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Many of the wars from history and from today relate to land, the ownership of land, the use of land, and the establishment or re-establishment of the borders of countries, or areas under the control of a few selfish, self centred, and self important people.

We do not truly own land. The ownership of land or possession of land, at any level whether it be personal or national, is temporary.

The ownership of land relates only to the physical existence of the earth plane, and from the perspective of the earth plane, life is temporary.

Therefore ownership of land, or anything else on the earth plane, is temporary.


Life Is Temporary


The temporary nature of our earth plane existence is apparent, even from the perspective of the earth plane.

If we study the history of the previous two thousand years, we will see how empires have been built and lost, and how borders and boundaries have changed time and time again.

How many people have died in an attempt to own land, which those who died, and those who are to own or control the land, will not even see from an earth plane perspective?

This reality alone should demonstrate the futility of fighting for the temporary ownership or control of land.

How many times has an individual sacrificed many lives, so that the individual might control some lands for maybe 20 years before the individual dies?

What is the point? Why do individual souls choose to sacrifice so many lives, for what can only be at best, a temporary gain?

  Why Go To War?

Most who go to war do not want war. Most who go to war, want to live in peace with their families.

So why do most go to war? Most who go to war, go to war because of a fear of imprisonment or execution, and a desire to be accepted by their peers.

Instead of accepting imprisonment many go to war, which is a form of prison in itself. Many avoid imprisonment to endure the imprisonment of war.

Many go to war to kill and be killed, and perhaps have their families killed by others, who are no different than themselves, so that they may avoid execution. Where is the sense in this?

Would it not be far better for us to live in unison, to share the land and to accept that nobody truly owns that land?


Not Worth The Effort


The other issue which creates war, is the fight for power.

How many times has one soul sacrificed many people for power, which may last for maybe 10 years before they die, or are removed from office by one means, or another?

The earth plane and all that we experience on the earth plane is temporary, so is starting a war for any reason, really worth the effort?


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