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Light Workers And Poverty


Many souls on a spiritual path have been experiencing a difficult time, especially in the area of finances.

Many souls on a spiritual path are being given an understanding of what many on the earth plane are soon to experience, plus some very powerful lessons in releasing the ego, mainly through understanding that light workers are no different to any in human incarnation, and an important lesson in the truth of patience along the way.


God will always provide something, while light workers are waiting for God's divine timing to keep God's promises.

God is providing lessons for light workers which will raise their consciousness, and enable light workers to be more effective with their work.


Whilst it is true that many believe that to be on a spiritual path one must take a vow of poverty, this is not so in reality. Light workers are not destined to exist within a life of poverty. What light workers have been experiencing is a period of adjustment.

Light workers are being shown how God provides, in a way which enables light workers to loosen their grip on their preconceived ideas. Much of what light workers experience, is to adjust light workers' mind set rather than make light workers suffer.


Light workers need to understand that there are alternatives to what we believe we need, and that our needs are mixed with the rich tapestry of what we have chosen to experience.

For example, we may believe that we need more money to pay our rent and service our debt, only to find that the money is not forthcoming because to provide such money would maintain our problem, not resolve our problem or provide the experience we need. What light workers may need to resolve a problem, is a cheaper residence and less debt, which is what is provided, although often in a way which makes us feel forsaken when the reverse is true.


How we label our experiences is irrelevant, but our experiences will be far easier to endure, and far more productive if we flow with the experience, than if we fight the experience.

We need to understand that all experience is positive and if viewed positively any experience can improve our life and our future experiences. If any experience is viewed negatively, that experience can seem to cause our life to deteriorate, when in truth our own negativity is what causes our life to deteriorate.


It is important for light workers to remember that we need to experience for ourselves if we are to guide others in the future, and to act in our own small way as catalysts to assist to move the earth plane from a fear based environment to a love based environment.

It is not the material things which we have in our lives that are important. Not having material things does not necessarily make us more spiritual. The key is the importance that we place on material things.


Light workers are experiencing difficulties as a part of the transition of the earth plane. Sort of the 'gets worse before it gets better' principle. However, the experience is not about money, or material possessions, but more about preparation through experience.

Light workers will be provided for because of the choices that light workers have made, which means that light workers will not need to worry how we will support ourselves, but it does not mean that we will live like television evangelists.


The financial difficulties experienced by light workers is preparation through experience, and also growth and commitment.

Light workers will never be in a position to pay the debts of others, but light workers will understand that being unable to service debt created in our society of enslaving ourselves to the financiers, and living now but paying later, or never, is not the end of the world.


There will come a time when many light workers are provided for on a permanent basis which will be enough to live comfortably on. All that light workers can do in the meantime is patiently endure whatever difficulties are presented to us.

Without financial difficulty many light workers would not have released their old material based world, and moved fully into the world of spirituality, and from that perspective the experience of financial difficulty is necessary, for many light workers.


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