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The Truth Of Want


We need to build a world based on who we are, not based on who we are not. As we move towards who we are, we create whatever environment we need.

Creating our environment can take time. We may need to develop a skill, or realise an ability.

There will be times when we will create an environment, and need to be patient before we realise the environment which we have created, because the timing is not quite right.


  Our Environment

The environment which we have created at any given point in time, is exactly the environment which we need, which is why we cannot force our environment to change.

When we have created our new environment, we need to allow our new environment to come into being.

We create our own environment, and we can change our own environment, but if our existing environment has not fulfilled its purpose, our existing environment will not change.

We can create our new environment, but be unable to realise our new environment, because we still need the environment which we had previously created, which is why our timing can be out.

  Changing Our Environment

Consider an example. We choose to change our environment. We may be a clerk and we desire to be in marketing, or maybe we are a labourer and desire to learn a trade. It does not matter.

We choose to change our environment because we want, yes we want to change our environment.

How would we experience creating a new environment if we did not want to change our existing environment? Does this not demonstrate that it is all right to want?

So we undertake the necessary training from within our existing environment. We complete a trade or whatever, and we become qualified.

In so doing we have effectively created our new environment, from within our old environment.

We have experienced creating our new environment, even if we are unaware that we have created our new environment.

However, we are unable to realise our new environment without a catalyst, which may be a job offer, funding to establish our own business or whatever. A catalyst is something from an outside source.

Creating a new environment will not always happen immediately. It may take us (say) seven years to become qualified, and to create our new environment.

It may then take (say) two years to realise the environment which we have created.

The amount of time required to realise our environment, could be a shorter period or a longer period.


Patient Persistence


The amount of time required to realise our environment is both relative, and irrelevant.

Consider a soul who grows up in a poor or slum area, goes to university and ends up living in an upper class area. The soul has changed their environment over many years.

The same principle of changing our environment applies to every aspect of our existence, and in particular to the core areas of partner, home and employment, which are the foundations of our earth plane environment.

  The Truth Of Wanting

If we did not want, how would we be motivated to experience changing our environment? If we like our environment we do not want to change our environment.

It is through not liking one or all aspects of our environment, that we want to change our environment, or a part of our environment.

Many would have us believe that we should not want, and others would have us believe that we should like whatever happens, because whatever happens is experience.

Everything which occurs is experience, and whether we like the experience or not is irrelevant.

When we have returned to being who we are, we will not want. However, 'not liking' and 'wanting' are more than all right, 'not liking' and 'wanting' are absolutely necessary.

Unless the twin emotions of not liking' and 'wanting' are felt, there is no motivation for experience, and without experience, we cannot return to become who we are.



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