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A soul, floating freely in the universe resting, being part of the vast ocean of existence, draws on the wisdom of God within. The message was simple, "It is time."

The soul splits, and a new soul is created from the existing soul. This new soul slowly floats away from its creator, and floats as part of all existence. There is great peace and great love. It is all around and in every other soul. The peace and love does not begin and the peace and love does not end. The peace and love just is.

The soul floats for an age, time has no meaning. Linear existence is not yet experienced. Everything just is and no explanation is necessary or requested.

The soul separates and the two parts drift away, knowing that they will again be reunited and knowing no fear, because fear does not exist.

The soul is drawn to the physical plane, known as Red Planet, and enters a body as the body is newly forming. The soul experiences the wonder of the physical body, as the physical body is being born.


Time Does Not Exist


I watched the wind and rain dismantle a mountain. Piece by piece, grain by grain. The elements then carried that mountain to another place and rebuilt it. I had witnessed both the beginning and the end of that mountain. It had taken minutes to witness the event, and millions of years for the event to occur. Time had no meaning.

Time does not exist on the higher plane. Everything is occurring at one time. What to our physical or lower self is the future, is happening at this moment from the perspective of our higher self, as is everything that has happened in our past, regardless of our incarnation.

Time does exist only within the earth plane. However, ultimately linear time, is also circular in nature.

Time exists on the earth plane, and time is real in respect to the earth plane which is linear in nature. Time exists also on the spirit plane, but time has no meaning on the spirit plane, because time is really an illusion. Time does not exist on the higher plane, because time is not real.

The true nature of existence is circular and those on the higher plane can move to any point, or all points on the circle, so from the perspective of the higher plane all things are happening at once. Souls on the higher plane can chose one event or all events as they so desire.

Time does not matter to God. The concept of time is a human concept which conveniently applies to our one world, but no other.

Time does not exist on the higher plane. The experiences of those who exist within The Hall Of Masters are part of their own chosen experiences, which include the role and duties of a master, because such experiences have been chosen. For example, whilst Jesus has visited many souls at this time, from Jesus' perspective, the experience has occurred whilst travelling the spirit plane, during Jesus' lifetime after the resurrection.

From the perspective of the souls whom Jesus has visited, the experience has occurred, two thousand years after the experience occurred from Jesus' perspective. From the higher plane perspective, the experience was simultaneous for both souls, because time does not exist on the higher plane.

In effect, Jesus and the souls whom Jesus has visited, have both experienced the same point on the circle, from their own perspective, which from a linear perspective, is two thousand years apart.

Time has no meaning. The only reason that time has meaning, is because we allow time to mean something. We need time to make appointments and arrangements because of the linear nature of the earth plane.

Time is an illusion, but time does exist on the earth plane, because the earth plane, and time are both linear.

Linear time takes a view that there was a beginning and there will be an end to the universe. Circular time suggests that there is no beginning and no end, like a circle. What we experience is where we are on the circle, and all things are happening or existing, at one time.


Time Is A Tool


Time is nothing more than a measurement of the moments which make up our life. Time is a tool, to plan moments when necessary and nothing more. We must live our life, not measure our life.

In the context of the earth plane, all things take time. However on the higher plane, time does not exist. Whilst we are attached to the earth plane, creation takes time. A mountain can only be moved one grain of dirt at a time, but mountains can be moved. When we become a part of the higher plane we can move to any point on the circle of experience.

Time is an illusion. Time does not exist. Time is an artificial unit created to give us the illusion of control. Time is the product of our focus on a linear existence, but our true existence is circular.

We use time to control our lives. Why does it matter what time we (say) have breakfast? We as society say that time matters, but are we controlling time, or is time controlling us? Why eat at 6.00 pm if we are not hungry? Why sleep at 11.00pm? Why wake artificially (with an alarm clock) if we need more sleep? Does time give us control, or does time control us?

How many times do we say; 'Oh..... Look at the time....' If we did not have a watch, we would sleep, eat etc when we are ready to do so. If we did not have a watch, the sun would still rise and the sun would still set, we would still have day and night, seasons would still follow each other. All that time does is measure, and we live our lives governed by a measurement.

Time is artificial, time is a tool which we have turned into a master. We place artificial limits on ourselves, by adhering to time. We need to slowly free ourselves of artificial restraints. We should do what we feel a need to do, not what a schedule says that we can do.

Time. is unimportant, but time is important to us on the earth plane. Time has meaning only on the earth plane, but even on the earth plane time is an illusion. Time does not matter.

If we are meant to be in touch with someone for a reason, be it our reason or their reason, we will make contact, precisely when we need to make contact, and all the arrangements and all the appointments in the world will not change that we will make contact, precisely when we need to make contact.

Time has been made important, and because time has been made important it is necessary for us to work within the illusion. If it is important that we meet with someone, the appointment or meeting will take place at whatever time the meeting needs to take place, for whatever experience each or the other is seeking.

For example, we may be drawn to meet with someone or vice versa, and the meeting will be for a reason. We may attempt to set the meeting for tomorrow, but if it is important that the meeting take place next Tuesday fortnight to coincide with other events. Try as we might, something will prevent that meeting occurring until next Tuesday fortnight.

Try as we might to do otherwise, we will meet with whomever when we are meant to. God will use the illusion of time in the best interest of all. We cannot attempt to make time unimportant, we must allow time to be unimportant. When we know that time is unimportant, it does not matter to us if the appointment is for next Tuesday fortnight or not.

Time is not important. The timing of events is unimportant. We must remove reliance on time, and we must accept that time does not matter. Time does not matter, only experience matters. We are given enough time to do what we must do. Worrying about whether we have enough time to do something, is a waste of time.

The question 'when' is an illusion. When does not exist. When is a question which is only useful within the illusion of time, to assist with our experience. Time is an illusion, and 'when' does not exist within reality.

From an earth plane perspective, 'when' is important, because when is a part of experience. However, if we knew when, we would not experience when, and our purpose is to experience, so we cannot know when. If viewed from either perspective, 'when' is a redundant question.


Foreseeing The Future

  What is the future for us in the context of our lower self, is 'now' from the context of our higher self. For our higher self time does not exist, and all is occurring at one time.

That our future can be foreseen is because our higher self exists on a plane where time does not exist. When we contact our soul either directly, or via a temporary bridge to our soul, our soul is able to reveal what is happening 'now' at a future time.

Our soul will assist us, but our soul will not reveal anything which will interfere with our chosen experiences. Our soul will reveal only what we have chosen to have revealed.


Time Travel

  Time travel is possible. Time travel is linked to our different incarnations. One incarnation of our soul can travel through time, to assist another incarnation of our soul.

Time travel occurs in spirit form, not in physical form, but after travelling though time, physical form can be adopted by lowering our vibrational rate in the destination time. The principle of lowering vibrational rate to take on a physical appearance in another time, is similar in principle to that which allows soul contact to be physical in nature.

On the higher plane, time has no meaning. Time does not exist. It is via the higher plane that we are able to travel to both the past, and the future.

It is possible for us to travel in time to any point, if we choose. We can travel to the future, or we can journey to our previous lifetimes.

We will not become aware of anything which would influence our future, but we can travel to the future when we have concern, or a reason to travel to a future point in time, and time travel is a chosen experience.

We can travel via the spirit plane to take part in, what are from a linear perspective, discussions far into the future.

Time travel is possible. We can travel to another of our physical existence, either past or future. It is our spirit which travels between realities and in time, not out body. What is physical is limited to and by, the physical world.


Time Adjustment

  Sometimes we operate on 'fast forward', and other times we are 'on pause'. The different aspects of ourselves can move at different paces. For example, our spiritual self, can operate on fast forward, and our physical self, can simultaneously operate at normal speed. Time does not exist for our higher self.

When can become displaced and out of synchronisation with the world, our days seem to 'disappear' as time moves faster than we are. Our days fly passed, and we are surprised by how quickly time passes. When we readjust time we experience several hours, but on the earth plane only minutes pass.

We can move though time, and we slow time down. When we have been displaced in time we need to adjust a little this way, and a little that way. We need to put our timeline back into balance. We need to fine tune our timeline by 'tweaking' our timeline one way and then the other.

We need to place our spirit plane clock and our earth plane clock back in unison. Many of us experience intense and rapid increases in our spiritual awareness when our spirit plane perspective is on fast forward, followed by periods of inactivity whilst our physical, or earth plane perspective catches up.

The periods of physical, or earth plane catch up can be extremely frustrating if we do not understand the nature of our experience. The process of continually adjusting and balancing our spirituality is necessary to prevent us from becoming overwhelmed by own spirituality.

We can experience years of spiritual awareness, in less than one year. In effect we remove dead time whilst we are increasing our spiritual awareness. The result is that during periods of intense awareness, we are exhausted most of the time.

We remove dead time by a combination of moving outside of time to sleep, by stationary time, and by removing many of the incidental experiences from our life. All three of these tools require one catalyst, solitude.


Stationary Time

  Stationary time is exactly what stationary time sounds like. Time effectively stands still. Stationary time occurs while adjustments to the earth plane to be made, without interfering with the experiences of any. We can utilise stationary time without interfering with our experiences, or the experiences of others.

Stationary time contributes to the concentration of our awareness process. We can experience a day which feels like a week. Stationary time occurs when the world seems to stand still, and we move outside of time. We exist outside of time. It seems that time is standing still, and that our day will never end.

Time can slow to the point where time seems to stand still. We can then step outside of time, and enter what is a portal where we can move into the past or into the future.

When we choose to experience stationary time, and moving into alternate realities, and so on, we have no choice but to experience the concepts in solitude. Solitude prevents us from interfering with the path of others.


Moving Out Of Time


Much of our 'outside time' experience occurs whilst we sleep. There are many times when we believe, or more accurately know that we have slept for hours, only to wake up less than an hour after we have gone to sleep. We feel that we have slept for hours, because we have slept for hours, but we have moved outside of time to sleep.

The concepts stationary time and moving outside of time, are the mechanisms used to enable us to experience concentrated awareness. In respect of our awareness process, the 'dead' time is effectively removed.


Missing Time

  Lost time is the opposite to what we experience with stationary time and moving outside of time. Lost time is the counter balance which enables us to bring our earth plane and spirit plane time back into synchronisation, after we have increased our awareness.

Lost time occurs when we move from one minute, to another minute in the future, missing or loosing the time in between those minutes.

When we balance our earth plane and spirit plane time, we adjust my physical plane clock to be closer to the sum of our experiences.

When we lose time, or move forward in time, we will usually mentally note the experience, and perhaps comment to ourselves that the experience was 'strange', and then we do not give the experience another thought.

When we are realigning time, days or weeks pass and we have no or little recollection of living the missing days or weeks. There are times when a week will have passed but to us, the week felt like a day or two days.


Awareness Beyond Time

  We can become aware of when we will move forward in time, and we can know what time we will move forward to. We reach a point when time ceases to have meaning for us.

Repeated Time

We experience periods of repeated time. We note that things seem to happening again, but we think little of repeated time.

If we begin to pay attention to repeated time, we will be surprised that everything which had occurred previously, occurs again in precisely the same way and in the same order. An exact duplicate, as if time occurs, resets itself and occurs again.

We experience repeating time on occasion, but we usually do not pay close attention or specifically note the repetition of every detail.

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