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Long before the events of September 11, there was a subtle change in the vibration of the earth plane as the first step was taken toward moving the earth plane from a fear based environment to a love based environment.

The events of September 11 created a vibration so powerful, that the vibration, regardless of how the vibration was labelled, was felt not just in New York and Washington, not just in North America, but around the world. For days there was a stunned and somewhat eerie silence around the world.

Subsequent to the events of September 11, much has been said and done. Currently, the earth plane forces of retribution seem to be battling with the earth plane forces of political correctness, in an attempt to find some appropriate justice.

What is happening on the earth plane now, is unimportant. What is important, is the way in which the world in general, instinctively responded when the events of September 11 occurred. Our initial response was our true response, the response of our spirit, the response of our heart. The label which we use is unimportant, but the nature of our response was significant.

We did not respond with hate, and we did not respond with fear. Hate and fear came later when the earth plane influences began to impose themselves on the world. We responded with love.

We all felt this initial response of love. We all witnessed this initial response of love on our television screens. The events of September 11 stunned the earth plane forces into silence, and within the stunned silence we allowed ourselves to feel the reality of a love based existence. The change from a fear based existence to a love based existence has begun. Even the events of September 11, and the resultant war cannot reverse the change.

Nothing, not retribution, not punishment and not justice can alter the events of September 11, and nothing can make the events of September 11 any less terrible. However, we can draw strength from the reality of the love that we all felt on September 11, before the earth plane forces of hate and fear reasserted themselves.


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