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Much has been said and written in respect of spiritual healing. Some will advocate spiritual healing, and others will discount spiritual healing as mind games.

As with all aspects of our existence, there are extremes from either perspective, and because there are people in pain looking for assistance, there are also the seemingly inevitable predators.

Whether we are healed spiritually, or physically is in itself, unimportant.


Physical or Spiritual.


In part, the debate as to whether what is collectively known as spiritual healing is a legitimate form of healing, is subject to misinformation and a lack of understanding.

During our lifetimes, we usually experience a myriad of ailments ranging from a light headache, to a permanently debilitating, or life threatening illness.

All ailments must manifest themselves physically, because we are only able to experience that which we can feel. However, not all ailments are caused physically, some ailments are spiritual in nature, irrespective of the labels which we use within our spirituality.

Physical ailments must be treated physically, and spiritual ailments must be treated spiritually. The initial difficulty is the need to determine if the nature of our ailment is physical, or spiritual.


Physical Ailments.


Physical ailments are the product of our chosen experiences for this lifetime, a product of the earth plane, a product of the physical world, or a product of the natural world. Our label is unimportant.

Physical ailments are either the result of our experiences, such as an accident or exposure to a disease, or physical ailments are a product of our personal blueprint, or our DNA.

Physical ailments can only be healed, if they are able to be healed, physically. Physical ailments cannot be healed through spiritual healing, or faith healing for those who prefer, because physical ailments are not spiritual in nature.

There are those who will discount spiritual healing, because spiritual healing cannot heal that which is physical, but neither can physical healing, heal that which is spiritual. This is why others will discount the ability of physicians.


Spiritual Ailments.

  There are times when we experience symptoms which our physician cannot pin down to a specific cause, or ailments which our physicians cannot cure, other than temporarily, despite their efforts.

Spiritual ailments are unlikely to be the product of our chosen experiences for this lifetime. Spiritual ailments are a product of the spirit plane, a product of the metaphysical, or a product of the super natural world. Our label is unimportant.

Spiritual ailments manifest themselves physically. Spiritual ailments are the physical symptoms of our spiritual experiences.

Spiritual ailments are caused spiritually. Spiritual ailments may be the physical manifestation of our spiritual journey, or a memory from a previous lifetime , to name just two examples.

Spiritual ailments can only be treated spiritually, which may take the form of Aura healing, faith healing, crystal healing and so on.



  Both physicians and spiritual healers have a place within our experiences.

That someone, who is experiencing a physical ailment is not healed by faith, is because their ailment is physical in nature, not because the person has a lack of faith.

Charlatans and Snake Oil salesmen, operate within both physical and spiritual healing, and are easily identified by their 'cross my palm with silver' approach to healing.

If we are neither healed physically or spiritually, we are not meant to be healed.

If we become aware of a life threatening illness, before it is 'too late' to heal us, we are meant to be healed.

If we do not become aware of a life threatening illness, until it is 'too late' to heal us, we are not meant to be healed. No ifs, no buts, and no maybes.

The use of colour healing is more beneficial on spiritual ailments, than on ailments which are physical in nature.

The reason why a spiritually based healer cannot effectively assist with the physical trauma associated with a road accident, etc is because accident trauma is physical in nature, and as such requires a physical healer.

Many more of our ailments which manifest themselves physically, are spiritual in nature than we realise.

Spiritual Healing is not limited to spiritual healers on the earth plane. We can send our spirit to the spirit plane, and find a healer to invigorate us and recharge our energy.

Sometimes, ailments which are spiritual in nature appear to have been healed physically, because the act associated with the physical healing creates an acceptance of healing, which may not have been found spiritually.


Emotional Healing.

  Sometimes, it is our emotions which require healing. Our emotions can be damaged in the same way as our bodies can be damaged.

Our emotions, are as physical and tangible as our bodies. Our emotions manifest themselves through chemical neurological reactions to external stimuli, no different in principle to the nerve system which controls the sensations of our physical bodies.

Our emotional ailments are no different in principle to our physical ailments. New emotional pain which is created in this lifetime is physical in nature, and requires physical healing.

However, much of our emotional pain is spiritual in nature, and requires spiritual healing. Sometimes we need to understand the original source of our emotional pain, and other times our emotional pain is a tool to push us onto our correct path. There are as many possibilities as there are aspects of spirituality.


Distance Healing.

  Distance healing can be very effective, because distance healing involves a request which in itself begins the process, and the transfer to healing energy via the spirit plane.

With the use of the internet the number of practitioners offering distance healing has increased dramatically.

Most genuine healers will not charge for distance healing. Some may provide a facility for a donation, but their healing energy will not be conditional upon a donation or payment of any type, or by any label.

If a distance healer requires a payment, or adopts the 'cross my palm with silver' approach, it is unlikely that a pure healing energy will be created, because much of the healing or prayer energy is created by the intent. If a practitioner's intent is to make money, their money making intent will overpower the healing energy. This is why 'pay for pray' is a waste of time and money.

  If you would like to request distance healing, or you have a prayer request, please contact us.
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