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Spiritual Snobbery


One of the biggest barriers to our spiritual awareness, is spiritual snobbery at every level.

Sometimes, spiritual snobbery exists within religious organisation with 'secret knowledge' hidden from society, and revealed only to those in a priesthood. Sometimes, 'secret knowledge' is restricted to a layered inner circle, and at other times, the 'secret knowledge' is revealed by the payment of large amounts of money.



Spiritual snobbery is also practiced by some 'new agers' who use exotic and alien sounding labels which mean nothing to those who have not acquired the 'special knowledge', or who are not spiritually 'advanced', or have not paid thousands of dollars for a layered set of modules.

Many of these new agers consider themselves enlightened souls, much more advanced than the 'primitive' souls who accept mainstream religions, unaware that for the most part they have done little more than 'rebadged' the so called primitive practices of the religions. A method which was used by the religions themselves, when they 'rebadged' pagan practices.

The so-called enlightened new agers seem unaware that all that hides their 'advanced knowledge' is their exotic and alien labels, and that all they are really selling is a dictionary.

  If we ignored the labels and secrecy. If we openly talked about and discussed spirituality at all levels, then awakening our spirituality would become much easier. However, the bottom line is that we only have to look within to see the truth.

Our difficulty is that we find easier to believe that those with secret knowledge, shrouded in mystery and veiled in labels, are move advanced spiritually than we are. This is untrue.

No soul is more advanced in any way than any other soul. That we are unworthy is a lie. We are all worthy of spiritual awareness, within ourselves, at this moment, and regardless of our circumstances.


The moment that we accept that we are worthy, the moment that we begin to accept the knowledge within, we have began our transition to our new world.

There are no rules, and know requirements beyond our acceptance. We can accept the truth within ourselves now, at this very moment, or we can study spiritual texts for fifty years, prior to accepting the truth within.


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