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Spirit Plane Observations



There are many different types of spirits, but very few of them are dark. Consider that each one of us is a trinity, and that we exist as our physical self, our spirit self, and our higher self. If we view this from a Christian perspective, our physical self is our body, our spirit self is our spirit, and our higher self is that part of us which is filled with the holy spirit, or God. If we view the same concept from a scientifically based format, we have the conscious, the sub-conscious, and the super-conscious. There are many labels which are applied to the same concept.

We exist simultaneously on each of the three planes, the lower or earth plane, the spirit plane, and the higher plane.



I have experienced many encounters on the spirit plane. On the spirit plane, I have shared experiences with attached spirits (the living), unattached spirits (the dead), spirits who exist only on the higher plane (ascended masters), spirits from other worlds (aliens), spirits experiencing the past or the future (time travellers), spirits experiencing a different plane of existence (light bodies, star builders, etc), spirits experiencing discarded choices (alternate realities), spirits consumed by the dark path (demons), messengers and protectors (angels), spirits experiencing a lifetime as a plant (fairies), and spirits which I have not classified here.


On the spirit plane we do not speak all languages, on the spirit plane there is no language. On the spirit plane we are able to communicate universally but we think that we are communicating in our 'own language', because we process the communications in our own language, or at least we think that we process the communications in our own language.


We process all spirit plane communications through our universal knowing, the language of God, not the language of our current, or even our past experience. It is the universal knowing, the language of God, which enables universal communication. If we allow ourselves to recall and draw upon our universal knowing, our experiences become much more pleasant, through understanding. As more of us draw on our universal knowledge, and listen to ourselves and each other through the language of God, we will transform the earth plane from an existence of fear, to our destined existence of love.


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