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Some Observations On Spirits



The spirit plane and the physical plane exist simultaneously, but they exist at different vibrational rates. Those on the spirit plane can be broadly categorised as those who also have physical form, and those who do not have physical form. Our physical existence encompasses our current lifetime, and our spiritual existence encompasses all of our lifetimes, and all that is in between our lifetimes.

We travel to and communicate with those on the spirit plane on a regular basis, usually whilst our body is asleep. If we recall our experiences on the spirit plane, we usually write the experience off as a 'dream' or our imagination. Our physical existence creates a barrier to the spirit plane which is necessary to enable us to fully experience our physical existence.



Those who exist on the spirit plane, and do not have a physical form, quickly forget the limitations which they experienced in physical form, and they lose their understanding of physical restrictions. Those on the spirit plane reflect the sum of their experiences over many lifetimes, just as we reflect the sum of the experience in our lifetime.

One of the difficulties that we experience when we attempt to identify spirits is that those in spirit appear as they see themselves, and as they are in spirit they can draw from any of their lifetimes. There is a vast difference between how we see others, and how others see themselves based solely on our one physical lifetime, and this difference is multiplied on the spirit plane by a multitude of lifetimes.

So for example, a spirit who was a grandmother to us in this lifetime, can quickly lose sight of their experience as our grandmother as their experiences merge with their other experiences in previous lifetimes, as a brother, or a daughter, or a husband, and so on. The range of personality types and of clarity or confusion within those who exist on the spirit plane is no different to what is experienced by those on the physical plane.

It seems that we feel that guidance is more creditable if the guidance comes from 'great aunt whomever' who is watching over us, but the truth is that we are all watched and guided by spirits from time to time, and we may very well not have known the spirits who are helping us, physically in our current lifetime.

  We are able to 'physically' encounter and communicate with those on the spirit plane, including those who also have a physical existence when we increase our vibrational rate sufficiently, or those on the spirit plane reduce their vibrational rate sufficiently. Spirits will often hide in shadows and reflections. For example, we will be sure we have seen someone, but when we look again we see no more than a shadow or a reflection and write the experience off as our imagination. Spirits also seem to like to sit in parked cars, we will often be sure that there is somebody sitting in a car, only to discover that the car is empty.

There are far more spirits sharing our existence than we realise, and what appears to be an empty room can be crowded (maybe hundreds) with spirits. We need to exist in a place where spirits are outside of our perception to enable us to function, which is why those who have a vibrational rate that enables them to see spirits, will usually 'train' themselves to block the spirits, unless they consciously choose to see the spirits, so that they may function 'normally'.

Another difficulty that those who are able to see and interact with the spirit plane encounter, is that they will often think that they have encountered, or a talking to a physical person only to realise often with surprise that the person is a spirit.

Many of us have near physical encounters with a spirit, sometimes spirits will stand beside and slightly behind us and we can feel their presence, which feels no different than if a physical person was standing behind us. Spirits will lie beside us as we go to sleep, or sit beside us whilst we are resting and reflecting. Sometimes spirits will hold our hand, or place a comforting hand on our shoulder or our leg, or even 'tap us on the shoulder' to make us pay attention to something. Mostly such encounters occur when we close our eyes and we remove control of our surroundings from our physical vision. When we return control of our surroundings to our physical vision we can quite often be surprised that we are 'alone', and there is not a person sitting, standing or lying beside us.


Mostly the spirits which surround us all go about their business, and ignore us. However, many spirits enjoy watching us experience and interact with each other. Sometimes, spirits will guide us (usually by whispering in our ear which plants ideas in our minds), and protect us from ourselves and from others. Occasionally, spirits will amuse themselves at our expense, and move objects such as keys to watch us look for the object in vain, only to put the object back when they have had their fun. We then find the object and shake our head because we looked there a dozen times….. Sometimes, spirits will help us, by finding something we are looking for and placing whatever it is where we can find it easily.

Sometimes spirits will need to 'get our attention'. Usually spirits get our attention by moving into our 'space' creating a 'goose bumps' effect. The only time that spirits will enter our space is when they need to communicate with us, and they have no other way of communicating with us, because the experience is unpleasant for the spirit as well.

Often when a spirit needs to get our attention through passing into our space, it will be because the timing of their contact with us needs to be precise. For example; We may have been wrestling with a problem or a decision in our mind, and within the options that we are mulling over we have the correct answer, which we are unable to clearly recognise within the jumble of our thoughts.

As we consider the correct answer within the range of answers that we are considering, the spirit will let us know that the answer which is currently in our mind, is the correct answer, by entering our space at that precise moment.

To choose a simple example; Let's say we are considering whether to buy a new car, and we have looked at a large variety of makes and models. As we attempt to determine which car to buy, we consider each make and model and weigh up the pros and cons in our mind. As we move from one possible vehicle to the next, we may think; 'if I buy the Ford….', and at this precise moment a spirit will enter our space, creating the 'goose bump' effect to get our attention and suggest that we should indeed buy the Ford, or whatever our thought of the moment may be.

Spirits will use the same technique to confirm information which we may receive from another person. For example; A friend may say to us 'I think that you need to find a new job', and at that precise moment a spirit will enter our space, drawing our attention to our friend's advice, and confirming that the advice is sound.

Spirits will also use the technique of passing though us to confirm our random thoughts, frequently during our periods of quiet reflection. For example; we may be allowing our mind to wander whilst we are in the shower, (many of us take a few minutes to reflect and meditate whilst showering without realising what we are doing), and when we 'stumble' across a thought, or more accurately draw information from our soul, a spirit will 'draw our attention' to our thought.

Very rarely spirits will want to do us harm, usually when they perceive that we have harmed them in some way, either in this lifetime or a previous lifetime, so they can make our life difficult, interfere with our interactions with others, and cause accidents etc. When a spirit is having a negative influence on us, we will usually know what is occurring even if we do not understand what is occurring.

Extremely rarely, a spirit may possess our body either temporarily or permanently. We may begin to act out of character and have no idea why we have taken some of the actions, which we have taken.

Like all experience, sometimes the extreme of any experience may occur.


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