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Turn On the Light


We will never eliminate darkness by fighting darkness with darkness of our own. All that fighting darkness with darkness can do, is create more darkness.

Darkness cannot be defeated by darkness, regardless of how pure our intention. Fighting darkness with darkness creates more darkness and achieves nothing beyond a transference and expansion of darkness.

The only way to defeat darkness is to apply light, because as soon as we apply light to darkness, darkness ceases to exist. When we need to defeat darkness, regardless of how the darkness has manifested itself, and regardless of whether that darkness is internal or external, we need only turn the light on.


Leaders claim to have right and justification on their side, and claim to hold strong religious beliefs whilst they fuel hate and are motivated by anything other than love.

The sight of one group going into battle (whether the battle is formal or informal), with the Qur'an in one hand, singing 'Praise be to Allah', whilst the other side carries the Bible in one hand and cries 'Praise the Lord' would be farcical, if it was not so tragic.

We should all take a moment to consider what God must be feeling at this moment….

Personally, I think that God must be like an old man, looking down on us and not knowing whether to laugh or cry…. 'now where did I put that meteor?'

It all sounds absurd, because it is absurd.


  Try this experiment for yourself.

Sit in your living room tonight and allow darkness to fall. When it becomes dark, get up and close your blinds and curtains to keep the darkness out.

This is a pointless exercise, because the room only becomes darker, but is this not exactly what our governments are doing?


  Now, turn your light on.

You will see that the only way to eliminate darkness, is by adding light. Open your blinds and curtains again, and you will see that instead of letting darkness in, your open blinds and curtains let the light shine out, and touch those on the outside.

  It is true that dark corners and hidden pockets of darkness will remain when we switch our light on. However, we can buy some more lamps, and add some more light until all of the darkness is removed.

That the only way to remove darkness is with light, is true not only of our living rooms, but also….

Our Homes.
Our Communities.
Our Cities.
Our Countries.

And…..Our World.

  Eliminate darkness, turn your light on.
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