate men with guns,
United with the hope of saving even one.

The selfish islands, on the selfish island,
Became selfless friends,
To those they once refused to see.

The people shared a common tear,
Where once they shared a common fear,
For one another,

The white and loud,
The black and proud,
Were indistinguishable in the grey.

The soulless city,
Had its spirit rekindled,
In the ashes of destruction.

The lost and hopeless, and,
The shattered material illusions,
Saw hope rise from the rubble.

When the smoke cleared,
Could they see,
From wherever misguided martyrs go.

The love that grew,
Like a single rose in bloom,
On what was once barren ground.


Tsúnyöta Köhe't


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