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Spiritual Wilderness



One thing that I have learned is that what goes away by itself, will usually come back by itself, so if we lose our spirituality without apparent reason, our spirituality will return in time.

Often when we lose our spirituality, we find ourselves in the spiritual wilderness, and we have no idea how we got there.

There are two likely reasons why we have found ourself in the spiritual wilderness.



One is that we are have experienced intense spiritual experiences, and possibly a spontaneous spiritual awakening, and we are being given a period of rest, and a time to regroup and adjust to our increased level of spirituality.

The other is that we have been experiencing a reinforced spirituality, or a spirituality based on artificial affirmations, perhaps through a religion rather than a deep inner held belief, which is the step beyond affirmation based spiritually. It is most likely that we are adjusting and having lost our need for affirmations, we have discarded our need for affirmations, probably without our knowledge, in preparation for moving to the next level were we will experience spirituality without affirmations.

  If we allow ourselves to take a break from our spirituality, whilst we regroup we will be able to return to our spirituality when we are ready. However, if we become concerned and frustrated and start searching for our spirituality we will not allow our spirituality to return by itself.

In fact, a third possibility is that we are meant to go looking for our spirituality to enable us to expand our perception and explore alternate sources of spirituality, notwithstanding that the true source of spirituality is within.

The key is to follow our instinct, and biggest difficulty seems to be when our instinct tells us to do nothing, but we want to do something.


When our spirituality returns, we will often find that our spirituality is deeper and more natural. Our spirituality may well become as natural to us as breathing. Our spirituality is a part of us all of the time and does not need to be confirmed, or worn externally.

If loss of spirituality has a specific cause then that cause needs to be understood, but regardless of the specific cause reflection on 'The Serenity Prayer' is a good starting point to regain our spirituality.


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