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The anti smoking lobby is not about health. The anti smoking lobby is about control. Governments tax cigarettes so heavily that even after funding the increased health cost for smokers, cigarettes are profitable to governments. Fines, court awards and the like are not paid by cigarette manufactures. Fines, court awards and the like are paid by smokers through the increased cost of cigarettes.

Attempts to control smokers will only succeed until such time as those who choose to smoke, choose not to be controlled. This has occurred previously with the attempted prohibition of alcohol.

The anti smoking lobby has absolutely nothing to so with health or concern for the well being of others. The anti smoking lobby is focussed only on the control of others. The anti smoking lobby disguises the truth with so called community concern, and the need to protect 'innocent' non smokers from being killed by passive smoking. However, if those behind the anti smoking movement were genuine they would be more concerned with protecting innocent victims of hand guns for example.

How can any believe that the anti smoking lobby are genuine when the anti smoking lobby can watch 'innocent' people sit quietly in a smoke free environment, safe from the ills of passive smoke and be shot, without any real effort being made to control the use of guns? This cannot possibly make sense to anyone, or can it?


Some Realities.


Smokers can be controlled because smokers are a 'soft' target.

Those in the anti-smoking lobby can control smokers easily and without resistance.

The government can use the anti smoking lobby as an easy means to raise revenue.

The bureaucrats have a new brace of laws to enforce, to feed their artificial self importance.

Non smokers do not really benefit from anti smoking laws. In some places, often where the anti smoking lobby is most active, non smokers can sit and enjoy a meal on a sidewalk, free from the evils of other people's cigarette smoke, and breathe in the carbon monoxide of thousands of vehicles.

Smokers provide an easy source of energy, or power which can be obtained through control without resistance.


If The Anti Smoking Lobby Was Genuine.


The anti-smoking lobby, the governments and the bureaucrats would focus their efforts on restricting on the availability of guns.

The anti-smoking lobby, the governments and the bureaucrats would focus their efforts on reducing the levels of carbon monoxide being expelled into the air.

Pollution and guns are not soft targets and any efforts to instil the same relative levels of control, which are imposed on smokers would be met with strong and organised resistance.

The funds expended by the anti smoking lobby would do more to assist the health of others, if such funds were directed towards the health issues of third world countries.




Those who choose to smoke and die of lung cancer have done so by choice. They have chosen parents to give them the genetic characteristics to make them susceptible to lung cancer, and yet they also choose to smoke. This enables them to learn that they can intentionally cause themselves harm.

Others choose to smoke so that they will cease smoking and learn how to overcome a habit.

Still others choose to smoke purely for the experience of chemical pleasure and these souls select bodies which are not susceptible to the toxins within cigarettes.




We cannot protect people from themselves, by attempting to prevent people from having a choice.

We do not need to smoke or drink. We can experience a better quality of life by living a healthy lifestyle and not putting things into our body which will harm our body.

However, we can smoke, drink and not have a balanced diet and find God.

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