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A single lifetime is short, but our existence is eternal. When we commit suicide, we are attempting to run away from ourselves, which is not possible.

We may hate our life, or at least what we have let our life become, but although suicide may be tempting, suicide is not the answer.

When we feel great despair. When we feel totally alone. When we feel suicidal. We must do something, anything. If we do not do something, we will kill ourselves, either by lack of care for ourselves, or by a more direct method and suicide will solve absolutely nothing.


Suicide Is Not The Answer.


We must not commit suicide because our life will be harder during our next incarnation.

We remain in each physical lifetime, until we have experienced all that we have chosen to experience, or if we prefer, learned all that we need to learn, in that lifetime. When we have experienced all that we have chosen to experience we move on, regardless of our age. If we take our own life, and end our physical existence prior to completion, we then relive the lifetime, in that we face the same challenges, and the same basic experiences as we did in the lifetime that we ended prematurely. Each time that we relive a lifetime, the experiences which led to our suicide are more intense than the lifetime before. Our experiences compound with repetition.

The only way to have a premature death, is to commit suicide. If we commit suicide, we are discontinuing this lifetime prior to fulfilling our purpose in this lifetime. We will then be required to repeat this lifetime, and repeat the tests which we failed during this lifetime. We will again be presented with circumstances which will test our strength of character, and make suicide tempting. This will continue to happen lifetime after lifetime until we finally pass the test. Completing each lifetime is the only way to fulfil our purpose and move on to the next lifetime, with new lessons which will bring us closer to fulfilling our true destiny by becoming who we are.

Suicide is not wrong. There is no wrong. If we commit suicide our lifetime has not been fully experienced, and our lifetime must be repeated. If we continue to commit suicide, to prematurely end a learning process, we will continue to repeat the same path until we have experienced not committing suicide. There are two sides to the coin of each experience.

If we end our life prematurely, we will repeat the lifetime. We repeat our lifetime because our experience is incomplete. The experience which leads us to commit suicide, is a conflict within our soul when we were stubbornly attempting to pursue the incorrect path, contrary to the choice of our higher self.


A Conflict Within.


The easiest path which we can follow is to act, as and when, directed to act by our instinct. The hardest path which we can follow, is to refuse to act in accordance with our instinct, until our instinct with assistance from the spirit plane acts for us. It is at this point, if we maintain our refusal to act, that a conflict develops within our soul, a conflict which often leads to suicide, and forces us to start the lifetime again.

We feel suicidal when our life is on an incorrect path. Our instinct or our subconscious tells us that our life is on an incorrect path, but we attempt to fight what we know, and remain on the path that we are on. This causes a conflict within our soul, which makes us suicidal.

The reason that we become confused is that we are experiencing an inner conflict between who we are and who we are not. A conflict which if allowed to continue can become a battle between who we are and who we are not, a battle which can lead us to severe depression, to the chasm on our mountain of awareness and if unresolved, to pushing the reset button on our lifetime through suicide.

We commit suicide in an attempt to resolve a conflict within our own soul. A conflict within our soul occurs when our higher self is pushing us in one direction and our lower self is pushing us in another direction. When we cannot not resolve the conflict within our soul we commit suicide. However, suicide does not resolve the conflict within our soul. All that suicide achieves, is to postpone the conflict within our soul.

When we commit suicide, we have reached an impasse. We are unable to continue on the path that we want, because the path that we want is not our correct path, which has nothing to do with our experiences regardless of how difficult our experiences are. We are unable to move down the incorrect path, and at the same time we refuse to change our path, and move back to our correct path. We literally have no where to go, so we stand at the cross roads, unable to move. Part of us refuses to travel one path, and part of us refuses to travel the other path, and the parts of us cannot convince each other to relent.

We cannot stand at the cross roads, unable to move forever, and we cannot pursue two different paths at the same time. We reach a point where there is nothing that we can do, but end that stage of our journey, and start that stage of our journey again. When we start again, we repeat our experiences, which we feel more intensely, and then we reach the cross roads, where we either move to our correct path, or reach another impasse.


Safety Valve.


Suicide is not a negative, suicide is a an inbuilt safety valve which prevents us from tearing ourselves apart. Given the choice, it is better for us to move onto our correct path, but failing this we have a safety valve.

Suicide is an opportunity to recommence a lifetime when we have reach an impasse within our soul, and as such suicide is not negative. However, suicide is by no means an easy out, in fact suicide is the hard solution, because the lifetime and the conflict become increasingly difficult each time the lifetime is repeated. Regardless of how hard moving to our correct path by giving in to our instinct appears during the times of extreme conflict in our soul, moving to our correct path by far easier than being unable to break the impasse and restarting the lifetime.


Artificial Fulfilment.


The increase in the suicide rate is a direct result of searching for a meaning in our lives. There has always been a number of souls who finish their life prematurely, because of some event or series of events. Suicide like all things is experience, and like all experiences suicide is repeated, until we become aware that the experience is not who we are. That some souls seek meaning through prayer, and other souls seek meaning through suicide is a symptom of the 'what is the point of existence' issue.

The disease of artificial fulfilment has left some of us frustrated with our inability to become truly fulfilled, which has led to some of us committing suicide.


Multiple Personalities.

  A common cause of multiple personalities is the sub-conscious retention of unresolved personalities from our previous lifetimes. We retain unresolved personalities when a lifetime ends prior to the personality being fully experienced, such as a suicide.

The Suicide Of Others.


If we watch another destroy their life with drugs for example, or commit suicide we are not responsible for what happened to the person because we did not take sufficient action to prevent another from destroying their life. No one is responsible for the actions of another.

If someone chooses to end their lifetime prematurely, they will end their lifetime prematurely. If someone does not really want to end their lifetime prematurely they will not end their lifetime prematurely. We may choose to attempt to prevent somebody from ending their life, but regardless of whether our attempt appears successful or otherwise we are not to blame, nor can we take credit for another's actions if they choose ultimately not to take their own life.

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