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September 11 Anniversary

Mourning in itself is a part of the grief process. We mourn for ourselves and our own loss. Irrespective of our belief system, those whose bodies ceased to exist on September 11, did not die but moved on to the next phase of their existence, whatever each of us may believe that to be.

Dwelling on fear creates more fear

It is appropriate to mourn our loss, but mourning our loss does not require us to hold onto the experience, especially the fear based elements of the experience. We need to move beyond the fear of September 11. We cannot move beyond the fear of September 11, until we release the experience, and the fear.

The negative elements within the media have hijacked 'September 11' and are using the events of that day for their own ends, effectively competing for viewers under the guise of 'higher motives'. There is no doubt that obtaining viewers, readers and listeners is the motivation of the media, and how they make their money.

The dark forces, which thrive on our fear and negative emotions, want to perpetuate our fear. The timing of the attacks of September 11, was such that there could have only been one course of action which followed, that of war and retribution.

We need to ask ourselves why those who were ultimately responsible for the events of September 11, wanted to create an environment of fear, and hatred. We need to ask ourselves why those who acted and those who responded wanted a war. A war which could so easily degenerate into an alleged religious war between two of the words largest religious based groups.

What could the motivation be to start a war that cannot be won?

Are we brave enough for peace

Fighting does not and will not stop terrorism, what fighting does is move terrorism to another arena. The only way to effectively end terrorism, is to ignore terrorism. However, it is unlikely that we will ever be strong enough to ignore terrorism, or 'turn the other cheek'.

Terrorism requires a response, any response to succeed. Without a response terrorism becomes an empty and futile gesture and is soon discontinued. The mentality of terrorists is that of a child behaving negatively to solicit attention from parents, teachers or other adults.

Our governments reflect our chosen experiences. Our current transitional environment is one of desperation as our fear based existence futilely struggles for survival, even now as we see the dawning of our new love based existence.

Many of the world's governments, on either side of the fence, reflect the final struggle of our fear based existence or the 'dark forces.' In time, our governments will become increasing love based, as we move from our fear based environment to our love based environment.

We need to remember our initial response of love, which was our natural and instinctive response to the events of September 11. We can draw on our natural response of love, and build upon our natural response of love if we allow ourselves to see through the artificial veil of fear and retribution which was drawn over our initial response of love.

Psalm 56


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