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There are those who claim that stress is not a real illness and that stress is some sort of con. These people have never suffered from stress.


When we experience extreme stress and depression we may come very close to ending our own life, but in time we will wonder what our problem was.


The symptoms of stress such as depression, confusion and insomnia may be the physical symptoms of our third eye chakra being out of balance.


Stress, heart attacks and various other difficulties are often caused by worry. We have created an environment to experience and instead of allowing ourselves to experience, we use this environment to worry. What do we worry about? Mostly we worry about what we might experience. The fact is that our experiences are seldom as difficult for us to live, as we make them appear to be by worrying.




Stress is seldom caused by one event, stress is usually created by a culmination of small issues which build upon themselves until one small event, one straw breaks the camel's back.


Stress is a safety valve which is released as self protection when we reach a point were we cannot accept even one more problem regardless of how small.


Suggestions that those who are experiencing stress 'pull themselves together, and get on with it', however well intentioned will seldom assist those experiencing stress in any way.


The problems which cause stress may be real of imagined in the terms of the earth plane and may be illusions from the perspective of our existence, but the problems which cause stress are real to those who are experiencing stress.

  Experiencing stress in solitude is the most difficult of all circumstances to experience stress, and leads to depression, but solitude is also an opportunity to look within for the true cause of stress and the resultant depression.

Stress is an experience which is often felt deeply and stress leads to depression, often very deep depression.

  There is no one method for overcoming stress and there is no predetermined timeframe for moving beyond stress, and the depression which stress causes.

When we desperately want to be free of stress, we often stubbornly and unknowingly hang on to our stress. All that we need to do, is let go of whatever is causing our stress. The solution to our difficulties is that simple, but at the time that difficult.




Depression is a severe form of self abuse. There is only one person who suffers as a result of our depression. That person is ourselves.

  We must not depend on any one person too much. If that person is no longer in our life, our depression may overcome us, and we may doubt our ability to go on without having the person in our life. If this happens, we have relied on the person too much for our own good. In time we will know that we can and we will survive without having the person in our life, but we must learn not to rely on one person too much, for our own good.

It does not matter how well balanced we are. It does not matter how confident we are. It does not matter how much we believe in ourselves. Sometimes, something or someone, can make us doubt ourselves. When we doubt ourselves depression will set in, and we will start to doubt ourselves even more. Our life's experiences have taught us what picks us up, and our life's experiences have taught us what drags us down further. If we learn from our past mistakes, we can pick ourselves up in a relatively short period of time.

  When we are depressed we do not do much of anything. We do not see the point. We punish ourselves, and we look for ways to intensify our depression, or so it seems.

When we are depressed we often become more depressed daily, and we cannot lift ourselves out of our depression, no matter what we do. We reach a point where we begin to doubt our life.

  We must ride out our depression and our doubt, until we believe in the future again.

Unreleased Experiences.

  The intensity of the pressure being brought to bear on souls throughout the fear based society has grown to the extent where an entire industry has developed to manage stress. Make no mistake, stress is a very real experience.

However, stress is not the negative experience which stress it is believed to be. Stress is like a pressure valve and when we have accumulated too many experiences our pressure valve releases, which forces us to rest and prevents us from accumulating any more experience.

  Stress is created by unreleased experiences. We need to experience and then release the experience. We do this by flowing with our experiences and allowing our experiences to wash over us and pass through us.

That stress has become an issue, and a part of our lives is not an accident. The experiences of each lifetime are increasing. We are effectively packing more experiences into each lifetime. The earth plane reasons for the increase in our experiences are many and varied, but the reality is that we know that we need to increase our levels of experience, and to increase our opportunities to become aware of who we are not.

  Previously, lifetimes gave us the ability to experience one or two environments, but now we have lifetimes which provide us with the opportunity to experience many environments. The development of concentrated experiences has occurred throughout all aspects of our lifetimes including employment, relationships, family and living environments.

Stress is a result of our intensified experiences. In effect, stress occurs when we have experienced enough, and we need to take time out to review. Stress is telling us that it is time to rest, and time to review, but we have refused to take time to rest and reflect on our experiences.

  The very environment which we have created to maximise our experiences, has at the same time has reduced the time that we have to reflect upon our experiences, and to understand and release our experiences.

Travelling was once an opportunity to review and reflect, but as travelling consumes a fraction of the time that travelling consumed in the past, we have more time to experience, and less time to reflect.


To Release Stress.


The best way to release stress, or to prevent ourselves from accumulating experience, is through love. When we consider our own lifetimes whenever we exist within an environment of love, we do not feel the stress regardless of what occurs around us.

  When we are filled with love there is no room to retain any other experience. If we look to our own lifetimes we can see within our lifetimes how this principle, if applied to all souls consistently will create a love based environment for us to exist within. This is exactly how it will happen. This is exactly how the fear based society will become a love based society.

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